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@David BrentToday  

You should see what the Japanese manual laborers do to their Vietnamese coworkers on the construction site.

I doubt many know what you are talking about.

Would you care to enlighten us?

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What is the leading cause of death in 18 40 year olds?

Drug overdoses have claimed the lives of over 100,000 people in the United States - Fentanyl was reportedly the cause of two-thirds of them. According to the CDC, Fentanyl is now the number one cause of death for Americans ages 18 to 45.

it is a little weird to think drug cartels willing be killing their clientele.... and possibly deterring their future customers. What gives?

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Don't know the Japanese words he said, but one thing is "illness" and another is" acquired psychological disorder". These are two different things. Though it has long being discarded as an illness, it is not universally set that is is not some sort of a disorder. Specially since scientific studies regarding its physiology were halted when it became politically accepted. Still some 20 years ago there hard science studies showing mother hormones in some cases of placenta irregularities causing the fetus not to be completely sealed off from the mothers internal fluids, reaching the fetus and affecting the forming neuroreceptors.

Also before political becoming politically correct, psychologically speaking it was well understood that as behavioral anomaly not all homosexual people "became" or "were born" homosexual the same way. Several patterns were known, and most probably still occur, just nobody is taking data anymore.

What this all means is that although politically is has been frowned upon to question the normality of "OKness" of homosexuality, that alone does not make it right, when previous historic data shows there are several factors involved (physiologically the above mentioned mother's chemicals, psychologically and or developmentally single parentness, sexual abuse at any stage, loneliness, curiosity, psychological or emotional neglect, opportunity, adaptation, compensation, and even perversion, hatred and decadence), which in turn it is clearly never going to be flatly accepted by conservative people. Not that homosexual people as people don't deserve as full of a life as they can. But their standing in people's minds who know all I mentioned above, will hardly ever be as just a normal behavior. It just cannot be.

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It's said the difference between good and evil is good can imagine where evil comes from, what is wants, evil however cannot imagine good or what it wants.

If we are so good and saintly we should be able to imagine without judging what state of mind or state of affairs led her to this. No human is perfect and so many humans lack the capacity of empathy, and the capacity to take care of others while themselves have been neglected.

We can very easily imagine her mother either did it to herself, or she had no mother, or her mother didn't show love and care to her. If she had had love and care herself it is highly unlike she would commit this.

Also those wishing this killer mother, death and suffering as punishment can be easily thought as never had experienced loving care, as a loving nurturing upbringing would not allow for such thoughts, only empathy for both child and mother, as both are part of this tragedy. Society playing a big part of this problem as well.

If you can wish this woman death and suffering you are justifying her way of thinking, in a way, because for her in that instance her child was perhaps something that grew undesirable therefore eliminating it became the choice. It's the same basic thinking: undesirable eliminate.

You better watch out your projections.

Parenting is no easy job, and it is 24/7/365. Even highly educated, efficient and caring adults have hard times at times in parenting. A single mother with who knows what emotional baggage (or not) has it way harder.

Not saying she deserves forgiving or what she did is not cruel. I am saying paying her with the same coin is what caused this situation to happen in the same place.

That is not the solution.

Healing is needed. A society that allows healing to occur.

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Reasons why you can't bring a reference are not important, the important thing is that you can't do it, which means you accept you have no source and therefore it can't be used as an argument. If someone said "I read somewhere what you think was proved wrong" it would have the same problem, unless the source is provided it can just be ignored. You are free to not remember where you read something, but that also means you can't use it as an argument.

Hey, you are right, I am not going to win a debate having no sources to provide. But that is exactly my point, I am not trying to win ANY argument. Like I wrote, I am not trying to appease anybody about my decisions not seeking peer approval, nor reading our so I cam defend my decision on this matter. An certainly not out to convince anybody of doing what I do. Not even my family. I read and I inform myself for my own decision making that's all. So, no I don't mind or care not giving you any sources. The US Senate series of briefings on the issue are available online, it refers several dozen studies worthy of your analysis if you so choose. But I am not our to try to change you.

Finally, like I said to the other posters. I am not anti-vaccine. I just dislike people lambasting in blanket statements people who choose other that what you deem correct in this regard. Granted some are sheep and just follow without thinking, but can say the same thing for people on both sides of the divide. Most of my co workers and family juts got the vaccine cause of going with the flow, only 2 questioned themselves whether they should get it, the others just almost automatically accepted it. Aren't they fools too?

