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Posted in: Death penalty commuted to life for man who fatally stabbed 2 people on Osaka street See in context

Those who murder innocents in order to receive a death sentence should receive their wish, be it in a slow and painful way. Who would choose to die by the state if torture ending in death is the sentence? Innocent people going about their lives targeted randomly and murdered by a lunatic is the most despicable form of murder.

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Posted in: Samsung struggles to limit damage from smartphone recall See in context

I've been through a few Samsung phones over the years.... Galaxy S2, S4, S5 and now the now the Note Edge, all have been great without issues. The plus was REMOVEABLE BATTERIES which to me such an awesome feature. Go hiking and use the GPS all day, 1 minute downtime to swap the battery and "presto" back to 100%. Forget to charge the phone at before going to bed?, no problemo swap the battery and bang! Back to 100%. I hope they learnt their lesson and re-think the path they have chosen with focusing on design rather than function.

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Posted in: One-third of working women in Japan sexually harassed: study See in context

@ danalawton1, Obviously I don't think its sexual harassment either but unfortunately some did...

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Posted in: One-third of working women in Japan sexually harassed: study See in context

First of all the term "sexual harassment" is used VERY loosely here... I recall a complaint made to JR due to them having a poster which showed a man with some chest hair... apparently this poster was somehow sexually harassing some commuters and it had to be removed on all stations.

Its pretty simple in the office... if you are not appealing to the person you are approaching, tread lightly and don't push it or the sexual harassment alarms will sound...

On the other hand with the amount of marriages and inter office relationships I have witnessed here I would say the office seems to be an integral place to date/meet people in Japan...

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Posted in: Volcano alert for Mt Hakone raised after small eruption See in context

NHK live feed here:

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Posted in: May Day See in context

Really? Never seen anyone eat one in 10 years or so here. Was just thinking recently why they were still on sale.

True... but then again I haven't seen anyone eat any kind of confectionery in 15 years or so here... as you are already probably aware, public eating... in general, is frowned upon here.

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Posted in: JAL and NTT East to provide tourists to Japan with free Wi-Fi service See in context

Yes as JeffLee mentioned, this is not free... in fact its quite expensive considering JAL is not a discount airline... A wise traveler on a budget would do much better by traveling via a discount airline and simply picking up a wireless router from the Airport, list here some offer both cell phones and wifi routers so have a browse. This solution is much better than these "free" wifi services as most likely than not you wont be in range of a free spot which are very limited... with a wifi router you will be connected as long as you are in range of the mobile network.

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Posted in: 1-yr-old girl dies after being hit by car in Iwate supermarket car park See in context

I don't know how often I've seen this scenario here, a parent walking a few meters ahead of their toddler who looks like he/she has only been able to walk for a few months in his/her short life... with the parent walking quite quickly and sometimes calling out "Abunai yo" whenever the child is getting to close to the road or walking in the wrong direction... I feel sad for this driver, who thanks to negligent parenting is going to have a tough time ahead in a place where drivers are usually found guilty to some degree regardless of fault. RIP to the little one.

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Posted in: Stalker jailed for 16 years for killing ex-girlfriend See in context

I guess he showed remorse, seems to do wonders in the courts here. Dexter where are you!

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Posted in: Japanese government mulls doing away with cell phone SIM locks See in context

Yep kind of strange since Docomo already do it for you for 3000YEN (plus tax) - dont know about iPhones though my experience has been with Galaxy S2/S4 phones.... I always unlock my phone so that I can use a local SIM rather than roam while overseas. I also bought cheap good quality second hand phones, got them unlocked and gave them to the parents. For docomo you or your phone does not even have to be contracted with docomo to get it unlocked, though you do need to show some ID for them to do it. I guess the ministry are looking at making it easier or free even?... it really is joke that you have pay for the privilege of using your OWN phone with another carrier to begin with.

