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Really? I am intrigued. Could you provide some link that sums up what people thought of the ending and the unresolved issues. Personally, I if think further I do feel some faintly touched side-plots and some backstories unrevealed or such, but nothing that ruins the end for me at least, every other manga/anime story I know (which is not an extraordinary amount) has those issues as well. Anyways, I'd like to know what the complaints were.

But like I said, it's the author's prerogative, so it it what it is.

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You right, I have no idea of the context you were replying to. Appreciate your calm reply.

Understood. Will not jump to conclusions next time.

And let's enjoy some of these new anime.

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How absurd. The articles make the first connection between the video games and the crimes, but ASSUMING that is the sole reason, cause or factor is beyond irresponsible and pathetic. And no, I don't like video games, haven't played one in decades. But just the reasoning and logic you show is dumfounded.

Perhaps the fact that those mentioned were all unemployed and well beyond their 30's is more telling about their character and why they recurred to violence. Surely for them the games could be an escape, but so is pachinko, mahjong, and other stuff. Also murder also occurs after road rage, couple unfaithfulness, money disputes and such, but you wouldn't blame cars, love or money for it, right? It is always the people. People are responsible. Not things. Think through things before posting.

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I also noticed the items just don't sell that much. I guess it was an over saturation of products on one side & misjudging and misunderstanding the target market and fanbase. Pretty bad merchandising, or perhaps I should say pretty rushed and poorly thought.

the poor rushed finish of the manga that left many very disappointed,

You lost me there. "Poor and rushed ending"? I have never seen or heard that complain about the manga anywhere. What do you mean? The ending does not seem rushed at all, it's one thing the author didn't want and actually couldn't drag along the manga forever as others do, so it had to end when and how the author had originally planned it to, no matter how successful it were. That's the author's prerogative. As for the disappointment, on some level it does feel disappointing, after further thought, but how many endings for manga or anime have ever been fully completely satisfying??

On a side note, am I the only one who sees a psychological and ideological correlation between how demons are and think and the left, woke people, and how the demon slayers and right, conservative people.

I don't mean to politize the story, nor do I mean to imply the author had any of that in mind. But it just fits perfectly to each side of this world political divide so well. As Tanjiro sees demons as pitiful, sad humans who couldn't overcome their hurt or obstacles or character tests and thus become irate and spiteful of anything pertaining to the establishment and societal rules and norms, looking to achieve what they were denied wrongfully or from birth, by inflicting on others the same level of treatment or wrong they complain about. While the slayers sometimes go completely berserk to eradicate the demons being blind as to their original humanity and what originally pushed them to become demons. You cannot tell me it doesn't perfectly illustrate the worldwide divide, in this initial superficial degree of course.

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Believe me, I couldn't care less about her. But I do have a question. as I understand she is vaccinated, so is she really supposed to quarantine?? Or in other words, are vaccinated people around the world still needed to quarantine?? and if so... what's the point in being vaccinated??

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Racism is wrong and not at all acceptable.

Now, after a sports failure, no matter who fails, a boy, a girl, a chinese, a black, a latino, a white, a short guy or a tall guy, etc. Everytime there will be hateful words thrown at them in the spat of the moment. I can bet it has happened to all of us. In the heat of things we have at least once hurled an insult at somebody that pertains to his persona, his self, be it weight, color, personality, size, height, voice, disability, etc. In the heat of heats of altercations. deceptions, disappointments, people will almost unconsciously recur to hurling insults that use those characteristics of the other person, because almost innately it is what is understood as going to cause the greatest pain or insult. Not saying it is excusable or permittable. Just saying it is a human reaction. It may come from deep rooted racism or just spiteful rancor or disappointment of the moment.

And anyone who would have missed those kicks and those who have missed have summited to such all kinds of abuse from one side or the other. It's not just them and it's not just racism.

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Multiple levels of government including the courts have claimed it was fair.

So, Trump and Putin are dishonest, but the courts are holy entities of honesty.

If you distrust one government apparatus, that distrust must extend to all government.

If the courts, or let's say one court, 2 courts, 3 courts, 4, 5, 6, etc.. had said "hey there's something phoney here".

Would you just oblige that there was fraud and demand for Biden to step down. Or is it just because is casually fits your desire to not see the other guy win it??