Also, you perch yourself and Science oh so high, as if science was infallible. You know science is only science if you are allowed to question it and break it down to small pieces and see if each of them holds ground.

You claim you have, and that the science supports your views at large. But your almost religious fervor towards it is very much off-putting and annoying. Science is after all just a human effort. Nothing divine or sacred about it.

Anyways, why you are so much pro-science and your scientific background would perhaps explain your attitude. In my case, as I have posted before, after college I spent a couple of years as an understudy at an actual scientific lab for psychophysiology in my alma mater. And my college formation was rooted in the scientific method. Decades ago, before the woke ideas pervaded science as well. So I in particular don't need no lecture about science.

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As most have pointed out above, 1) the anime and manga is rated for teens and young adults and above, 2) elementary school kids and below are expected and actually instructed by schools and BOE's the country wide to sleep at 9 or 9:30 depending on the district, 3) the body mutilation from sword fighting is of course a concern and small kids should not be allowed to watch it ! It's a matter of parental control.

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It's the other way around. If you actually heard what they say, they are trying to show the hypocrisy on the other side who claims abortion is a matter of "my body, my choice" but don't take the same stance with regards to vaccines, so they take their slogan and show it to them so show the hypocrisy of them.

On the other side, as with abortion, surely "your body your choice", but the point there is your baby is NOT your body, It's ANOTHER body.

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@ thaonephil, theResident

I am not anti-vaccine. Whatever that means. Yes, I wrote a lot. Be kind and read it. And then comment. If you read you would see I am not anti-vaccine. If anything I would say I am anti-mandates, which stems from being anti-fascist, which in turn means not liking the imposition of someone else's will upon others who disagree with it, and which tramples otherwise established liberties or rights.

To be even clearer, I have gone ahead and got the Covid vaccine a while ago. I am not anti-vaccine.

I am anti-people trying to bully others to take the vaccine. That's all. I understand the doubts and fears against it. I went ahead and get it because of family and work reasons. That doesn't mean I agree with how this is handled by governments and how people like you treat those who don't want the vaccine.

Read to understand not to destroy. What are you so afraid of?

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Alright, last time you posted me aa question of providing links of where I get my information. Now, I am not going to that. I will explain and please read me out.

I will not do that, because although I do read online and try to have relevant vital information, I only ever read it once, hardly ever reach out to the actual source of the scientific studies to read the actual studies. I do so while on the bus in my daily commute sometimes, for my own personal information. I never have in mind sharing them or keeping them for reference nor remembering where I read what from who or where. So to provide them is actually impossible for me, unless I retraced all my online activity the last year, which I am not doing just to appease you. Now, don't go our dismissing my conclusions just because of it. In the end it my personal responsibility with myself to make an informed decision.

Anyway, the main issue of my post is not that. Allow me to continue.

I'll level here with you. I have had vaccines before, as a child I got them and it was pretty simple, you get them, you don't get such and such deceases, straightforward and clear. As an adult the only vaccines I have had were when I travelled to China I had to get one, can't remember which, but likewise get it and you prevent getting sick. Then coming to Japan I learned about the flu vaccine, which to my surprise doesn't prevent getting sick for life or 100% but provides a boost for the immune system to fight the newer strands of flu. Or something like that, and honestly that was shaky enough for me, and I didn't wanna get it because it was not worth the effort, time, money and even the pain of the injection in my estimation for such an infection as the flu.

Fast forward and only a year after a new infection arises a vaccine is developed, and WITHOUT any long term results everyone HAS to get it is plenty of suspicious for me. Surely, you can dismiss it as conspirationalism, but given all the issues, if YOU virusex still fully trust it you come as a coincidentionalist and naive as well. Let's delve a little here. So you defend the pharmaceuticals as "not just a CEO wanting to get richer" since even doctors and nurses get the vaccine. First of all, you assign to much validity to the judgement of doctors and nurses in this regard. For one, the several nurses I one personally have the slightest scientifically proficient mind, and just do what doctors say. As for doctors, I remember my family doctor back in my home country having impeccable white doctor robes engraved with his name, and below his name a likewise huge engraving of a pharmaceutical company... if h were to have recommended me a vaccine for Covid from that company I would have seriously being unamused. Next some doctors respect patient consent, my doctor here in Japan, laid it very clearly to me "it's your choice, I don't see valid to recommend it to you or not, it may help you but it is not 100% safe just as Covid is not 100% deadly".

