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JR is the pits! After waiting from 2:40, I got what must have been the last train from Funabashi headed east, at around 3:10 p.m. yesterday, waited an hour on the snowy platform at Chiba, got on the Sobu Honsen, got as far as Yotsukaido and was stuck there on the train all night and far into today. It took TWENTY FOUR HOURS to get from Funabashi to Yachimata (normally not much more than an hour or so). Around 1:30 a.m. the Funabashi JR staff gave everyone a McDonald's burger (smallest size, cold) and a McD coffee. Oh, and they refunded my 740 yen when I finally got to Yachimata this afternoon and got to the front of the lengthy line of disgruntled passengers. I was not pleased. Combination of iced-up points and trees and bamboo broken by the snow and falling all over the wiring and tracks from Yotsukaido eastward. JR hasn't been trimming the brush along the tracks, duh.

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Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Green Tea Kit Kats are usually available at Narita airport, on the 4th floor of Terminal 1 (shopping center, north side, before passport control). And, yes, they're delicious. Kit Kats in many other flavors are also in stock there.

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Don't get hysterical - it's historical!

Men with umbrellas/parasols and makeup and shaved eyebrows are nothing new in Japan - those fashions started with Heian-era aristocrats.

Fot tough-guy versions, check out the Kabuki plays Sukeroku and Shiranami Gonin Otoko. Nothing wimpy about them!

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Right, you are, Thunderbird2.

Origami USA's been holding conventions for many years (from the early 1980s on I've attended, and taught at, several of them - great fun!)

Elsewhere, a couple of other examples of origami in the west:

Paperfolding has been popular in Spain for centuries. And, more recently, even back in the 1950s in Canada, kids all knew how to make newspaper hats, fortune-tellers, and other simple items.

It's interesting that so many of today's folders have become purists (no cutting), when the first known origami instruction book (Senbazuru Orikata) contains mostly instructions for items that require cutting. Times have changed!

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to edojin:

No need to have access to Costco outlets or be a Costco member for their cheese or other goodies - Yoyo Market and Flying Pig can get Costco products for you and deliver them to your door here in Japan. Yoyo is a bit cheaper delivery-wise -product prices are similar.

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"Palette" is for paint. "Palate" relates to taste.

Only in Mie-ken? Hurray! I'm safe here in Kanto!

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Confusion of "lay" and "lie" Bob Dylan got it wrong ("Lay, Lady, Lay") and millions of other people do, too. Grrr!

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Platform gates would not have prevented this suicide. The article says she was hit by a train "at a crossing".

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You DON'T live in an all-denka house. If you have a wood stove you don't have all-electric, you simply have mostly electric.

Actually, the house was built as all-electric. The wood stove and chimney and fireproof wall were added later as backup for use during power outages/extreme cold. It's definitely all-electric in the summer!

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All denka houses cannot use other heat sources because they will become CO2/CO deathtraps.

Not at all true.

I live in an all-electric house, with a wood stove - the wood stove has a chimney - the products of combustion go out through the chimney. And I can cook and keep warm even when the power's out.

No gas needed.

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No need to wait until October first.

There's already free wi-fi service right next to Tokyo Station - for ANYONE.

There's a corporate (insurance company?) public space - a large and quiet room with chairs and tables and a drink machine and TV news and wi-fi - free - for anyone to use, in the basement corridor that connects Tokyo station to the Oazo Building. (Marunouchi side, north end of Tokyo Station)

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