Large scale fraud calls for large scale cover up and it commands that a large scale apparatus would be in place to prevent anyone from finding the truth.

Now I am curious as to your "proof" of how dishonest Trump and Putin are. Putin is so much a better world leader that senile Biden and Trump is a proven leader.

Likewise there is proof of the Biden's dishonesty mind you.

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@Commodore Perry

The US was at the right spot in generating an providing equality of opportunity.

Now the leadership and the mass culture seems hell bent of equality of outcome and are pushing quota agendas on every position even awards like the Oscars are forcibly representing so called "minorities" in the awarding, not just the inclusion to the competition, but actually forced to pick a winner from those. And job positions are also being filled by race, gender, etc quotas. So much for putting the best qualified people period in the position.

It is the end of the US as a powerhouse. The fall will be an ugly one.

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Also notice the glaring absence (seemingly) of women commenting here. They just don't care about these jobs that much in this country. A big reason should be the conditions under which those positions have to be performed in this country. Covid has done away with the frequent company upper echelon "nomikai" and going to the hostess bars, and so on. But still not the most appealing conditions. Conditions need to change, then maybe some more women could see themselves as being part of that group of people.

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Gender gap in the workplace...

This statistic is meaningless without the counter data showing how many women actually want, aim for and actively seek a top-managerial position in Japan. And that has nothing to do with skill. They may have the skill but not the willingness or desire for a director-level job.

As do some men as well, who might have enough skill or expertise but aren't willing or don't aim for that goal. Thus inevitably some people who do not necessarily have the best skill or expertise but are willing and seek the position eventually get it.

This is more an affront to the system of things that makes it impossible or just unappealing for some people to aim for those positions, say for women wanting to be mothers as well, or men not willing to subject all of their time to the every need of the company.

If conditions changed, how many women would be willing and desiring for such positions, and against that how many women actually get those jobs.

Those should be the statistics that matter.

Now onto the gap itself, it's not a problem or a bad thing per se that there is a gap, and that should be carefully thought and acknowledged as well. Men and women are different, and different jobs in different companies and fields call for different skill sets and abilities, even at same level positions across different industries.

For example, in high paying jobs, although not flashy as a "director-level" position, but there is deep sea fishermen, or high rise construction workers, oil rig workers and even less glamorous (and less pay) firefighters, etc... what is the percentage of women there?? do we want or care for that gap to be closed??

Just because there is a gap doesn't mean it needs or wants to be filled, we should be smarter than this.

If woman is skilled and willing and seeks a high level position she should be able to apply and afforded every same opportunity to be evaluated and considered and eventually granted the position provided she covers the requirements, period. And conditions (child care, guaranteed rest days and controlled overtime, etc) should be in place for ANYONE wanting to do so to be able to apply. THAT is what matters. Not an isolated statistic that doesn't say a meaningful thing.

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Where are all the peddlers of the idea that we need lockdowns (and masks even)? where are all the fear mongers that were NOT against closures and economic shutdown? where are all the cowardly impotent people who prefer to corner in fear of a virus less deadly than the flu, with lower (current) odds of dying that car accidents, second\hand smoking or just your everyday cancer, a virus from which 99.9997% of healthy people recover on their own, a virus which a healthy immune system dispenses like is nothing?? These people have been manipulated and handled better that sheep would and just to the benefit of the same upper echelon of always. The eyes cover is never coming off.

I have no sympathy for any of them.

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Another setback for transgender rights. I've said this elsewhere. Being intersex is "normal". About 1% of the population is estimated to be (that includes trans men, women and non-binary). The fact that their existence and their right to be treated like humans are still contested only shows how long of a way we have to go.

Some of the trans people I know have transitioned in a way that it's hard to tell they are transgender. Some haven't, some don't want to. Either way, it's nobody's business to ask what's in their pants. You wouldn't do that to a cis gender person.

Where do you get your figures. I had found a figure of only 0.07% of the world's population with gender dysphoria.

For arguments sake let's say at 1% or even at 0.07%, it doesn' t matter because they surely need to be treated humanely and politely and decently. No question about it.

The questions is, however, how to afford them what they need without encroaching in the other 99% or more people's sphere or without alienating them! The fact of the matter is why would 99% of people need to accommodate for the 1%, not that they don't need to respect them, and not that the 1% needs to conform to what the 99% says either! But certainly likewise the 99% shouldn't have to conform to what the 1% want either.