And finally, we are talking big pharma here, you do realize just a couple of years ago the main Covid vaccine company was embroiled in a huge liability lawsuit for damages and malpractice and paid billions of dollars? And yet you put your trust at their feet.

Also, have you seen the sponsorship of TV newsrooms and stations and media all over the US and world, how many big pharma names are there? No wonder counter arguments against the vaccines no matter how sound are never shown any time.

As I said above, you can dismiss any of this as crazy conspiracy theories, but is doing so I say you are just taking these blatant conflicts of interests as "non issues" or "mere coincidences" which shows quite a lack of sagacity, prudence and caution.

Of course, I am not saying I can proof a large scale conspiracy to cull mankind or something. Nor I am saying I believe n such thing. What I am saying is the product in the street out there comes from this places where rarely the ultimate good is the objective and where being first is more important that being correct or good or safe. Surely you realize pharmaceuticals are BUSINESSES that make money from TREATING decease NIT curing it. As no decease means no business or a dwindling one. And surely you should recognize the are corrupt people everywhere. I am sure there institutions, countries, parties you don't trust for their corruption alone (irrelevant of what they say or stand for). And no place is completely out of it. You know what conditions big pharma has put on countries to provide the vaccines, right? No liability clauses, really?? The government has to take the liability, not the company! WOW.

So in the end it's a matter of trust. And no, for the situation as it now, with vaccine mandates for a vaccine that doesn't even guarantee free of infection, and that was speedily developed, and for which the very definition of what a vaccine is was changed (it's true, check it out, the US Senate panel on the safety of the vaccine had this issue brought up to them, the briefing is online) to include the MRN (or something like that) protein precursors which was never used before for vaccines. And the long term consequences of including a full chain spike protein are unknown yet of course, but could possibly include DNA mutations?? You seriously wanna put this in everybody's body??

When not even regular vaccines that DO prevent the contagion of viral deceases are not even mandatory in countries like Japan and others. The Croatian president said it very clearly: "what is the objective of a mass mandate of Covid vaccines? is not getting rid of the virus, and is not getting contagions to zero. It's reducing risks of contagion and death to yet realistically unknown levels" So, why the urge, and zeal to push forward with them mandates while stomping every over civil right and liberty?? Again, you have to think if the objective matches the means (for reference the objective they claim is the same as for the flu vaccines, which have NO mandate whatsoever anywhere in the world) and follow the pockets of those promoting it, be it political parties or media outlets. I fear more the error of men in a rush to create a most profitable item than my chances of surviving a 0.0003 deadly virus on my own. And I also don't fear you having it giving it to me, more that your zeal to ruin my life for not getting a vaccine riddled with risk all over it.

Finally, honestly your zeal is dumbfoundingly blind. You want the vaccine, sure go get it. You don't have any doubts and dismiss all coincidences above as just such and trust all the players in this issue, fine, be my guest. But that is you. ONLY you. And as so, all other individuals are entitled to their OWN judgement. So back off you zealot.

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@JimToday  04:28 pm JST

So much racial injustice occurs in America daily. Then there is their garbage political situation where there was almost a successful coup in the so called ‘ most democratic country “ in the world on January 6th!

Surely everything and everybody is not perfect in the US, nor anywhere in the world for that matter.

However that is a far cry from a blanket statement such as this, when all in all the US still offer the best opportunities for people from ALL OVER the world to achieve their dreams and goals. See immigration numbers and see successful stories amongst them.

Also the January 6th thing was neither a coup, nor an attempted coup nor an insurrection, it was a bunch of hooligans trespassing and disrupting congress, quite a nuisance and a dangerous one, but it could have never been a coup without an army behind them, and 2 insurrection was not as also no political party was behind it to FULLY supported and stand by the results of their attack. It is what it is.

Please process facts by yourself next time.

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Something is VERY wrong with the world.

While this happens:

at least one million Uyghurs and other Turkic-speaking, mostly Muslim minorities have been incarcerated in camps in Xinjiang, where China is also accused of forcibly sterilizing women and imposing forced labour.

