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Posted in: Japan to invest $42 bil in India to strengthen economic ties See in context

Corrupt country it will all go to curry oligarchs. Jp govt. are suckers. Also the Indians are not even supporting Ukraine, what a selfish heartless country. Stop wasting my tax dollars.

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Posted in: Relatives of Sri Lankan detainee who died at immigration center to sue gov't See in context

Yes do it. Unfortunately if they even win at all they will pay only some small measly amount. The main problem needs to be addressed! There is no accountability or reforms in the immigration facilities, so this type of abuse will continue hidden.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan should pursue cooperation: Moon See in context

Why do they keep bringing up this remorse apology stuff. It’s done all those criminals are in hell. You don’t see the USA keep being crybabies asking apologies from Japan or Germany and they sacrificed and suffered a lot more!

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Posted in: Japan, China spar over diplomat's detention in Beijing See in context

Wimp Jp its a violation of international law. All they do is ask for an apology and promise! Send a China diplomat back home show your anger!

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Posted in: Japan urges nationals to leave Ukraine See in context

Reminds of when JDSF went all the way to Afghan and brought only one Japanese person back. The was a ticket costing millions of $ they’ll do it again stupid. ISLAMABAD – Hiromi Yasui, a Kabul-based Kyodo News string correspondent, became the only Japanese national to be evacuated on a Self Defense Forces plane from Afghanistan.

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Posted in: Mizuho Bank suffers another ATM system failure See in context

Im a network architect for a telecom. this is very unusual to have continuous problems in their network over identical type outages. The problem would have been identified and rectified in the first occurrence. Perhaps they are being hacked and don’t want to reveal it. They have never declared the true reason for these outages.

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Posted in: Wüst makes history with 6th Olympic speedskating gold; silver for Takagi See in context

Takagi acted like she didn’t win anything and talked like she was a loser. All those years and sacrifice she couldn’t express any joy on the world stage. So sad probably her last.

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Posted in: Hayashi points to U.S. forces over COVID surge in parts of Japan See in context

So what about the the Japanese that are not vaccinated! Did he point a finger at them yet?

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Posted in: Hayashi points to U.S. forces over COVID surge in parts of Japan See in context

Blahblahblah. It was going to happen anyway. They were all vaccinated US militariy required it or get discharged.

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Posted in: Russia deploys missiles near Pacific islands claimed by Japan See in context

JP have given many billions in aid to Russia. What do they get in return? a bloody shaft in the rear! Japanese will never learn same as Taliban trying to coax them we will be nice to you for a couple billion!

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Posted in: Abe becomes head of largest faction in Japan's ruling party See in context

Someone gotta use up the Abenomasku waste!

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Posted in: Family of dead Sri Lankan files criminal complaint against officials See in context

Hope for the best but, even if found guilty they usually give out Suspended sentences with a low fine probably less than million yen! Sad but true the judicial system is a joke.

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Posted in: Kishida fills ruling party key posts with Abe allies See in context

These PM losers all smell the same. Like dead stinking fish! Next!

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Posted in: Suga to resign; says he couldn't run for reelection and handle virus response See in context

Weak weak weak. Why can’t anyone man up just giving up. Maybe a woman up is needed!

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Posted in: Japan probes two deaths after jabs from tainted Moderna batch See in context

Not sure they can get the payout. Do they have to prove vaccine at fault is my question. Look it up

However, some who fear that the prevention might be worse than the disease may be swayed by a recent report that the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare will award a lump sum of 44,200,000 yen to the surviving family of any person who dies as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine and even cover funeral costs up to 209,000 yen.

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID-19 adviser criticizes Bach's revisit to Tokyo See in context

Whats the problem with Bach, its his job! Has he spread the virus? The Top covid advisor first should do his job get the vaccines into the peoples bodies. Im still waiting no supply says my ward. Total incompetence on him!

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Posted in: Japanese woman freed from Chinese prison after serving 6-year sentence See in context

screw this commie country don’t ever go there because there is no human rights. They don’t deserve to host the Olympics they only do it to win and look superior. Here’s an example of their lying schemes.

CNN)US Customs and Border Protection officers in Memphis, Tennessee, have seized thousands of fake Covid-19 vaccination cards so far this year.

"Every night" officers are seizing shipments from Shenzhen, China, headed to New Orleans, Louisiana, containing dozens of blank counterfeit vaccination cards, CBP said in a press release Friday.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,989 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 18,822 See in context

Excerpt from Yomiuri news! Read the last sentence....Unbelievable "Not Ready" excuse!