In other words, a solution viable for both needs to be worked out.

In the cases you mention they clearly "transitioned" to being a man or woman, so that's the END of it. THEY are MAN or WOMEN, they are NOT trans anymore. And they should go on living their lives as MAN or WOMAN. And that's it. But in cases like the one in the article, a guy says he identifies as a woman, but HAS NOT transitioned!! Still has his male genitalia but only uses women clothes... certainly you have to see in those cases it creates a conflict and an encroachment in the other 99% liberties and "emotionally safe" environment, etc. And the 99% shouldn't just out of the blue be forced to accommodate this person, LITERALY a man in women's clothes in the ladies toilet or a man in women's clothes in the men's toilet. AND if he were actually a WOMAN, she should understand the feeling of having a man in your toilet. Just as it is unfair to expect this 1% to conform to what the 99% would say, it is unfair, perhaps even more so, to have the 99% accommodate as per the whishes and even whims of the 1%. (Again, for a FULLY transitioned person with gender dysphoria, the story is simpler, they are now MAN or WOMAN, that's the end of it. The issue arises for people who don't physically transition, or those without the actual gender dysphoria body and diagnostic but that psychological issues moves them to want to switch, those pose a challenge for society that needs to be worked out on middle grounds) That's why a middle ground was searched for in this case, determining certain toilets for him to use. I think is pretty reasonable for his/her situation. The 99% doesn't need to fully accommodate to his condition, and him/her is not completely shun out or left out of the workplace. If you think about it it happens the same to every other minority, wheelchairs, blind people, even kids, they have special toilets and special accesses, as needed, so the 99% don' t need to all use access ramps or canes or guiding aids or small toilets, they still have their stairs, their quick roads and proper sized toilets. That is the way to aim for. Not to just ram things.

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** Correction. 15 rockets = 15,000 rockets

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Why does every one commenting here take a partial stance or pick a side??? What do you personally gain? What's at stake for YOU? You think is a battle of good versus evil with a clear good side and evil side? don' answer, I know some clearly think so. What I what to get at is, there are humans on both sides of the conflict and it is a long one. Break the conflict to its simplest core, and it is: Israel wants to exist where the UN and treaties granted it land, the Palestinians don't want them there and would prefer to have the Jews eradicated rather than coexist.

Israel has no ill will towards any Arab state to start any aggression other that retaliate received aggressions. The other side on the contrary is hell bent on ridding the world of the Jews. You tell me which side is evil.

Now as I said above there are humans on either side, real humans being hurdled around and shepherded around as human shields and material for propagandistic causes.

Hamas amassing 15 rockets with a purely aggression objective should be enough to know where the impasse lies in this conflict. Arab world will never tolerate a Jew State. Period. No matter how much Jews want to coexist.

What do you suggest other that sharing your vitriol??

Want to exterminate the Jews as well. Very humane of you. Want to save the good Palestinians the suffering?? Get the world rid of Hamas and Hezbollah and let peaceful Arabs be peaceful Arabs!!

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@girl_in_tokyoMay 11  08:14 pm JST

ChikatiloToday 07:19 pm JST

There are magazines in every convenience store that expose TV personalities and athletes showing more that they would intentionally intend... why are those OK but his are not??

Because they did not consent.

Consent means they get to decide how their image is used.

No consent = sexual harassment.

That's why.

Every time you comment directly to me, you seem to miss the point.

The magazines I am talking about are not the ones of gravure, where the models chose and appear intently in sexy outfits and poses.

I mean the magazines where stills from TV shows and the like show TV announcers, "talentos", sportswomen and the like in unintentionally revealing candid situations or poses, from the daily TV shows.

That is exactly the same as what he was doing. Except the fact the magazines obviously get the publishing rights from the owners of the TV shows. But not him.

That's all his REAL crime. He is also lewd and perhaps a pervert. But that is not in itself a crime. Not that I defend him for it, anyway.

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I still fail to understand why is this crime, and not a civil issue. Also how can he fail to report his income? He gets paid by the company, thus the company fails to report his payment would be the correct understanding, wouldn't it? Or is the assumption that he chose his pay himself and he paid himself as CEO?? He signed his own payment checks?? If the company signed those checks... the company is at fault, isn't that the logical presumption. What am I missing here? Why all the fuss? He didn't report his full income... he didn't pay taxes? is that the implication? I guess I don't understand the pay system to a CEO....