This is lauded as "Powerful response":

Bob Menendez, the chair of the U.S. Senate foreign relations committee, welcomed the decision he called "a powerful rebuke of the Chinese Communist Party's campaign of genocide in Xinjiang."

He called on "other allies and partners that share our values to join with the United States in this diplomatic boycott."

So the whole genocide thing is either a lie, or the value of human life is really low worldwide, whereas a genocidal state is diplomatically condemned with ZERO action, and that is considered a "powerful response".

If the US knowns for a fact that the genocidal acts are true, then ACTIONS to stop it immediately and PUNISH China are the ones needed and the only thing that should be considered powerful is the obliteration of the perpetrators. What in the world??

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It is truly unkind and nasty to call people out on their body parts or appearance. It shows no basic human respect.

Those who do that are immature, shallow, gutless and shameless.

Still, on the other hand, she says "What I think is important is being the "you" that you love"... if that IS the case and she believes that, why does she have to even post?? isn't it for PEER APPROVAL? sharing? come on... sharing for what? there's no sharing JUST for sharing, she is LOOKING for something, as any who posts as such. Furthermore, if she truly believes what she says, why then "... makes me feel like not posting any more?" ?? Truth is she doesn't believe it. If she did it wouldn't matter what other think or say or do., cause the important thing is being the you you love, right? Her message is a double one. She says one thing, but does another by proactively seeking peer approval and folding when she doesn't get it.

Which brings me to the 2nd point, folding like to what other says, or looking for peer approval, is likewise immature, shallow, gutless and naive.

Once we all grow and stop demeaning others to feel better about ourselves, and stop feeling demeaned when others disapprove of us, THEN and ONLY then we will have a better, brighter, happier, stronger society. Both sides of the spectrum HAVE TO GROW.

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The utmost priority for long term eradication of mass attacks should me metal health, and morality (or the lack thereof). This because is not the knife, is not the gun, it's the person, who perpetrates the attack. As we know even a scalpel, an icepick, or car, etc. can be used for a mass attack.

The underlying caused that make people do this, are what will keep such acts happening.

This is not to make "victims" of the perpetrators. But clearly vast number of them stem from some kind of real or perceived (i.e. social, or psychosocial) trauma, or distressful situation, or an upbringing with a gaping lack of something, be it affection, discipline, care, connection, guidance, ethics, etc. It is of course NOT an excuse but for these people makes the build up and the trigger.

And it is a reality for them, so it needs to be addressed. Not all of us humans process things the same way and depending on the level of development successfully achieved the progress is done or not.

Some of the same goes to the endless stories of parents abusing their kids to death.

As long as mental health, internal struggle, helplessness, etc. are ignored, look down or not given importance, this sad events will continue to happen.

It takes a good responsible to society to look hard in the mirror and see where have a lot of people have been allowed to slip through the cracks, to fade to irrelevance or so in such a way that they loose hope, and become vengeful or irate towards society or towards those weaker than them ever-demanding more and more from them (as babies will do to parents).

Loving and caring for our neighbor just as a human being would go along way.

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@Richard Gallagher

That's much better reporting than any ever shown here in JT. They always keep spewing, rehashing the same basic sentences for his old news.

Now, I did take what you said with a grain of salt. Look at what @sakurasuki had to say about your post so spot on.

Also, I believe you were incorrect as to where he was staying, it was never a luxury hotel. Before his charging he spent time in the detention center and then moved to an apartment while on bail.

Now, if he did wrong that's fine, it's not like I or some of us believe he is a saint or something. If he did wrong he should pay. The issue is how badly the prosecutors and the system is to a person still not judged as guilty by the court. And the slow death process of it. If he is as guilty as they say, get it over with quickly, shoe the evidence, don't rely on confessions!!

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Bring at least some expert, an authority that can prove this is not just your bias talking, else you have no point.

You are right in asking me this. But I assume one thing: you already know there have experts the world about contradicting any and several of the claims made by mass media. If you haven't then that would leave me very surprised. Anyway I am not trying to avoid showing them to you. I just don't keep them handy to retrieve as a post on the fly. But I'll remember next time.

This wording of yours is off-putting "Once again if all the doctors and scientists of the world say it is important."

Do you honestly and in all use of your judgement believe all doctor and scientist of the world say something in unison??

