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chinabeachmoon comments

Posted in: Rest in peace See in context

A very moving moment. You can almost hear the silence.

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Posted in: Power of nature See in context

Unreal! An incredible example of the power and glory of nature. Congratulations to the photographer.

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Posted in: Victory smile See in context

What a lovely photo! The joy of victory...

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Posted in: Shinji Kagawa voted top discovery in Bundesliga See in context

This is a great honour for the Japanese youngster, coming from the players in one of the best leagues in the world.

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Posted in: Using his head See in context

Which one is Matsumoto? Bad caption...

Moderator: If you look at the photo and read the caption, which one would you say is landing on his head?

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Posted in: Autumn glow See in context

Feels like heaven...

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Posted in: Nagoya moves closer to first J-League title See in context

Go Grampus! A new league champion can only be good for the game in Japan.

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Posted in: The beauty of autumn See in context

Beautiful photo. Beautiful Japan.

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Posted in: Domino's Pizza Japan to pay Y2.5 mil for one hour of work in Dec See in context

I hope they are paying transport costs, too. And what about a lunchbreak?

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Posted in: Bear shot dead after entering Yamagata junior high school See in context

Why couldn't they tranquilise the poor bear and give it to China as a gift in exchange for a cuddly panda. The Chinese could let it loose on the Daiyou Islands with a female companion and start a bear sanctuary. A happy, Walt Disney-style ending.

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Posted in: Nadal beats Monfils to win Japan Open See in context

Rafa - please, please do NOT bite the trophy for the photographers. Damn...too late!

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Posted in: Blow-up See in context

He was actually trying to kill a cockroach that scuttled across the court. Just look at the concentration on his face...

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Posted in: Zaccheroni names squad for Argentina match See in context

Good call Zac -- Masahiko Inoha, what a fine player for Kashima Antlers. Quick, intelligent and a good passer of the ball, he'd be perfect alongside Tulio in the centre of defence.

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Posted in: Super show See in context

These costumes are good enough for a Ziggy Stardust comeback. All David Bowie fans still regard Kansai Yamamoto as a fashion god for designing Ziggy's wardrobe....38 years ago (gulp!).

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