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Posted in: Clinton says she won't be 'knocked off course' in final week See in context

What a Halloween weekend. Senate Minority Leader Harry M Reid (D, Nevada) warned FBI Director James B Comey of the latter's "disturbing double standard," and the possibility of breaking the law (the Hatch Act). I strongly believe that whatever will happen, the vast majority of the silent Americans will continue to vote for Hillary Clinton. The reason is very simple: Trump the Psychopath has become a disgraceful person, a probable "puppet" of foreign governments, including though not limited to, the hacking of the Democrat campaign documents. Senator Reid has also reminded the FBI Director on this point--which is more serious than the e-mails trove.

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A careful study of the rise and fall of the great empires offers an well-known lesson: The internal conflict of interests and subsequent turmoils often brought about catastrophes. The vast majority of the silent Americans march toward future with love and hope. Future, like it or not, is our sort of religion. It's time for the Americans to demonstrate to the world that we have both the capacity and the will to retain our greatness. Go out, and vote for Hillary Clinton, our First Lady President.

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In California, the bet is Clinton 1, Trump 587. The former Watergate prosecutor criticizes Comey's letter as "inappropriate." Hillary Clinton calls it "strange." What an electión

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Posted in: Clinton tries to quell resurgent email issue late in race See in context

Please listen to VP Joe Biden's interview on CNN. He's one of the most respectful gentlemen, in comparison to the class-less, psychopathic Trump and his cronies.

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I strongly believe that Hillary Clinton is innocent until our final legal decision. That is the difference between constitutional democracy, based on fairness and reasonableness, and the pathetic whining of "rigged election," 'corrupt system," "locked up" one's presidential candidate made by a former sexual predator who maliciously self-confessed of his sexual assaults on the women for decades. Trump's true residence should have been a prison cell. Congratulations to the lawyers who have offered bono services to Trump's sexual victims, and the investigations into Trump's probable connections with our enemies. The sooner Trump is jailed, the better for the public safety.

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Eleven days to go. A good news for the victims of Trump's self-confessed sexual assaults.:An American lawyer has publicly offered his bono services against Trump's frivolous lawsuits within 100 days after the election, if Trump and his third wife dare to open the can of worms..As for the New York Times, the NBC and any mainstream media, they have been well-protected by the First Amendment. What we are looking for would be the information against Trump's presumpted guilt of sexual offenses.

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Xi Jin-ping was formally conferred the title of "core leader" by the Sxith Plenum of the Zhonghua gongchandang.on Thursday. Over a million cadres have been purged for graft during Jin-ping's consolidation of powers since 2013.. The Zhongnanhai war criminals have continued their methods of fait accompli and neo-colonialism. Let's hope that Japan will stand firm against the Han war criminals beside the South Koreans and the USA.

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Posted in: Trump targets Bill Clinton and his foundation in new attack See in context

Trump has gone too low. Let's see whatever his third wife will bring about in the coming two or three speeches.

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Posted in: Support for 'my girl' Clinton is personal, Mrs Obama says See in context

Twelve more days to go. First Lady Michelle and President Obama have left an honorable legacy in helping Mrs Hilary Clinton to destroy the political ambitions of Trump the Psychopath and his cronies. Vladimir Putin, Trump's revolutionary hero, recently referred to our nation as "a banana republican."

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Posted in: Philippine leader's meeting with emperor canceled due to Prince Mikasa's death See in context

Our condolence to the Royal family, and probably a sigh of relief for Prime Minister Abe and Foreign Minister Kishida. Let's see what will happen to the would be war criminal and his cronies. The UN should send a fact-finding team to the Philippines to investigate Duterte's mass-murders.

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Posted in: More Republicans expect Clinton to win U.S. election than Trump: poll See in context

Reuters' predictions are justified. Trump has been a big liar with empty talks and promises, including though not limited to, a change and prosperity. Only those who were born yesterday could believe that Trump will spend over 100 million from his pocket to pay for the election that he knew quite well that it will be unwinnable. Similar to his promises of making public his federal tax returns, evidence of his innocence in his self-confessed sexual assaults [i.e., the presumption of crimes], or his employment of undocumented migrant workers to build his casino and hotel. That is not mentioned his secret connections with the enemies of the USA to distort the stolen e-mails from the Clintons and the Denocrat election headquarters. Worse, Trump and his cronies have threatened to rebel if he is to lose the election, as well as filing the frivolous lawsuits against his victims. Y en a marre.

