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Chibiandco comments

Posted in: Court rules in favor of French man's wife over child custody rights See in context

It's not surprising that the Court didn't "recognize" the abuse. Look at the current US Supreme Court Justices that had countless women speak out against them with a ton of evidence and the "courts" sided with them too.

It doesn't mean that there wasn't abuse. There are MANY forms of domestic abuse that are difficult to prove due to the fact that they don't leave physical traces.

Emotional, financial, and psychological abuse are very real, and most victims don't go to the authorities for reasons that are obvious when reading through the comments. People don't believe them. They don't consider it "abuse" if there are no bodily bruises. They're shamed and blamed. Abusers can be very smart and stealthy and his behavior with the hunger strike was extreme. She obviously did not feel safe in the environment and leaving them would have been abandonment.

I hope that she can now raise her children in peace!

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