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Posted in: Twitter, mixi join forces to counter Facebook in Japan See in context

100 years too late

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Posted in: Book by killer of British woman to become film See in context


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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing passer-by on Tokyo sidewalk See in context

season changes so do as seasonal nutcracks

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Posted in: Man arrested for abuse after breaking 6-month-old baby's leg See in context

oh my.... yesterday as my way home I saw a very cute child... and I remembered that japan has many incidents where they use violence to make the child stop crying... really cant stand monsters like these

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Posted in: K computer No. 1 in four benchmarks at HPC Challenge Awards See in context

ughh... my braincells just died from understanding this

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Posted in: Tough times See in context

owwww.... heart breaking =(

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Posted in: 79-year-old woman arrested for 24th time for pickpocketing See in context

I believe she did not do this because she doesnt have money... this is some sort of mental illness like kleptomaniac. I know what she did was not good but more than hate I pity her. just thinking...

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Posted in: Princess Aiko has pneumonia, agency says See in context

like there is 1 child die from malnutrition every 6 minutes. i know i have no control on what news wants to post here but she is not even dead yet why is this on the news? I may sound insensitive but there are waaaaaaaaaay more unfortunate children around japan(fukushima) or malnourished children from poor countries that needs more attention.

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Posted in: Woman sustains burns after Halloween costume catches fire See in context

do you really need a fire in a Halloween party? like who is that culprit who brought candle to light the party up?

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Posted in: Woman dies after beating administered by son, provoked by incontinence incident See in context

yeah, its hard to imagine that that someone you call son whom you gave birth to will be your killer

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Posted in: Australian authorities hunt great white shark after American diver killed See in context

agree! you dont go to a lion infested area to take a walk, same as shark infested seas... its their natural habitat go swim somewhere else and stop bothering those animals

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Posted in: Ohio police shoot escaped lions, tigers, bears dead after owner frees them, then kills himself See in context

poor animals but they dont have choice.... this is a great dillema

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Posted in: Hirano under fire for calling tsunami victims 'idiots' See in context

what an insensitive idiot he is

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for forcing son to beg on street See in context

dont mistake him as one of lady gagas "monster"... this is the real one

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Posted in: Parts of Japan enjoy unseasonably warm October weekend See in context

yeah its hot last night too. I kept my fan and put it out again coz i cant sleep

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy playing in street dies after being run over by car See in context

there is a problem in parenting here... i often see parents let their 3 year old to climb/go down the stairs on their own. I often see parent and child on a separate bicycle wherein the parent crossed the street without even looking over for his child on the back whether he is crossing at RED signal or what

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Posted in: Woman prostitutes daughter to 72-year-old man for years before discovery See in context

monster! should be burned alive

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Posted in: NZ, Australia condemn Japan's plan to go ahead with whaling See in context

seriously? what scientific research is that? will it help rebuild japan from the disaster? i think they must focus on that first before this gibberish scientific crap... no... poor whales... stop them from hunting whales for good

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Posted in: Shin-Koiwa station struggles to avoid status of 'suicide spot' See in context

yeah please japanese government give them their life. i know youre doing your best but please create a society which anyone can voice out their feelings. many becomes lunatic because they learn to keep everything inside of them (anger, hatred, frustrations) and its a social shame to show it off...

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Posted in: Crane driver on trial for causing deaths of 6 children See in context

lifelong dream of Shibata’s to drive a mobile crane.

then our lifelong dream is to have him suffer for his lifelong dream in prison

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Posted in: Y10 mil 'for Tohoku' left in bag in Saitama municipal bldg restroom See in context

i dont get why it should be given to the Japanese Red Cross, the note clearly says that it should be given to the people of the tohoku... if Japanese Red Cross will do what the note says then it should be given to them

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Posted in: Gov't, DPJ settle on tax increase plan See in context

temporary tax hike plan for 10 years? i dont get the "temporary" part there

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Posted in: Facebook policies tricky for employers, workers See in context

block your boss or colleague not on ur close friend zone

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Posted in: Pakistan bus crash kills at least 30 See in context

little lives ended like that... its so horrible. they must have been excited for this fieldtrip but they didnt know what awaits them

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Posted in: Child consultation center fails to protect girl forced into prostitution by mother See in context

what a monster

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Posted in: After 31 years, alt-rock pioneers R.E.M. calls it a day See in context

not my genre of music but all i can say is otsukaresama deshita. you deserve a loooooooong vacation in the looooooong beach california

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Posted in: Stylish Italian suitcase See in context

Italian suitcase brand Roncato’s newest piece of luggage

they must rephrase it to a "piece of ***" lolz

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Posted in: Stylish Italian suitcase See in context

it looks like a giant clam.... with handles. OR.... am I just dont have a taste or something... but really look at it

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Posted in: Woman arrested for making bogus money with color copier See in context

wow! what a talented girl to actually make it look like the original and making the man fall for it... i want to see how real it would look like

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Posted in: 35 bodies found in eastern Mexico See in context

cadavers... interesting word

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