Ambulances increasingly have difficulty finding hospitals for COVID-19 patients in Japan

1:38 pm, August 12, 2021

The Yomiuri Shimbun An increasing number of ambulances are having difficulty finding hospitals accepting COVID-19 patients in need of emergency treatment, with such incidents reaching nearly 2,900 in one week, according to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency.

The agency said 2,897 incidents across 52 fire department headquarters nationwide occurred during the week of Aug. 2-8.

With coronavirus infections surging, the figure reached its second-highest amount. A total of 3,317 incidents were reported from Jan. 11-17 during the peak of the third wave of the pandemic.

“Hospitals are refusing a growing number of patients as they are not ready to accept them,” said an agency official.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,989 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 18,822 See in context

Why don't they ever give out vaccinated and unvaccinated statistics in the infection rate. All the major outlets that I have checked don't report this data. Are they trying to hide the embarassing low numbers of vaccinated?

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Posted in: 7,943 taken to hospital to be treated for heatstroke from Aug 2-8 See in context

Wow they take thousands and thousands of heatstroke victims, but will not lift a hand for corona patients! They only want no risk easy money and don't really care about helping dying people!

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Posted in: Gov't policy to only hospitalize critical COVID patients draws flak See in context

Having experienced first hand the hospital rejection of my son with breathing problems worsened by the covid infection is not a small thing. After 3days search 6 hospitals rejected we found a hospital with heart. Their main excuse we don’t have the equipment to take care of covid patients. Unbelievable! Not only my son his grandpa grandma three family friends experienced total rejection with the same excuse . They only want easy work and easy money. This government and hospital system is a joke.

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Posted in: Japan expands virus state of emergency, restrictions to more prefectures See in context

Continuing on recent post my son is infected. So i did a PCR test from the Suginamiku hokenjyo today and it came out negative I asked is the vaccine available they said yes. Can I get it right now? No they said i have to wait two weeks. I said you just tested me negative in two weeks I might become infected. No rules are rules. Well I said it doesn’t make sense it’s stupid. Sorry they said come back in two weeks to test again! So frustrating!

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Posted in: Japan expands virus state of emergency, restrictions to more prefectures See in context

I mentioned previously the other day my son who contracted the virus got rejected by 3 hospitals. Well the next day his grandpa who he was staying with also got feverish and started having breathing problems. So called the ambulance who took him to 4 hospitals in Chiba and they all rejected him. The ambulance administered oxygen for couple hours was the only recourse. Some friends also infected recently experienced the same thing in Nerima Tokyo. Unbelievable worst than a 3rd world country.! Goodluck getting treatment!

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Posted in: Kono says gov't trying to reach young adults to combat vaccine misinformation See in context

This inept politician is out of touch with reality. He’s just propping himself up to be the next PM. In reality I’ve been trying to get vaccinated at the SDF Tokyo. You can only get a slot if your lucky through random online application once a week for 5min chance. I spoke to SDF person she said only 2000 slots allotted she admitted it was a stupid system and apologized. Told her its not her fault. How are millions getting vaccinated? Total lie!

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Posted in: Tokyo governor urges young people to get vaccinated to slow virus surge See in context

I really want to curse Govt. politicians are a joke! They don’t know whats goin on. I’ve tried for 4weeks in a row to reserve vaccination at the SDF center all fail its not first come first serve. It’s like a lottery and filled in 5min for 2000 slots only unbelievable !! I can’t get through my kuyakcho for another two months. Dumb!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record 2,848 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,629 See in context

My 10yr old son had a high fever today so we brought him to a hospital in Chiba. They rejected to see him. We went to two other hospitals and got rejected too. Disgusting hospital behavior why? Fear? they just want the easy money with no risk. We escalated to city office and tomorrow he will get checked and tested at their facility. So disappointed in Japan this happens all the time!

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Posted in: Olympic broadcasters curb sexual images of female athletes See in context

The Olympics started in Greece!, back then the type of clothing was not optional. They thought the body's athletic physical form was in itself part of the sport and beautiful to behold! So dumb trying to modify and hide their physical appearance!

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Posted in: Bach says anti-virus rules working ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

17 peeps against fully vaccinated Olympics attendance. Stay in your mole hole don’t come out. Lol

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Posted in: Kono says local gov'ts need to slow down vaccinations due to supply crunch See in context

We know the reason why! quote from another article! Smart politicians! Lol

“But Kono said the amount was decreased by more than 60 percent after further discussions between the government and Moderna”.

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Posted in: Bach says anti-virus rules working ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

So why not allow those FULLY VACCINATED the option to attend if they want to go!! Did you see mlb allstar game? Packed like sardines!

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