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Posted in: Trump offers help on London attacks; repeats need for travel ban See in context

I agree with Laguna. Where is the worry about gun violence? And this is not a time to push your ridiculous travel ban, which supposedly isn't a ban, Trump. He's such an embarrassment at a time where we should just be supporting London.

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Posted in: 7 killed, 48 hospitalized after London terror attacks; 3 suspects shot dead See in context

London, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

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Posted in: Trump critics, backers march around globe over climate and Russia See in context

Why do so many on the right seem to equate protests with having no jobs? Funny thing, people are plenty capable of holding jobs and having their voices be raised in protest.

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Posted in: World leaders vow to defend climate pact after Trump pullout See in context

There are plenty of Americans who do not share this man's idiotic viewpoint on climate change, of which I am one. The fact that he has caused us to become the joke of the world is upsetting, and it's even worse knowing he's looking to isolate us from the rest of the world. Americans will stand up, I guarantee it, and get rid of the wannabe dictator who doesn't have a clue beyond his own ego. I would like for the Earth to remain inhabitable for many future generations to come.

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Posted in: No. of births in Japan hits record low in 2016 See in context

So many governments just do not have a clue. Why should people have children when they cannot afford to support them after being bled dry by said government?

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Posted in: APA hotels won't remove books that deny Nanjing Massacre during Olympics See in context

Having learned of this after I set up my trip to Japan, I am very glad no APA hotels were on my hotel list. I would have asked my travel agent to change immediately, because I will not support such ignorance.

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