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Posted in: Soba Bowl See in context

its not just its there on saturday but its there for years. thats on ueno station after crossing the station going to ameyoko

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Posted in: Apple cuts orders for iPhone 5 parts on weak demand See in context

phone-cum-tablet.... say what?

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Posted in: S Korea beats Japan 2-0 to win soccer bronze See in context

Japan was bidding to emulate the Japanese team of 1968, who won bronze at the Mexico Games, but despite enjoying more possession, the Asian champions were twice unpicked by their opponents clinical counter-attack.

can anybody tell me what "clinical counter attack" means?

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Posted in: Man arrested over 6 hit-and-runs in Osaka after smoking legal herbs See in context

smoking herb is not an issue... hes just abnormal from the start

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Posted in: Robot vacuum cleaner responds to voice commands in 3 languages, plus Kansai dialect See in context

i saw this in the tv this morning.... the reaction of the robot from the voice command is so slow like it takes about 5-6 seconds before it could respond... i dont know how will this fare on a noisy neighborhood

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Posted in: Norway killer says he aimed for far higher death toll See in context

never heard anything sicker than this

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Posted in: Policeman in schoolgirl uniform arrested for flashing See in context

so many lonely people in japan

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Posted in: An Apple a day See in context


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Posted in: 28 people, including 22 children, die in Swiss bus accident See in context

oh, what a horrible disaster. poor kids.. RIP. lately Ive been hearing this sort of news

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Posted in: Japan's whale catch falls short as fleet heads home See in context

yeah boy! go get 'em!

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Posted in: Apple expected to unveil new iPad on Wednesday See in context

BATTERY does not last but a couple of hours? like 2 or 3 hours? it should last 8 hrs is it not?

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Posted in: Tsunami survivors healing but still scarred See in context

what a touching story T_T

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Posted in: Woman held for killing mother over 'nutritional breakfast' argument See in context

very ironic. the mother wanted to 'lengthen' her life by eating healthy food and what she got is the opposite of it

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Posted in: Melting Arctic is causing snowier winters, say researchers See in context

@thundercat. Article says "Instead, more cold air is descending into the middle and lower latitudes, “leading to ........................."

I read this as colder air moving further south than usual meaning lower temperatures in those areas. How do you read it? What do you think it means?

his elementary teacher is crying right now

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Posted in: Going up: Company says it could build space elevator See in context

Lunchbox : not like we're gonna have wi-fi up there

there is actually internet access on space. the space station uses that to exchange information to earth

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Posted in: Face-off See in context

i just saw these masks last week. this is from ueno. unfortunately they wont let you touch those mask

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Posted in: Dead shark dumped in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park See in context

mighty guy missed that one shark

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Posted in: Emperor's heart bypass surgery successful, doctors report See in context

i didnt cared for the emperor until the march 11 disaster when i saw them visiting the tohoku area and sitting seiza, bowing and making the victims feel better with their support. it simply moves me.. i wish the operation succeeds

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Posted in: Bullet train service disrupted by train enthusiast taking photos See in context

i dont get this... you take picture of a train on a certain spot many times.... and then what???

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Posted in: Good manners See in context

i don't think putting cute characters/animals will not help coz cute animals gives positive nuance to the poster thus making the act positive/acceptable or even worse, cute. if they put monsters/disgusting creatures instead, it will create a thinking that the only person doing that act is just like that on the poster

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Posted in: Search goes on for thousands of missing tsunami victims See in context

aww... kudos to you guys

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Posted in: 5-yr-old boy may lose sight after man adds battery acid to eye drops See in context

an eye for an eye... lavish his eyes with ample amount of battery acid

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Posted in: Man dies after falling from icy roof in Nagano See in context

i guess its now time to develop a roof with heating function to melt snow away

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Posted in: Man suspected of murdering mother and sister in Hokkaido See in context

wrapping ur family in newspaper? another sicko

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Posted in: Feline fans See in context

poor cats... they must be scared surrounded by people

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Posted in: Panasonic Let'snote S10 See in context

seriously just get a mac, it has all languages on its OS not like windows which has some crappy versions. cheaper? install linux

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Posted in: Philippines flood toll nears 1,000 dead See in context

so depressing....

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Posted in: Epileptic crane driver gets 7 years for deaths of 6 children in Tochigi See in context

is this for real? like? WHATTHE??? I know he was sick but this accident was his fault... I remember the reason why he did not reveal his sickness to his employer is that it was his lifelong dream to drive a crane... but seriously... our lifelong dream is for him to rot in jail and rethink his lifelong dream

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Posted in: Sony gears up for PlayStation Vita's Japan launch See in context

ill pass this one... it looks "geeky"... ill wait a year or two for the cooler "slim" version with lots of colors to choose from. I dont want my psp vita be called PSPVitaFat when the slim arrives. haha!

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Posted in: Kumi Koda announces upcoming marriage to KENJI03 See in context

yeah yeah then after months then divorce

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