Nissan officials have testified they sought Ghosn's arrest out of concern Renault, which owns 44% of Nissan, would gain stronger domination of the company.

This is crazy!! So they confessed to witch-hunting and sacrificing Ghosn??!! So why is there still a trial??

This is so bizarre.

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There are magazines in every convenience store that expose TV personalities and athletes showing more that they would intentionally intend... why are those OK but his are not??

Anyway, to the guy crying to the sky what if it was our daughters... the difference is he DID NOT take the pictures, the pictures are from mass media, he just commented on the attributes in display on such pictures. If our daughters chose public lifestyle, their pictures would be all over the place as well, and it would be impossible to control what men think, say or write about them. Let alone make it all a criminal offense. That doesn't mean I would agree with all that would be said about them. But hey, even you have to admit to vocalizing admiration to the physical attributes of a public female performer of any kind.

Not that it is a good thing what he did, perhaps posting the pictures without permission (not from the person in it, but from the owner of such media) IS the real crime, the "harassment" issue is just fodder.

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Again with the vitriol and condemnation. Surely what she did is heinous. Makes you wonder what was going through her head.

But just dismissing her as crazy, or evil is too simplistic and in itself arrogant and vile too, specially if you have never had kids, it's a blessing, or an unending battle depending on the attitude and the environment.

She gave birth to her, so at least for an instant she thought she could make, otherwise she could have had aborted. The questions are too many in all the cases being reported daily. And society should bear the blunt of answering them. Japanese mothers still bear a huge burden where males still do next to nothing to help at home or child rearing. And in Japan there is ZERO guidance for post-partum depression to mothers, let alone to husbands or relatives.

In every case, questions like, was she a single mother?|where was the father? where were the grandparents? did she ever voice her struggles, troubles, depressions, etc?

A woman's world can literally go upside down 180 degree switch with motherhood. Not everybody is ready. Pregnancy prevention is the easiest solution. The correct solution should be education about parenting and motherhood and women psychology as relates to physiological changes of pregnancy and motherhood.

Spread these messages and not your vitriol that helps nothing nor makes the world any better. Just shut up.

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A great deal of the commenters here also demonstrate the lower depths of human character and ill will, as I see it.

Surely this "professor" has several issues to deal with before he can be respected as a professor ever again.

However people comment pretending to be in higher moral grounds all the while recurring to name calling, quasi insults, and personal attacks, mocking, ridiculing, etc. Not exactly the characteristics of expressions of somebody wiser, and with higher morality or ethics, in my humble estimation.

On to the issue,


This line is repeated every single day in every need outlet. This assertion based on fuzzy it suppossed to make me feel safer?

In Japan people on the 19~39 years of age (209,561 people) show a recovery rate from Covid is 99.9896% (the percentage decreases a little to 99.9664% if the 40 to 49 age percentile is included), and those that recover do so mostly without any additional care. The 0.0104% (22 people) deaths are all of people with other ailments or weaknesses that complicated the recovery and aggravated their condition.

So if you are in that age percentile, and you are overall healthy, congratulations most likely you WILL survive. Just probability wise speaking, your chances of dying in a car crash or from influenza are higher.

@KniknaknokkaerToday  10:41 am JST

What you mean this moronic government is advised by morons? Shocker!

Well, It happens everywhere, just look at Biden (maybe not so much regarding Covid, but look at that South border, what a mess....) and Fauci (how many times has he been congruent? or respected his own advise? or denounced governments or people not following them??), yikes!

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Why do societies feel the need to pander to minorities.

Minorites are minorities for a reason. Majorities should not have to accommodate their mindset just for every other minority. Now, that is not to say to be rude, crude, impolite, offensive, or intolerant. The superlative, imperative rule of humankind should be to be KIND to one another irrelevant of anything. How we treat each other should be separated from what we actually look like or are. This would avoid so much if not all troubles and hatred in the world.

If there is another human being, be nice, period. That's all.

Some people here parrot about how gender and identity have a spectrum. It may be so in the psychology of the mind. And indeed some people we actually being proven some 20 years ago to be born affected by mothers hormones "leaking" to the fetus as the most likely cause of one gender in the wrong body, but unfortunately that actual science stopped when political correctness became the rule. Also unfortunately this blanketed to all people whose issue stems only from a psychological ground., which research has also stopped.