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The best way to treat Duterte is to minimize his complexity of superiority. Japan and the USA would be annoyed by his Quixotic activities and irresponsible languages for years to come, unless the Filipino people strongly speak out that enough is enough. Don't give him royal treatments. His Majesty Akihito may camcel his meeting with Duherte..

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Nobody could win an election by himself. Hilary Clinton has been fortunately supported by a lot of people, including though not limited to President Obama and First Lady Mitchell, VP Joe Biden, the Democrat leaders, even some key GOP leaders, as well as the independents who hope for a reunified nation and peaceful transfers of power. The Presidential election, however, is often a 15-round heavy weight fights. Clinton clearly won the first three rounds over Trump the Psychopath. The remaining rounds will depend on the other Democrat leaders and, especially, the victims of Trump's self-confessed sexual offenses. Clinton needs to protect her natural supporters, as well as to maintain good relations with the mainstream media. Best wishes.

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Posted in: Air strikes, fighting break Russian-declared ceasefire in Syria's Aleppo See in context

Let's hope that UNESCO will record this Infamous war crime in Aleppo. A massacre of civilians, including women, elderly and children. Much worse than the so-called Nanjing Massacre seventy-nine years ago.

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The threat of frivolous lawsuits against his accusers has been unable to stop victims of Trump's sexual assaults to appear, requesting for their Day before the court.. Consequently, Trump and his third wife delay their threats until the election is over. Unfortunately, during the remaining 16 days, there may be more and more accusers who will not only destroy the Trumps. political ambitions, but also their own anti-Catholic patterns of marriage. Trump's probable connections with the enemies may be punished after the election, sooner or later. Trump's abusive languages and his sexual pattern may also bring about unavoidable catastrophe..What's a pity.

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The GOP leaders may ask Trump to take a psychological test. The harm that Trump has caused to the GOP seems unmeasurable. Something should be done to preserve the GOP credibility.

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Posted in: As Duterte embraces China, Abe set to roll out warm welcome See in context

The little Hitler of South East Asia has played a dangerous game--using the Filipino people's national interests as a means for his personal interest gains. Prime Minister Abe may advice him that both Japan and the United States just want to help the Southeast Asian nation to stand firm against Xi Jin-ping's neo-colonial ambitions, and Duterte must cease his Quixotic acts before it's too late.. The civilized world and the Filipino people will not tolerate an elected President evolving to a mass-murderer. .Also, Duterte apparently didn't know anything about the Communist methods of using the barbarians against the barbarians. The Chinese gongchan chains and shackles will not be easily escaped. Look at Viet Nam under the Chinese "socialist friendship."

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Posted in: Trump mocks critics: I'll accept election results - if I win See in context

Bingo. Sayonara, Trump.

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Posted in: Fury at debate as Trump refuses pledge to respect a Clinton win See in context

Trump's refusal to accept the final results of the 2016 elections was an additional nail on the coffin of his ambitions and business-like adventure. I'm wondering what kind of legacies that his descendants will suffer.

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Horrible. The Reckoning Evening of Trump the Evil. The Congress should amend the election law to ensure that our existing constitution would never encounter such violations as Trump the Evil's refusal to accept the final results of the 2016 elections--an unprecedented infamy. Trump the Evil's declaration implied that the elections could be just and acceptable only if he is elected. And probably, to "change" our constitution to make him a "neo Fuhrer," or neo-Stalinist dictator tike Putin. Congratulations to Hilary Clinton and the mainstream press. Let's hope that President Obama will instruct his Attorney General to investigate into Trump the Evil's probable connections with our enemies' espionage..What will happen during the final days of this election? Let's also hope that the leaders of the two major parties shall speak out as soon as possible.

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Posted in: Obama disputes Trump on rigged election, tells him to 'stop whining' See in context

I shall remember this evening of October 19, 2016. The Reckoning Evening of Trump the Evil and his cronies. They will not be allowed to change the USA into a casino, a beauty contest stage, or a subordinate nation of the enemies. Let them continue to whine. The US people march toward our own future with love and hope..