I see your blanket strategy argument and I can't help but wonder... why, the, do we do not take blanket strategies against every other lethal thing? As I like to mention tobacco kills more people in Japan that anything, even passive smokers yet there is no blanket protection for them effective enough to bring their deaths to null. Let's not say food allergies, where the vast majority keep eating our thing no matter who is allergic.

I agree blanket strategies are sometimes needed, like with asbestos being prohibited to be used, but event then some countries haven't and some old places with it on them are still up.

My whole view here is the Covid-19 does not justify all the prohibitions and flaxes bequest upon healthy individuals.

That's where I see the fear mongering. Reporting the contagions and deaths without noting their age and standing, mobility rates.

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The media is not the one unilateraly saying that young healthy people are also at risk from the pandemic, medical and scientific professionals are, completely contradicting your "not at risk at all" baseless opinion.

Trying to misrepresent the scientific consensus as if it was just something media was making up evidence a desire to disinform people from taking appropiate care of not catching nor spreading a lethal disease.

"Lethal disease"... why the choice of words? Trying to stamp your point harder? Even a flu can be lethal, so are quite a lot of diseases none of which has been to so overblown and pushed down people's throats, which lead me to believe is for fearmongering. You can be honest and even reasonable in assessing the virus indeed requires extra precautions.

But putting things in perspective escapes you at some point. Is not as if Covid19 came to a void where human existence was completely 100% safe and death and disease were unheard of amongst us. Everyday we and our kids go about our things were are under risk of infection, accidents, crime and yes death. There's nothing new there. And we all accept to deal and live with those risks. There are far more deadly diseases, like those associated with tobacco consumption be it active or passive, and things with far more probability of death everyday (like riding a car or a bike) and yet tobacco is not even completely banned (is THEIR choice to die, right?, passive smokers... sorry), and road safety is well, road safety. Not to mention all other diseases, poisons and allergies out there by which anyone can at anytime die. And yet a disease with a death rate of around 0.02% globally, which is deceiving because in varies greatly depending on the age group, and more so separating those of higher risks groups, and the vast majority of population without added risks stays at about almost 0.00003% for some age groups.

And yet you claim you are the reasonable one. If reason and science is your high stance. Then age groups and risks groups should be first and foremost be the strategy to deal with the virus and not a blanket strategy.

Or you deny it is vastly different depending on the age and risk group. Secondly, detailed information and education should be promoted instead of fear mongering. Give not just daily data of contagions, but by age group, occupation, mobility rate (where they stationary, in what are confines where they moving), health risk, etc... thus a smart strategy plus an educated informed unified populace would prove to be more efficient in defeating the disease and keeping all of our lives and livelihoods intact.

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Prosecutors say that money, totaling about 9 billion yen ($80 million) should have been reported as compensation even though it was never paid or stipulated in a formal contract.

How is this cause for being on trial, let alone being arrested??

If there is no formal contract, then there is no real pay cut. Then there is nothing to report! Surely all details are not reported nor made open. However, and moreover, isn't the NOT reporting part the problem? Then the people filing the reports are the law breakers, are they not? Highly unlikely Ghosn or Kelly filed those reports themselves. Nissan did it. Ghosn said "I'll take the pay cut to stay here" (who says that??! wow he really liked NISSAN..) and NISSAN said "OK" and filed the reports... Where is the sin. wrongdoing or crime??? Come on, Japan needs to demand all these corrupt prosecutors and judges end this sham and be removed from offices.


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Have the Japanese prosecutors even bothered to establish what dis Kelly stand to gain from "helping" Ghosn?? What was in it for him to do what they claim he did.

Also, even if what he did was wrong, how could have he possibly known it was unlawful in Japan?

Moreover, what is it so egregious about what Ghosn and him allegedly do, that they so vilified?? There was no fraud, no stealing, no robbing, no laundering... they were just making sure he was being paid as a top Executive... very doubtedly this was done WHITHOUT the knowledge of the Board of Directors, or whatever they called it at Nissan.

And has somebody EVER at any news article or news outlet shown what portion of what law they supposedly broke??? Where is their crime in the law?? And how they pretend to prove they did so??

What is so awful about what they supposedly do??

And if they did so, how could NISSAN allow it to happen for years at a time??

Again, NISSAN looking worse and worse here.

I have always liked the brand NISSAN, drove one now, have driven several before. It is by far my only, hahaha, favorite Japanese car brand.

