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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 48 new coronavirus infections See in context

But the number of active remains under 1,000

For now. Keep in mind that these are only confirmed cases. The true number is unknown.

Unfortunately, having so many asymptomatic carriers makes it even more complicated.

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Posted in: Trump rejects removing names of Confederate leaders from U.S. bases See in context

With an election just around the corner Trump will do and say anything to stir up his base and hold ground on the dwindling supporters he currently has.

For someone who says he loves America and peddles nationalism for the "good" of the country, he seems to forget the history of the confederate flag and its treason to the U.S., channeling the ridiculous excuse of Southern heritage. Trump is King of the Divided States of America. Divided from reality, logic, and education.

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Posted in: Forklift operator arrested for murder after dumping 2 tons of building material on colleague See in context

Shouldn't have killed another human being in the first place. Just sayin.

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Posted in: Protesters clash with police in New York; Pentagon deploys 1,600 troops into Washington region See in context

I remember December 31, 2019. I was looking forward to the new year, a fresh start, elections in Nov. Where did it all go wrong? Someone please press the off and on button for 2020 again. And I'm typing this halfway through the year.

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Posted in: JFA approves loans to soccer clubs hit by COVID-19 shutdown See in context

To soccer clubs ? !!! .

What about the small local businesses they promised money to ? !!

I didn't know that the Japanese Football Association had promised small businesses money.

The money is coming directly from JFA not from the government.

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Posted in: Trump counting on Supreme Court to block probes, lawsuits See in context

The administration says Democrats are obsessed with embarrassing Trump at all costs. 

No, no, no. He does a pretty good job doing that by himself. Just give him a stage and a mic with an unscripted speech and he shoots himself in the foot every single time. Then the next day he has one of those 'here hold my beer' moments to one up the previous day. It's been like that since Jan. 20, 2017.

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Posted in: Pelosi: 'Morbidly obese' was taste of Trump's 'own medicine' See in context

Trump can dish it out but can't take it when he's on the receiving end.

How laughable. Reminds me of the time he featured on Comedy Central Roast.

When it came to him getting roasted by others in public, he was so uncomfortable and he couldn't come up with witty comebacks.

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Posted in: 'My decision to make': Trump defends criticized use of drug See in context

Trump is the embodiment of everything you shouldn't do or say during a pandemic.

Nov. 3 couldn't come soon enough.

That or the 25th amendment. Baby Jesus and his baby friends save us all.

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating couple in their 80s outside their home See in context

Saitama is the Florida of Japan...

Saitama is Saitama and Florida is Florida.

A lot of petty crime and skirmishes here and there in Saitama but nowhere near Florida.

Unless you read in the news that a Saitama Man was tasered by police after being caught chewing on his neighbor's face, Saitama will never reach Florida's level.

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Posted in: 'Sazae-san,' world's longest-running TV cartoon show, switches to reruns as virus halts production See in context

The most endearing aspect of this program, as far as I can figure out, is that every character in the family is named after a fish. Or shellfish, in the case of the title's character.

@NCIS Reruns

For sure, I thought I was the only one who noticed. Something smells fishy to me.

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Posted in: Pence spends weekend at home after exposure to infected aide See in context

Thoughts and Prayers to vice-president Pence.

I hope Mother makes you the most delicious chicken soup East of the Mississippi.


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Posted in: Tokyo reports 23 new coronavirus cases; number below 100 for 5th day in row See in context

Just to clarify for the people throwing numbers around.

108 is the number of "confirmed" cases on May 6th in all of Japan.

93 is the number of "confirmed" cases on May 7th in all of Japan.

23 is the number of "confirmed" cases on May 7th in Tokyo alone.

*notice how I put number in parentheses.

I agree 100%, Japan needs to ramp up testing immediately to get a more accurate figure.

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Posted in: Pro-Trump protesters push back on stay-at-home orders See in context

It's either a free country or it isn't.

Freedom of Assembly means Freedom of Assembly.

The shelter-in-place is only meant to be temporary to try to lower the curve to help out hospitals manage the inflow of patients. I absolutely value the freedom that we enjoy from but a little sacrifice short-term is better than seeing the same results we saw with pandemics such as the Bubonic plague or the 1918 flu pandemic. Let's learn from our history otherwise we're bound to repeat the same mistakes.

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Posted in: Trump cuts off U.S. payments to WHO during virus pandemic See in context

Which is it? Mr. I alone can fix it or Mr. I don't take responsibility

The total authoritarian fool needs to take it down a notch.