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Posted in: Obama disputes Trump on rigged election, tells him to 'stop whining' See in context

Congratulations to President Obama, First Lady Michelle, and the GOP leaders who have firmly denounced Trump's "whining" before the game's even over. Only a few Americans--including Trump, his cronies, and his third wife--have attempted to cover up his indecency, lies, irresponsibility and sexual assaults. The majority of silent Americans--with the assistance of various leaders of the two major parties, as well the human rights groups who will monitor the electorate process on Nov 8, 2016--will unmask the true nature of Trump the Evil, who has recently repeated his flattery of the Russian neo-Stalinist dictator, and former KGB director. Although his chance to win the election is very low, but the unchained Trump will be very dangerous. Whatever the result of the third debate, please remember that Trump the Evil doesn't have any capacity to bring about a "change" in the USA. He has filed for six business bankruptcies, avoided to pay his income taxes for decades, etc. Only those who were born yesterday could believe that he may bring about prosperity and the like.

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Hilary Clinton's biggest disadvantage has probably been her gender. The 2016 election result may tell whether or not the Americans have been already to accept a Lady President. Trump's chauvinism and Melina's threat to sue the victims of her husband's sexual assaults hardly surprise anybody. There will be no place for Trump's in the US history, save for several negative notes about the election law.

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Posted in: Trump charges U.S. election results being rigged at many polling places See in context

It is undeniable that there has been no perfection in any political or legal systems. Abuses of power, and/or corruption, etc have been the questions of degree. But the denouncing that the 2016 presidential election "is rigged" has been Trump's vicious abuse of the US election law itself [freedom of speech, etc.]. Shame on Trump and his cronies, who have passionately promised about Trump's mission for change. The only change that Trump and his cronies could bring about will be the destruction of the GOP Trump's chance to win the election has reached the negative percentage. If Trump and his cronies wanted to know about the truly rigged elections, they should have read the history of Russia, China, Cuba, Cambodia, North Korea, etc.. In short, Trump's candidacy is over. Security should be tightened at the final debate, because the unchained Trump has become dangerous.

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I'm going to enjoy my seventy-fourth birthdate, as well as my forty-first Thanksgiving in the USA. Unfortunately, I have been also forced to witness one of the ugliest election seasons. Although my home state is Wisconsin--a Democrat state--I've been in Texas, a Republican state, for decades. As a result, I often consider myself as an independent, supporting and voting on the bases of the candidates' talent and patriotism. As a student in comparative world history and international laws, I strongly supported President Bush in his anti-terrorism, including though not limited to the Iraq war--an unavoidable consequence of the Sept 11 Infamy. Since Bush didn't want to nuke them, other forms of anti-terrorist technics should be employed, including the military methods of preliminary interrogations of the POWs..Trump is a sick man, an evil soul. Some preventive measure should be carried out in the third and final debate, because there is the probability that the frustrated Trump will become violent. This is a special case. I still believe that the US constitutional democracy is a model for the world.

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Shame to you, Trump the Evil. The GOP will lose a lot of credibility because of your indecency and low-moral, if not vulgar language. After this infamous race, Trump and his cronies should be jailed for their probable connections with the enemies.

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I'm wondering whether or not Trump will drop out of the race in the near future--e.g., before the third and final debate on October 19, 2016. It may be too late. Because the US Department of Justice may have investigated into his probable connections with the enemies of the United States to, inter alia, the cyberhacking of the Democrat headquarters e-mails regarding Hilary Clinton's secret plans. This is quite familiar to the infamous Watergate case. President Obama and First Lady Michelle may probably help Trump's victims of Trump's self-confessed sexual assaults. This is a typical or textbook case in the US criminal laws.

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Posted in: Abe offers condolences to Thailand over death of king See in context

King Bhumidol Adulyadej (1946-2016) was a typical "Thai Rake Thai" [Thais love Thais]. He deserves the official one-year mourning period. Although the late King only held the ritual power, he left honorable traits of the Chakri dynasty--e.g., free of foreign rule. Let's hope that the mourning period will help those Thais who love Thais to prevent the ambitious individuals who have advocated the purchase of the Communist Chinese submarines and placing Thailand's under the Chinese neo-colonial rule. .

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Posted in: Trump calls accusers 'horrible horrible liars' See in context

Pence, frankly, I am very disappointed about your comments. Trump has been the biggest liar in the US history. A self- confessed sexual predator, whose unethical behavior is disqualified for the post of President of the USA. President Obama and First Lady Michelle have expressed their just critics. Let's hope that Obama will instruct his Attorney General to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Trump's possible connections with the enemies of our nation in, among the other things, cyberhacking of the Democrat e-mails.

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President Obama should appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the cyper-hacking of the Democrat e-mails, as well as Trump's possible connections with the enemies of the USA. Also, let's hope that First Lady Michelle will support the accusers of Trump in their legal fights against the predator. Trump and his cronies have gone to low.

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