But they just keep loosing face here. There is no crime, and nothing to hide here. Both Ghosn and Kelly are not denying they did something to provide sufficient compensation to Ghosn, with the approval of the Board.

So can there be fault in it, and how can the company have them, arrested?? Where is this bizarro world???

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I know the poll is set this way, but just knowing the majority of people here oppose teaching of patriotism in schools says nothing about the merit of their point of view.

If Patriotism is not taught, then they need to provide something better to be taught.

You just don't leave a void that can and WILL be filled by all kinds of elements later on. If a sense of responsibility, duty and even belonging is not going to be attached to ones nation, it will attach somewhere else.

Now in itself is not a bad thing, it completely depends on the way it is taught, and WHAT exactly is taught. It's one thing to teach a nation is superior or first world than most of other nations, and make it a case for elitism, etc. And it's an entirely different thing to teach history, roots, civility and duty for whatever the home nation has gone through and achieved as a group to form responsible sensible citizens.

Just leaving a vacuum is not better. Kids in a bad environment can swiftly fill that void(worse when paired with a parental void) with apathy, gang affiliation, chaos, detachment and so on.

Some people propose teaching humanity as a broader sense of belonging, however, it all has to be well thought through and throughout.

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@Skeptical You nailed it.

Yes, but... what is the point? What does Skeptical want to happen? No more TV shows?

Is the same old debate, is rap music the cause of violence? is heavy metal the cause of satanism? are violent video games the cause of violence?

Isn't people to blame for their OWN actions and lack of judgement and discernment. Do we have to blame the creators??

It is entertainment, anyone who confuses it with reality is at fault not otherwise.

Skeptical's points while true are moot to this story and correspond more in the teaching and educating of people not to believe everything on the TV screens!

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Just re-read your first post. You cannot deny you write so proud of yourself how you shun your so-called relative. I guess you were not really close to that relative anyway. Otherwise one would expect at least a trace of sadness, concern. a bit of shame even for having to cut him off. But no, you are just proud to ostracize another human being. I guess you are one of the ones who claims science is always evolving, and one should not discriminate those who aren't like us in color, or sexual partner preference. But you understand people from decades ago blatantly and systematically discriminated against others because of one wrong idea or presupposition. Right now you cannot imagine your way of thinking about COvid and the vaccines to change drastically in the future with any new science, so you behave like you do. But what if future science proves vaccines did more harm than good, or prove useless, or covid is defeated by human heard immunity? Not saying I expect any of that, or have my hopes in it. Just saying what if your way of thinking was wrong. What then?

From people like I am happy your unvaccinated relative is keeping away from you ALL. Because that's another way to look at it, he is shunning you all down. You bigoted, self loading, hypocrites.

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@Jimizo, Vreth, virusrex

Masks don't work is an outright stupid statement.

So much that there is NO merit in pointing our how stupid it is.

And I honestly don't believe ALL so called "anti-maskers" believe that masks DON'T actually work. If ANYone actually believes masks don't work one can certainly doubt their mental capacity and judgement ability.

That said, I don't know the REALITY of "anti-maskers" as a real group or a even a thing. I know only for certain my environment and my way of life, my country(which is not the US) and Japan.

And I have not met ANY anti-masker, and the people commenting here, that you refer to as such, NONE is an anti-masker per se, NOR do they believe masks DON'T actually work. They just don't want to be forced to use them because 1) think their immune system is enough, 2) think only symptomatic people or high risk people absolutely need them, 3) understand to use them in places with crowds or indoors with a lot of people, 4) don't feel the threat of a 99.9997% survival rate virus commands such fear of death to wear a mask all the time, 5) they are not ANTI-maskers in that they have no problem if OTHER people choose to wear them as they please and 6) see the hypocrisy of a large number of authority figures not following their own mask rules when is not convenient for them and the flagrant disregard of such rules as if Covid didn't existed, say for demonstrations, violent or not, without social distance,.

And with that what I mean, is where do you come from with the idea that a large number of people don't believe in masks? It seems to me you are witch hunting, exaggerating the obvious idiotic stances of clearly dim witted individuals and granting them more importance than they deserve by giving them all your energy and thoughts.

I think most people on any political spectrum understands what mask can and cannot do. The large number of people who dislike the masks do so in the manners I enlisted above from 1) to 6).