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Posted in: Trump airs video slammed as propaganda at virus briefing See in context

I didn't watch the propaganda video but you can be rest assured that it left out clips of him dismissing Covid-19 as unimportant, saying things like it's "just like the flu", and doing that weird thing he does with his hands and saying that it will disappear in April with the heat.

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Posted in: Wuhan lockdown ends, but local coronavirus cases rise across country See in context


Those numbers are recorded cases from all over the world. I thought @Oldman_13 was referring to "over 82 thousand dead, almost 1.5 million infected" as numbers in China.

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Posted in: Wuhan lockdown ends, but local coronavirus cases rise across country See in context

Over 82 thousand dead, almost 1.5 million infected

Making fictitious numbers like that is just as bad as white washing.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to freeze U.S. funding for WHO, saying they 'missed the call' on coronavirus See in context

 Trump said. “I’m a cheerleader for this country."

There's an infamous tweet from Trump years ago where he made fun of President Obama for being a "cheerleader" rather than a leader. This statement didn't age well.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to freeze U.S. funding for WHO, saying they 'missed the call' on coronavirus See in context

Trump is an absolute embarrassment. He himself downplayed the severity of the Coronavirus up until mid-March. There is video and audio evidence that he had done so plenty of times, later on going on to lie that he was taking it serious from the beginning. The guy is a clown and his administration is a circus.

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Posted in: U.S. Embassy sounds alarm on coronavirus in Japan See in context

Should create quite a conundrum here for the Yanks and others that love to bash on all things Japan.

You could literally say this about every nationally. There are people who enjoy living in Japan and there are others who constantly bash it. Please don't paint us all with the same brush.

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Posted in: U.S. Embassy sounds alarm on coronavirus in Japan See in context

It most certainly does. The U.S. has been the most transparent of all nations regarding information and testing.

Riiiiiight. And how do you explain why U.S. Navy Captain Brett Crozier got fired?

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Posted in: Trump extends virus guidelines; Fauci warns U.S. could face up to 200,000 coronavirus deaths See in context

“I want our life back again,” the president told reporters 

Me too. Preferably prior to your presidency. Please resign.

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Posted in: Crowds disappear from Tokyo streets amid virus, snow See in context

Covid-19: You're gonna get me.

Tokyo Resident: No, I can't. It's Monday today. I can only get you on the weekend.

Covid-19: Ah goshdarn it. I'll try again later then.

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Posted in: 92 from Chicago let in at Narita airport without being asked to self-isolate See in context

During a pandemic all it takes is ONE superspreader and kaboom.

Then you have the next Italy, Spain or New York City.

Apologies won't be enough, some heads better start rolling.

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Posted in: Are gun shops in U.S. 'essential' businesses during a pandemic? See in context

Look at that picture, is bringing your pet chihuahua to a gun shop essential?

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Posted in: New York, New Orleans hospitals reel as U.S. leads world in coronavirus cases See in context

Knowing what was happening in China during January, the U.S. had months ahead of time to prepare. If only someone hadn't fired the pandemic team in 2018. If only someone would have appointed a competent leader with necessary experience to be in charge of the outbreak in the U.S. If only someone would take responsibility.

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Posted in: 2 men sought over 3 bag-snatching incidents in one morning See in context

I hope that they are quickly caught. But knowing how the justice system in Japan works, I wouldn't be surprised if they just get a slap on the wrist. SMH

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Posted in: Abe tells Trump Japan preparing for Tokyo Olympics as planned See in context

If things get to the point of no return in early April I definitely think that the Olympics should be postponed. Not canceled, just postponed until possibly next summer 2021.

This will guarantee that not only the Tokyo Olympics go through, but most importantly the safety and well being of spectators is assured.

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Posted in: U.S. suspends travel from 26 European countries, excluding UK, Ireland, for next 30 days See in context

Luis David Yanez

Follow the indications of what expert say. Doing more than that is arrogant and stupid.

Dude, maybe you should sit this one out. The WHO just declared a pandemic about 12 hours ago. Unless you present your medical certifications, cases studies, findings you are in no position to be downplaying this situation. Maybe you should take your own advice and "Follow the indications of what experts say".

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Posted in: U.S. suspends travel from 26 European countries, excluding UK, Ireland, for next 30 days See in context

and yet china hasn't been completely banned even though that's where the darn thing originated.

The U.S. imposed a 14 day quarantine from anyone traveling from China since early February. As of last week, when the CDC made its last update, that rule is still in place.


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