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Posted in: Critics denounce Japan asylum reform as human rights violation See in context

I have never heard of a single case where a failed asylum seeker has been arrested, tortured, killed or persecuted in their home country after being deported from Japan. If such cases did exist, I can assure you that the refugee NGOs would tell us all about them.

Your later posts show your low regard of these NGOs. One of my students was the wife of the UNCHR Japanese representative. He wrote letters requesting asylum for Kurds from Turkey to the Japanese Ministry of Justice. But the Japanese government sent those Kurds back to Turkey, where a hostile reception awaited them. Turkey does not have a virtuous human rights record, which is not different from their predecessor the Ottoman Empire. The Armenians bear witness.

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs dismissed their staffer Chiune Sugihara in disgrace after he wrote many visas for Jewish refugees in Lithuania fleeing the Nazis, allowing them passage into Japan. They only retroactively honored Sugihara when the Yad Vashem museum made him a Righteous Among the Nations recipient.

A refugee may not appear to be one who can readily contribute to one's society. But they can make good, many times over.

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Posted in: How do you dress and groom yourself for online meetings during the pandemic? Are pajamas, no makeup, scruffy beards common sights? See in context

bass4funk: Tie and a shirt above, below pajamas.

Similar to how one student told me how she dressed for her job interview - black jacket and white blouse, pajamas under the screen. Not sure she got the job though.

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Posted in: Japan opts not to join U.S., others in criticizing China for Hong Kong law See in context

Not quite the same thing, but there are two 2 Diet members on the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC), which has issued a statement that includes a call to keep the PRC accountable to "universal human rights". On its team, along with Iain Duncan Smith and Marco Rubio, are an LDP member (Gen Nakatani, a former Ministry of Defense minister) and an independent (Shiori Yamao).

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Posted in: 5 scary Japanese foods for you to try See in context

Okay, I get the idea that Americans can't stand yokan, those sweet beans mashed up, but pork and beans in tomato sauce is more palatable?

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Posted in: Real Madrid sign Kubo from FC Tokyo See in context

What is being lost in this announcement is, as ESPN reports, that Kubo is reporting to Real Madrid's third-division club: "Kubo would play for their Castilla youth team in Spain's third tier next season".

It's rather presumptuous to assume that Kubo would play with Hazard on the very same team right away. He'd have to show tremendous prowess in time.

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Posted in: What do you think of the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) program? See in context

The JET Program (with its predecessors the BET and MEF) formed to inform English teaching and local municipalities was likely run along the line of the foreign yatoi hired in the Meiji era to modernize Japan in jurisprudence, diplomacy, military, and education. The yatoi accomplished the Japanese government's aims (maybe all too well). JET, 30+ years later, probably has made inroads in globalization for local authorities, but maybe not so much in substance for English teaching. But at least municipalities and education boards are getting enlightened to the fact that not every native English speaker looks white.

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Posted in: Carp, Hawks tie 2-2 in Game 1 of Japan Series See in context

Ironical that Japanese pro baseball is mindful of not overworking its players, calls it a day after 12 innings (down from 15), while their American counterparts slug it out to 18. There is a fascination with multiples of 3, but this is odd.

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Posted in: Anywhere but Washington: Why DC stories rarely film in DC See in context

"The West Wing" probably shot most of its scenes in Los Angeles.

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Posted in: Gurriel issued five-game ban, but not in World Series See in context

Both Darvish and Gurriel have known what's it like to be regarded (beneath) as a foreigner in different countries, by appearance and heritage. Darvish has known this all his life from birth. It is sad to see Gurriel succumb to his home culture's regard of Asians (remembering the Spanish basketball team's stunt before the Beijing Olympics). Darvish knows with *whom*** **he will be fully accepted, not just with people who aspire to an ideal, but those experience the same treatment. Applause to him.

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Posted in: Gifu city, Kyoto among 88 'holy sites' related to animation works See in context

The title is somewhat misleading. There is Gifu City, which is way down south of Hida City.

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Posted in: Arctic voyage finds global warming impact on ice, animals See in context

Whether or not climate change is affected by human impact, this debate doesn't explain the demise of the polar bear.

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Posted in: Your academic history still your ID card in Japan See in context

I agree with Charles P. In my state of California, having returned after been in Japan for 30 years, I'm bemused how UC Berkeley still ranks above UCLA in people's eyes.

In the place where I worked in Japan, an applicant's worthiness was questioned because he graduated from a local university. The accuser was a Todai graduate.

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Posted in: 5 things to do in Nagano City (that aren't winter sports) See in context

I wonder why the Higashiyama art gallery isn't mentioned (a few minutes' walk from Zenkoji Temple).

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