THESE stopping of science and research IS WHAT actually hurts these minorities and humankind as a whole.

We think "understanding" them means believing gender is a concept that is fluid and open to choose and pick, or worse.

We are all born one way, be it a minority or majority trait, we can believe, feel and wish we were a different way. That's fine. And to a degree we can indulge each other in respecting the "psychological" concept each has of its own. But confusing little kids with such complications is nonsense and abuse. The issues should be dealt fact--the-matterly, if a kid of one gender wants to wear other genders clothes, mindful investigation should go as to why, and nit just blindly agree to it for everything, no one would send the kid naked, or on his parent suit and necktie just because the kid wants it. The mindful, and even if necessary professional investigation should reveal if it is just curiosity, stems from abuse or something somebody said or did, or something the kid was exposed to (internet has a lot of crap), or a deep feeling of not belonging. For all we know a kid may just be curious, or be bullied by a parent "you're such a .... why don't you wear the other genders clothes?!", or subject to extreme material, or even manipulation by someone (wear this and ...). Kids minds are so susceptible and malleable. That is why all they should care about is being nice. But more than that the government and medical institutions should be worried as to whether the kid in that situation is actually okay.

THAT is firstly more important. WHY at such a young age it would go to that extreme?

As for the acceptance in adult society, the psychological issues are complex and all-staining. Each is born in way and it cannot be helped. The psyche might want to have been different. As a foreign national, I am a member of a minority in Japan, as most here, I would suppose, and I like it that way, if my minority became the majority it would be like being in my home country! It's okay for the world to be different ways in different places!! Why you want all the world to be the same(as I said above the only main rule should be or IS to be NICE & KIND to one another, after that every society can determine its own standards and rules)??

And people cannot "will" themselves out of minority to the majority and viceversa, I am not Japanese, don't look Japanese and was not born, no matter how hard or hell bent I am I cannot ever be part of the majority here, and that is fine(I would get naturalized, sure, but that is just a formality, I could be legally Japanese, but I am still not "actually" Japanese). Some people go to the extremes to change their sex and even race (maybe Michael Jackson...) but it just a broken psyche. Few some are really trapped in the body of a different gender, but as sad and pitiful their situation is, and as much kindness and compassion we need to show them, their situation cannot be helped..., just as Down Syndrome people, and so many others like hermaphrodites. That in no way means an excuse for bigotry or hatred or discrimination. But it means there are REAL things, and real physical constraints and real sad irrevocable things. BUT also on the other hand, there are psychological complex broken identities and minds, and those are NOT THE SAME (you know there are full grown adult people in the world who claim to be a child of the opposite sex and sometimes even a different race in the world??). We should be kind to all. But that does not mean pander to them or accommodate their agendas in our kinders and schools. That is not the place not the way to be taught and dealt with. Minorities are minorities for a reason. Mental problems, psychological stemming issues are real and should be dealt with, NOT pander to and touted. On the other hand people with issues stemming from physiology (the body they were born with) should be dealt with with compassion and kindness.

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These forums have become slugfests of who can give out the most crap out in to the world.

YOU are part-takers on the decline and decadence of this world. Or do you actually think your pandering, name calling, bigotry, biased blanket judgement towards large groups of people (be them blue, red, white, yellow or black) makes you any better than the people you try to decry by them. HOW self ignorant and SELF servicing are you?? Just trying to strike and keep a pose so be self righteous. Lame. Actually trying to make a difference would have you FIRST trying to understand your fellow human being, because whatever belief, credence or idiocy they have is so because of their history, background, baggage and conditioning done by them or onto them by institutions and a bunch of other most likely egoistic and nihilistic people. I order to be understood seek first to understand deeply.

Secondly, so many Trump haters just waiting and opportunity to throw his name to trash it.

Like the first one today:

@Toasted HereticToday 07:09 am JST

45 has a lot to answer for. As do his followers who swallowed his bigotry and lies.

What irresponsible, dereliction it shows.

Where exactly so you get your information? You certainly got all that from CNN, MSNBC and co. Right?

