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I'm watching TV drama, and I knew this sweets in this drama. I want to eat it! Also I heard that we can eat it in Osaka. But it's so far :( I'm planning that make it with my friend someday. I'm very looking forward to eat it!

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I have a friend whose name is Yuma. I think this name is cute. Nowadays, a lot of young parents want to name their children “Kira-kira name” which is very strange name. For example, a couple named their children “Pikachū” which the character of Pokemon. And the worst name is “Akuma (the meaning is the devil).”There are a lot of Kanji in Japan, and many parents want to name funny or strange one, but I think that parents should name likes normal.

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Posted in: NHK announces lineup for 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' on New Year's Eve See in context

I didn’t watch this TV show about 4years, because I didn’t want to watch musicians who joined every year. But this year, Chris Hart will join for it, so I’ll watch only him. His voice is so sweet I think. In Japan, he is singing CM song, I surprised when heard it. So ,I’m looking forward to hear his song on New Year’s Eve.

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They are so cute! But I can't like this with my boyfriend because I’m very shy. Japanese people like to ready fast for every events, especially in Tokyo. I live in Okinawa, a part of Japan. There is no snow in Okinawa, so I don’t feel that Christmas is near. I want to feel Christmas like them.

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