I find your condescending attitude as just a way of feeling better about yourselves because you "understand" masks prevent something from going in and out of your mouth.

Get your heads out of your cloud and realize the debate is not whether masks work or not, but whether mandates and actual enforcement of mask rules and even discrimination is warranted.

You are no heroes fighting evil monsters who hate masks. You come through as self serving, trying to elevate yourselves from others, by pointing at their stupidity when that said stupidity is soo obvious ANY one can see it, while obviating entirely the actual mask debate (listed from 1) to 6) in my opinion, I might have left something out).

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This is a matter for parenting, not for the state, or government.

It doesn't seem you really thought that one through.

Surely parenting involves teaching our children about the dangers of internet and monitoring them, setting rules and so forth. But that isn't unlike any other aspect of parenting. In other words, parents do the same thing for the outside world already, teaching them the dangers outside home, setting rules and monitoring them.

That doesn't mean the government doesn't need to set any regulations to prevent kids having access to something that is no good for them or setting policies and rules to protect kids from environments no good for them, AND proving environments where children can safely be children. Each parent and government has it role in protecting children. It is no different in the internet. Regulations, and implementation of such rules and punishing of those who break them needs to be done by the government, assuring safe internet spaces for kids, and parents need to keep teaching and supervising.

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For those who always compare Japan with the 3rd Reich... 

You really have some hyperbole issues. Surely their final objective was different (extermination VS domination) but there were war criminals on both sides. That is the issue here, and that is the only thing being compared, if any, in the comment I made. A war criminal is a war criminal. Or are you saying is okay to show respect to Japanese war criminals because they didn't try to exterminate Koreans or Chinese, but not Germans because they did try to do so Jews and Poles? Ridiculous. We should all oppose any revering or showing of respect to ANY criminal. Period. That's all.

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What kind of war crimes against peace and humanity did Imperial Japan do to Russians? Japan had been expecting them to mediate to cease fire with conditional surrender.

Fine. I don't know if there is any war crime committed against Russians by Japanese. Still, the Japanese didn't commit any war crime against my country, nor did Mao or Stalin, but it still repulses me when Japan honors their war criminals, and when Mao or Stalin are revered. That's why is called crimes against "peace and humanity", nothing to do with who were they specifically against. Just think about it, same would be said if dead Nazi War Criminals were "shown respect" for having fought for Germany. It's very basic. Japan IS at fault here.

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I will repeat it a thousand times more..

It's the culture of Japan.

The history of Japan.

The customs of Japan.

The religion of Japan.

The sanctuaries of Japan.

The life of Japan.

Japan can do its ceremonies and it is nobody else's business.

China praises Mao.

Russia praises Stalin.

The US praises the settlers who killed hundreds of thousands of indigenous people and the slave-owning rebels of the civil war.

Why Japan cannot honor its fallen in wars ?????????......

You fail to follow your thought through. Surely China, Russia and the US (and other nations) have their "heroes" as you mention. In principle each of course have the right to do it. As they already DO. The question is not whether they can or cannot. The argument here is as any family member of a victim of Mao's regime, or Stalin's regime or descendent of American natives dispossessed of land and life by settlers would feel when these are honored in a any way, so does people in China, South Korea, Russia feel when war criminals are "showed respect" in Japan. Is basic sympathy, if your neighbor's son had killed your son in a criminal act, and let's say he also died somehow, but for some reason the family still were your neighbors, how would you feel they celebrate or commemorate his birthday and/or dead day?? That's what some people feel, that's what they complain about. And I find it reasonable. Surely the temple was there before the war, but they AFTER the war ENSHRINED CONVICTED war criminals there. You surely have to find that objectable if not outright despicable. They basically honor criminals there.

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It is disgusting me how the right wingers are all over this and crucifying Biden, when in fact he is only doing what Trump said he was going to do last year but did not. It was Trump that invited the Taliban reps to the U.S. to negotiate a deal and truce. Now all of a sudden these right wingers care so much about the well being of Afghanis.