Ever saw one of his early year interviews (when he first became a tycoon) and the subsequent ones, he has been such a consistent person in his views, principles and values. You say he is racist, but you don't even know what racism is anymore. If so Biden is 10 times more racist, just watch some of his selected clips, where he clearly goes more overboard than Trump, and more importantly Biden is talking seriously and candidly, not like Trump who uses hyperbole to make a point ("Mexicans crossing the border are criminals, rapists and murderers" he said... of course not all of them are, but to stress the point that what matters IS that those people are crossing freely as well!!), if you ARE actually American living in a border town... What do you prefer, that your President emphasizes and correctly highlights the fact that criminals enter your community, or that he stays politically correct to protect the swaths of illegals entering your community. "Come on, man!" to quote your Biden.

If you can't see the difference, there is no hope for you.

Biden is far worse that Trump, otherwise why they keep him away of the press and mics?? Blunder machine. 

None of us should care about colors of skin, of creed, or political affiliation, JUST about our character, our suffering, our humanness, our internal experience NOT dominating our judgement of the outside world and our merits of transforming the crap in the world into something better. To the degree in which we do that instead of pouring more crap into the world should be our measuring stick.

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Are you targeting me moderator? again I ask, what is wrong with my comment that is not wrong with any other comment here??

Say Mr. @Seth M's comment.. nothing to do with the article really, is it? and is is full of hatred and bigotry. so??

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@ Nator

It's also incredibly violent for a show that seems to be highly popular with preschoolers. Having to explain what a Brothel is to a 5 year old seems like it wouldn't be an issue for the parents who are happy to let their 5 year old watch people having their heads sliced into bloody cubes

I agree, young preschoolers shouldn't be watching this.

However, actually the rating is for kids over 15 years old, if I remember correctly (for the movie). The TV anime may actually have had an Adult only rating, since its original run was exclusively in midnight (between 1AM and 3 AM) slots all over Japan.

Kids only were able to see it because of 3 things:

1) Being stuck at home due to Covid school lockdowns,

2) Streaming services like Netflix, UNext, etc carrying the anime for free, and also being mostly available in YouTube, and finally

3) Parents not controlling what their young kids watch.

By the time I realized my preschool and elementary school kids were watching some of it in YouTube and took time to see it myself, it took some effort to completely remove it so they would have no access to it any more. By that time mostly all their friends had watched it. So very bad parenting is involved. But also

over accessible streaming services, and a pointless lookdown of schools.

The only female character seemed to be a girl who was kept in a box and kept gagged... which I can only assume must be a clever comment on the role of women in japan or something.

Give us a break, and spare us of your PC crap. Firstly, this is the case for the first episodes, but other types of female characters do appear. Secondly, JUST because the character you saw is in that condition doesn't make -her irrelevant or unimportant or non-protagonist, if anything IT'S the contrary. I actually went on and watched the whole thing and the movie. Her characterization and her importance are at a level never seen in Japanese anime, I would argue.

SHE IS the story, period. Thirdly, even though the above is true, that doesn't mean every single female character

should be heroic nor that every anime should have a balanced number of female and males, this looking to serve equality cold in everything is unnecessary. You do realize there are always several ALL girl animes as well, right. Let us judge a story for its story. Nothing else. Forthly, this is Japan, spare us your Western viewpoints. If you don't like JP way, leave and go back to your preferred society.

Fifthly, do watch something entirely before commenting is a good old fashioned, advice.

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Science. And what exactly do you think is science, exactly?(Don't need to answer this question, its juts rhetoric). You are giving it such a high regard as if it is the voice of god. But it is far from so. Science first and foremost is a human effort. And as such is subject to all of humans errors and biases. Yes, just as religion is. There is corruption (lots of money involved in research) , there are agendas, there are politics involved, and lots of money in businesses and markets affected by it.

Second as a human effort science has a strict set of rules and methods that strive to make it reliable and repeatable. Which are the two basics of scientific proof: can some hypothesis be proofed, and such proof be found reliable and repeatable over time and even place? That is the utmost science. The pinnacle. But of course this entails many things. Social science and psychology are NOT hard sciences.

I remember when I was a young researcher at my Psychology lab and used to get assignments to read scientific magazines and papers, do you know that there were several well documented scientific tests proving how womb interactions of hormones could alter the fetus brain to respond differently and thus perhaps create the effect of a gender trapped inside another genders body?? and yet suddenly, because of politics, this type of researched became impolitically correct(a memo from the government agency was distributed stopping all these researches). So politics influenced science to further some agenda.

