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Local residents are complaining about the tourists taking pictures of the geiko and Maiko? Who are they to say? Why is it their business? Every maiko and geiko I have spoken to personally say they do not care if people take photos of them. They just don't want to be touched. That was their biggest complaint.

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Refreshing to hear a story that's showing that its not only the foreign tourists that are a problem. The locals should turn the mirror on themselves and realize their flaws.

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Posted in: In your experience, which country's tourists are the least well-behaved whenever you have seen them out and about? See in context

I've traveled to Dubai several times and I have to say the most obnoxious and most rude tourists were the Russians. They were completely oblivious to how rude they were. I had a few of them walk right in front of me while I was in line and even after yelling at them to get to the back of the line they looked at me like I was in the wrong. Do they just get away with this back in Russia? I have no clue since I've never been there.

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