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Posted in: 'Arafo,' 'gu' voted most popular words for 2008 See in context

Best wordist?

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Posted in: Woman downs 383 bowls of soba in 10 minutes See in context

I once tried Wanko Soba (104 bowls), but these days, anytime I even taste those kinds of noodles, my stomach almost violently screams at me "NO! not again!"

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These posters annoy me. The subtext is always "don't do anything out of the ordinary. Some gormless Oyaji in glasses might complain!"

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best bum-ist? :D

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Best Kiwi-ist?

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Posted in: Best jeanists See in context

Boy oh boy: Kumi's legs are the classic 'O' legs shape! Didn't she get any protein when she was growing up?

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Posted in: Best jeanists See in context

"Jeanist"?! Just another example of how English is all about tokenism in Japan

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Posted in: Movie titles in Japan: Jack, we understand your frustration See in context

I wonder if it isn't a kind of arrogance that they think they know best, or sanitising/re-claiming it for themselves in the classic 'us and them' mentality of the Japanese. Remember the cult classic "My big fat Greek Wedding"? It was reduced to "big fat wedding" in katakana, thus totally missing the point of the title. To me, Katakana titles smack of a kind of glib formulaic generalisation that plasters over the subtleties of movie titles, as they do with borrowed words. I would understand if they had a Japanese version of the title that puts it within a Japanese cultural context, but not the kind of reduction that katakana does to it.

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Posted in: Banana doughnuts and shake See in context

Isn't it interesting that there are long lines for Krispy Kreme, but not at The Donut Plant shops?

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