Transgender is not another gender, is a state between two genders. It is a difficult situation, and surely they need to have their own identity, not as transgender, but as they seem happy to identify with either gender. And they should be helped, encouraged and blessed to do that.

That doesn't mean gender for the rest of us is a petty thing that is fluctuant and free flowing. Certainly as 2 genders of the species, characteristics are shared (there's the science you are talking about) and some may have more of the other. So deep understanding of this is what needed, some men may have a little more dominant feminine traits, and vice versa, and they should be understood as such and valued as such. There is a full spectrum. However, it does not prevent or negate the fact that there a only 2 clearly opposite genders.

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Posted in: A mister no more: Mr Potato Head goes gender neutral See in context

It's one thing to be polite, kind, humane, nice and decent to all sorts of people, without making distinction, that is without discriminating any particular trait, or characteristic over other. Treat everyone with the same default deference, respect and kindness. Which is what we all should strive for and what should be taught to everyone, child or not, and to be expected of all of us.

It's a very different thing to promote abnormalities, irregularities and outright sins (to some people). Specially sex lifestyles and preferences, which are private matters. It's not that we hate people with different sex lifestyles, it's that it should irrelevant to the way we treat each other. Just as different ideologies, beliefs, philosophies and ideas.

But just as well, just because some politicians some time ago decided it is not abnormal, it doesn't make it normal

Nature shows the way, and if you believe in the creator, you know there is no case for it being an acceptable practice in his eyes.

But even if not adhering to those standards, it is important to keep things apart, Make sure everyone is treated fairly includes treating fairly those who do not accept or agree with such practices, which in the world is still the majority. And not actively promote things to confuse young minds. This is preposterous.

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Posted in: Capitol defenders blame bad intelligence for deadly breach See in context


When he left the oval office.

Perhaps I understand the word wrongly, but I see no contradiction in conceding that you lost, while still believing it was not a fair win for the other side, but you concede for several reasons, impossibility to continue attempts to change the result, preferring to do something else instead with your life or simple for peace. In this sense conceding means "you stop making attempts to have the result overturned". That doesn't eliminate the doubt in your mind that the result was not honest.

Like I said in response to Lazarus, in my country elections have been stolen several times. It DOES happen.

Just like Hillary, she conceded, but she still believes her election was stolen. Or do you think she thinks Trump beat her fair and square after all the times she claimed it was stolen??

Also look at what you have now instead in the WH, really? Give me a break. Good luck with all the criminals an ilegals going from my fellow countries in to yours soon. Make them feel at home, okay?

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Posted in: Capitol defenders blame bad intelligence for deadly breach See in context

@Lazarus Knows

First, you know I meant the attackers do not represent the BULK of Trump supporters. You would specially if you had ever even had the decency of attending one just you know, to be fair.

So your reply is out of point. But still believing the election was stolen is not per se a wrong thing. In my country elections are stolen all the time, it does happen, YOU KNOW. Hillary, although she conceded, certainly still claims her election was stolen, even Biden used to call Trump illegitimate president. So your point it moot.

Besides, have you seen your senile leader recently? really seen him? did 80M people actually vote for that gaffe machine that in all his campaigning not once even advocate for any of his accomplishments as a 40 year politician? Why? because there a none relevant! Talk about delusions.

And then you just go full falsehood. "Attempted coup" Come on, man. Nobody can seriously believe that, except maybe some delusional extremist taking part on the attack that day. But there is no way that was an attempted coup, there was never any real possibility of seizing governmental powers, specially since there was no military involved.

And please re-read my original post. The attack serves and served Trump no service or purpose and contradicts everything he stands for as individual and/or stood for as President.

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Posted in: Capitol defenders blame bad intelligence for deadly breach See in context

@PTownsend and others...

Have you actually listened to the hole Trump speech uncut?

Have you actually checked the times the speech finished and the chaos unfolded in the building?

Have you seen the impossible logistics of any actual people present at the speech to be part of the Capitol storming?

