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I have seen a few Cirque shows in Los Vegas and Boston. While they don't perform the most technically challenging tricks the overall production value is the highest. A few years ago I watched the Shanghai circus show in the Shanghai Ritz and remembering one group of performers (I think they spin these big yoyo things into the air) who later went to Cirque. In the Cirque performance, while the same techniques were presented it was so much more amazing because of the awesome costumes and music.

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"This is coming from someone who thinks he speaks for the Chinese."

I do? Care to tell me why you think so? I don't recall using the term "we" all that much in my writings, or to indicate that I speak for anyone else other than myself. You and the lolcow on the other hand..

"Are you saying me that everytime you catch Beijing, it'll be a lesson in history?"

No, I am "saying you" that kettle calling pot black is a not healthy way to think, because it makes you look like a hypocrite. Of course, it's little wonder that you are against others mentioning history because history is the enemy of all sorts of hypocrites; without history you wouldn't even know that you are a hypocrite.

"The Americans have been a global hegemony for the past decades and now that China's no 2, it's alright for Beijing to duplicate the wonders and blunders of American military might?"

Why wouldn't it be good for any country to duplicate the wonders of another country? The blunders, not so much. When China decides to station hundreds of thousands of troops all across the world, while fighting 2 other wars on foreign lands, then China deserves to be bashed as a warmonger just as much as the US is getting bashed now.

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"Especially rockers, who go over better in the West than J-pop artists"

They do? Weeaboos are the largest audience of Japanese culture outside of Japan, and my guess is that they would prefer things which are more Japanese rather than copies of existing western concepts.

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US right wingnut shots himself on the foot again, now he is back tracking off his original comments and praising Portman.

Social conservatism is silly in general. It's odd that the US conservatives talk about freedom all the time yet they also want to control/influence other people's freedom in the bedroom. More importantly it's pathetic that social issues have taken up so much time and resources away from legitimate issues like healthcare and education.

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"If you're not strong enough to handle your own business alone, then you ally up with someone as big, or bigger than your enemy. It's not like China's on any type of military buildup right?"

That's the whole point of global hegemony isn't it? When you ally with someone really big you end up becoming more dependent, and thus eliminating chances of you going onto the war with that ally because the military strength are completely lopsided.

The US has been a global hegemony for the last couple of decades. China aspires to challenge the US only in the region for now. While the US has plenty of ideology rhetoric, military strength, and some goodwill going behind it, it's power is on the wane while China is on the rise. Countries which embrace China can ensure better trade relationships with China, the trade off being certain retaliation from the US. Currently it makes little sense to ditch the US for China because there are plenty of differences between these powers, but if the current trajectory continues that may change in the next decade.

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"China 9000 and sfjp330 you are talking like the paid cyber spies to counter any thing with a propaganda war. your each wards reflect the arrogance and the plastic mind set of Chinese communist self justification strategy."

WTF is "communist self justification strategy"? Bad Japanglish? Kimchiglish? LOL.

"This is a chinese saying never admit falt but die for justifying it. You people just follow this in this 21st century. Remember we all Asian countries and not stupid or not a colony of China. Your market is good for you and Japan and other countries to help you to feed your poor people for decades. Now you bite hands which were feeding you. No country even NK will never say that they want China as their foster parents in Asia.NK and South Korea will unite soon."

The hilarity ensues. Who said anything about colonization? I don't think Asians are stupid in general but judging from what realmind had posted so far I would say that he is pretty stupid.

Oh, NK and SK will not unite soon. The people who fear this union the most is not China but SK, Japan, and the US.

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"China was ''paranoid'' about Taiwan and Tibet, ''if everything goes wrong'' we must be prepared to use force against China."

I don't get how this is supposed to counter anything which I have wrote so far. China is paranoid about Taiwan and Tibet. Why wouldn't it be?

Who are "we" here? The US which is borrowing more and more money from China each year? Sure that makes a lot of sense, only to the dumb4sses. As if adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan aren't enough burden on US taxpayers already.

Think for moment, just why would China even NEED to invade when it can use its economic leverage to influence? Isn't that what is happening? All of this talk about invasions/protections are BS fantasies created by defense industry to extort taxpayers money, the Chinese military included. Only idiots would buy this cr4p. Nations with nuclear powers will never go to a full scale war with each other because it would ensure the end of this planet.

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"Knowing your history on this forum you'd insist whatever comes out of your head-- so don't consider this as me trying to win an argument, esp. with you"

My history on this forum? How difficult is it to check someone's posting history? I have only posted about 5 posts on JT what kind of history would I have? Not only are you weak in logic but tend to project as well. No I don't consider that you are trying to "win" an argument, only the stupidest people think that you can "win" arguments on the interwebs period. On the other hand I do find it entertaining to bash stupid people.

"But what's the United States' gotta do with this one?"

Did I just mention that you are weak in logic? In order to judge whether an action is outrageous wouldn't you first have to understand whether the said action is commonplace?

As I posted the big picture here is the fear that China will become a regional hegemon. I believe that the current trajectory that is the most logical outcome. You have yet to say anything worthwhile to counter my point.

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At x-hundred hour a helicopter belonging to China’s State Oceanic Administration came within 70 meters of a Japanese destroyer patrolling near a disputed area. "

And so what? It's not like US spy planes don't patrol the Hainan Island area, even after one collided with a Chinese jet fighter.

"No that doesn't make perfect sense and it'll only trigger an arms race in Asia. "

It would trigger an arms only if the US continues to insist on its global hegemon status to "protect allies" across the globe (much of it with money borrowed from China nonetheless). Japan can't match China, is anti nuke, and depends on trade with China in order to pull itself out of economic slump so it's unlikely they will even try. If US gives up then most likely these countries will simply ally with China.

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What China is doing on the long run makes perfect sense, it wants to achieve regional hegemony. The idea is to have China provide defenses for rest of the Asia instead of the current global hegemon, the US.

The cry and whine about China's "aggression" is stupid and petty, because anyone with any brain can see that military power doesn't mean all that much nowadays (see how much superior firepower has helped with Iraq and Afghanistan). Influence over another nations can easily be applied in different ways other than the military. China's real strength is its market and its using this advantage to influence other nations. No matter how much people hate China, neighboring countries like Korea and Japan depend on China to keep out of recessions. The western markets are already saturated while the Chinese middle class is still growing at a fast rate, this means growth for everyone. This is exactly the reason why India will eventually be a big deal as well.

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I did some consulting work with the US government, including Department of Health and Human Services and Social Security Administration. The state of these organizations are a joke. What happens is that the full time government employees don't do jack knowing that they can never get fired and retire happily. Instead they depend heavily on external contractors to do most of the work. Over time, these contractors (who are often paid far more) end up doing the work of the government workers and more, so they won't be fired either. Since government workers cannot get fired and the contractors will never be let go, the tax payers end up paying for both the government works and the contractors.

Of course, Moore is spot on when he talks about the growing income gap in the US. It's about the same level as Chinas and everyone has been talking about how China's unstable because of this. However the unions desperately need changes in both how they work and how their members behave.

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