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Hyrdrothermal power. Check it on youtube. Search "hydrothermal Marshall"

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paulinusa I'm not a fan of GE but to be fair the technology used at the time is forty years old(or older)

And these reactors were scheduled to be decommissioned March 2011. How convenient. TEPCO will get bail-out money and doesn't have to pay compensation since the accident was caused by a natural disaster, supposedly. Instead of losing money for turning off reactors and building new ones TEPCO will get the bail-out money to pay for it all and more. Disaster capitalism.

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Ron Paul 2012

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manfromamerica Pretending that militant islamists are mentally normal is the problem.

No, pretending that militant islamists are not working for the Pentagon is the problem.

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“At the end of the day we’re trying to delight customers.." No, at the end of the day you are just trying to control people more. Eventually we will have to be granted access to everything WE OWN. This is not freedom.

"If your tunes and videos take up more space than the 5 GB.." Wow! I can store 1 DVD!

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