Are you honest enough to accept how clear as water is that the words Trump used are no different and in many ways less incendiary than those of dozens of democrat politicians and even personalities, some of actually, expressly asked for some kind of violence against Republicans or Trump's supporters, or even Trump? (video compilation was shown in the impeachment trial and several ones abound online)

Are you honest enough to accept that his claims of a stolen election, although unyielding as it was, was countered by his clear-cut answers that he would concede and allow a peaceful transition of power. Amidst his claims he always said it would all be done through the legal channels and if it didn't work, then he would concede.

Considering the above can you deal with the fact that there's no logic nor motive to actually incite a riot or anything else. It serves him nor anything he stood for during his presidency (the Constitution, the Police, the Democracy) to have that kind of attack happen. If anything it is counterproducing. It is logic and obvious. It is that simple. If anything it has been a TOOL to further put him down in public and smear him. Not a very smart political move. So there is NO pretense whatsoever to begin to think it was his "reponsibility".

It light of all of it, there's one more thing to consider, citing an example from speaker Pelosi as a D. Senator several years ago(sorry for not remembering the date), the video is also online so check it, so Democrat politician had said some incendiary words that actually asked for violence against republicans, and lo and behold a crazy left guy shot dead a republican and even cited the politicians word in court. Pelosi ferociously defended the politician saying something of the like "the shooting and the speech are two separate things. One person cannot be guilty of a shooting perpetrated by another free thinking individual. Those were not orders but figures of speech. People select which words to listen."

So there you have it. That logic fits perfectly well the Capitol attack. Given the facts that: Trump did say as well to peacefully show their support in that same speech, that the people present there DID not participate in the attack as the time and location made it impossible, and finally since the attack itself serves him not his beliefs and policies any purpose, the speech and the attack are 2 completely unrelated things.

Right wing extremist did participate, perhaps very well organized and lead it. Also other groups also participated and perhaps had their own agendas. Be it in less percentage as it may. Still, it DOES NOT in any way represent the BULK of those who support Trump.

Those who support them understand the facts outlined above and denounce the attack and want to see all those who perpetrated it and organized tried and convicted. But all the while understanding very well it has nothing to with Trump.

Therefore in light of all of the above, if you are honest critical thinkers, you can see the attack and its perpetrators right, left and in-between, and the speech and Mr. Trump are 2 separate, clearly unrelated events and situations. Enough.

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Posted in: How a 22-year-old woman helped bring down Mori See in context


Thank you.

But I can say the same to you about you closing your eyes.

Don' you see the arrogance of telling other people what they should want for their lives, futures and their kids futures. You say "the modern world" as if it is the pinnacle all people should aspire to. There are good things sure, but also very concerning ones. But even so,

every people has the right to self determination and to be respected as that. Speaking from holier that you attitudes to the people of other lands because their worldviews don't fit yours is mere arrogance, narcissisms and leads to cruelty.

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Posted in: How a 22-year-old woman helped bring down Mori See in context

@girl_in_tokyoToday  12:25 pm JST

...women are systematically oppressed and continually told their voices are unimportant..

I read your words there and all I see is hyperbole and platitudes. Sure, there are men who oppressed women, somewhere in the world, quite possibly some middle east or African countries. And in different levels and degrees in all societies. But "systematically oppressed and continually told their voices are unimportant"...

I give it to you that might actually believe that and see that, and you wouldn't believe men are oppressed (I didn't say "systematically") because you are not a man,

but what I try to get at is, life IS not ONE objectively perceivable life, life is DECIPHERED and PERCEIVED through our inner LENSES of experience, values and beliefs. There very well are consensus of course, but still few 100% items where all humanity would see the same thing. Perhaps a blue sky is a blue sky everywhere, I suppose.

But that banter of "systematic oppression" when? and where? according to whom? and what proof? and how relevant to this conversation(depending of the answer to when and where)?

Finally you really take the extrapolation to fit your logic and propel your agenda very nicely there, surmising the people I know and what they think about me.

In all honesty I don't know you and don't you what ever happened to you that made you hate the world so much.

I talk to you in response you what you write and don't assume anything. That is the key of critical thinking.

You don't think critically because you excuse yourself from it by formulating a quick fix judgement in your head of who I am and all around me, thus exculpating yourself from considering the reality that not all women want what you think is right for them. Not all people hate their world, you know. Perhaps start there to expand your horizons and imagine me and the women in my life leading happy, simple lives where we are content and find joy in plowing ahead for improvement while cheerishing what makes the current state of things great.

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