Get your facts right, Trump negotiated the deal with a deadline for leaving the country on August 31st THIS year. He did what he said he was going to do. The deal was negotiated in Dubai not in the US. And the deal was set with many conditions on the Taliban to make the deal valid, the Taliban however DIDN'T keep their end of the deal, ignoring the conditions set, so the onus was on Biden to drop the deal or use the deal conditions to punish the Taliban for breaking the conditions, but he chose to just keep the US part of the deal nonetheless, and without any consequences for the Taliban. So, of course the Taliban would take the country immediately after the US left, the US stance was already one of non giving a damn. This is clearly all on Biden. The deal was set with conditions to be met in order to make the final decision viable. And it wasn't, so he had the tools to make the call, alas, unpopular, but chose not to. It is fine. The US had to leave someday. But don't blame it on Trump.

Biden is standing by his decision as would any good leader. America is not responsible for being the world's police state. Thank you Joe for having the courage to finally end this two decade imperialist invasion of Afghanistan and war for oil.

This is clearly all on Biden. The deal was set with conditions to be met in order to make the final decision viable. And it wasn't, so he had the tools to make the call, alas, unpopular, but chose not to. It is fine. The US had to leave someday. But don't blame it on Trump.

But, still Americans should be very angry and extremely furious and demanding answers and rolling of heads, so to speak, for the 20 years and trillions of dollars for nothing.

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks 76th A-bomb anniversary as virus, Olympics roll on See in context

"Anniversary" seems like the wrong word to me here. I know it's basic meaning is a recurring yearly event. However, in practice is more related to celebratory or congratulatory events than mournful ones.

The word "Memorial day" (although sounds like the name of an American Holiday is is exactly that) or Commemoration day would seem more appropriate.

I am the only one who finds it a little off putting?

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Posted in: Washington football team bans headdresses, face paint See in context

I am not American. However in mu country we also have a history with native peoples, and most of us are descendants of a mix of races.

That being said I see no major problem with the naming of this team ever. As anything it can be taken as anyone pleases. The only thing that should matter is the OBJECTIVE in mind when the name was taken or chosen. If it is to honor the legacy of said culture and culture, what is the problem? It seems the issue here stems from "Redskin" being used as a pejorative term for the natives in the area in the old times. If that was so, it is understandable, but after the years went by, haven't the native peoples assimilated and embraced the name? If they haven't then it would be the problem.

So what do they actually call themselves? Wouldn't taking that name solve the issue.

There being teams named Cowboys, Vikings, Buccaneers, Patriots, Chiefs, Raiders, Braves, Cherokees, Aztecs, and the like, it is for they represent strength, girth, resilience and such, so it is in the same line that the name should be taken.

I saw a documentary of how native communities feel the Washington team was one of the few remaining things in popular culture and society than, even if remotely or bluntly, makes them feel part of society and or serves as a reminder, as a token for society not to forget them.

Seems like a fair reason to leave it as it was to me.

I see more damage in seeing evil where evil does not lie, and feeling that something has been achieved by it. When it absolutely accomplishes nothing for those people. It could otherwise push them more into oblivion. Better use that effort in integrating them better and fuller into society. Talk about minorities in need of support and with real margination. They would be better served by more efforts to make them more conspicuous and noticed and pushing aid efforts and infrastructure, and so much needed peer support and integration. Not bullying a team to change it's name. For crying out loud.

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Sounds fascinating. So you’ll be able to explain why some people have a propensity for talking a right load old bollocks. You’ve already given us a practical example. What’s the science behind it?

It's easy to be sarcastic when having no real counter argument.

My research field was not sexuality, and I wasn't a full time researcher, I spent some 8 plus years in the research lab as undergraduate and then some other positions, mind you this was not in the US. We did sleep research. However, this university lab is one of the biggest if not the biggest in the nation, with several branches and divisions, and buildings. So there were several researchers there doing sexuality related research. And our professors oversaw all of them. I got to sit in research meeting were research technicality and minutia were discussed and determined for all kinds of studies as well as results reports and analysis. This is where at some point policy makers sent some letters and suddenly homosexuality research was eschewed in a way or another.

My argument is simple. As humans let's respect each other, love each other. But we don't have to agree with all our practices. And we don't need to throw them at other people's faces, and or ram them to kids. Specially the most controversial ones, where the hard , unbounded science has been compromised to say the least. Like I said, you don't actively promote adultery or smoking, right? One has no scientific mark, but there is plenty of social science about it, and the other there is plenty of science. That should be the way. Not just touting as "normal" and "ok" or such without an abundance of science, both hard science and social science.

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