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Hong Kongers don't speak English well either. Becoming developed doesn't mean you'll speak English. Quite the opposite perhaps. There isn't a hunger and need to learn, so people do a bad job. If you know that English will get you out of poverty and the hellish life you know, I bet you're going to be a bit more motivated. The problem then, is that you just don't have the means. India and the Phillipines were poor but because of colonialism, they were provided the means. The English speakers came to them in gunboats.

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Posted in: Japanese missing out on orgasms, Durex survey shows See in context

In the words of Nelson, Haa Haa!

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Posted in: There is no effective cure to save Japan from a population crisis. In order for Japan to survive it must open its doors as an international state to the world and shift toward establishing an 'immigra See in context

Japan will have new robot citizens, except they will be unequal. Then one day, the great uprising will occur. Most of humanity will be initially spared but not, the island epicenter. Ever wonder why there are no main Japanese characters in the Matrix though you see the green Japanese text scroll in the beginning? Think Asian Robot C++ :)

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Posted in: Japan, China reach agreement on undersea gas exploration in East China Sea See in context

Congrats on the two. Japan sure got an Olympic bargain this year! Seriously though, peace promotion is great for the region.

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Posted in: 4 robot makers join hands to compete with South Korea See in context

Go South Korea!!!

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