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Posted in: 'Japanese Only' banner sparks intolerance debate See in context

Thunderbird, I envy you. I never have this "problem"... whats your secret? Do you have your legs apart making it obviously too tight of a fit for anyone to sit next to you? I try this technique and it works sometimes... I often have my legs out wide when I see a guy looking for a seat, on the flip side when a female is looking for a seat I make it as inviting as possible and (my knees magically close in together offering plenty of room) and wallah, the seat become occupied. For me its nothing personal just simple logistics, women are smaller and so are welcome to sit beside me. I've often seen an empty seat next to a foreigner or a heavy set Japanese commuter and its often for good reason, and the same reason I wouldn't sit next them, frame of most foreign guys are larger and its just too tight in a Japanese train to sit down, shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee... more comfortable to stand. I often think its more of a logistical choice than one about any racial prejudices.

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Posted in: Man killed, 3 others stabbed in same street within 10 minutes in Chiba See in context

Police said surveillance camera footage showed the driver getting out and walking away.

Rather than show a meaningless cartoon figure of the guys description to the public, wouldn't the video footage showing the suspect be more useful?

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Posted in: Good luck See in context

Appropriate photo. Watched snippets of this event on the news last night. Most athletes were stern faced and looked to be under stress, perhaps one day participation in international sporting events will be more about what they want to achieve for themselves as athletes rather than about trying to win medals for their country. The march looked like a military parade.

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Posted in: Don’t own a TV? NHK doesn’t care, but still wants your money See in context

Why answer the door? I never answer the door. Lets face it; unless you are expecting friends/relatives there is no need to answer. Unexpected visitors are more often than not either sales people or religious entities trying to sell their religion. NHK can be considered a cult perhaps. Treat it like SPAM, ignore and it and it will disappear. If its a friend, theyll call. If its the mailman with a large package, they leave a note with which you can call and get it re-delivered with times you specify.

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Posted in: Sony to launch PlayStation 4 in U.S., Europe first, then Japan on Feb 22 See in context

Makes sense. Release it overseas first, let the non Japanese consumers identify bugs so that patches/fixes can be worked on. Let the hackers find the security holes for 3 months and address them before release to the home market. Consider the US/Europe initial release as more of a beta test.

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Posted in: Chiba schoolgirl missing for a month See in context

So the police fumble around trying to find her and the public are only notified after almost a month? These cases are often solved with the public's help and usually the first couple of days, if not hours are the most critical. It also bugs me that police here rarely even show the CCTV images of the last time the person was seen. It was reported that police were analyzing the footage of her which was seen on CCTV.... not shown to the public though... maybe that happens after two months..

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Posted in: NEXCO to remove expressway tunnel ceiling tiles following collapse See in context

It took six months to come up with this obvious solution? How long until it actually gets done? Another six? Japanese bureaucracy at its best, even when public safety is at risk.

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Posted in: Where there's a Will See in context

The cropped picture title suggests its a story about a mans quest to get a woman.

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Posted in: Obama to return 5% of salary to share sacrifice with public servants See in context

This is but pocket change for Mr. Obama.

Income 2011 - $750,000 2010- $1,800,000 2009- $5,500,000

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Posted in: Train pickpocket suspected of over 200 thefts See in context


14M over 4 years isn't that good... 3.5M / year.

Since he's not paying tax that the equivalent to a gross wage of around 350,000 per month 4.2M/year...

or the equivalent to what a researcher or engineer would be earning if you believe these stats...

Not a bad part-time job... wonder if he was earning unemployment benefits on top of this.

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Posted in: Burger King introduces pumpkin burger for Halloween See in context

Yeah, the throwing up scene after consuming this would be quite scary.

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Posted in: Flare-up See in context

basroilOct. 15, 2012 - 10:11AM JST

"I don't remember there being air cargo in BF3."

Not cargo but in "Armored Fury" expansion there is a similar plane which shoots out flares in exactly the same manner.

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Posted in: Flare-up See in context

Just like BF3! Any BF3 players on JT? w

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Posted in: Ishihara likens Fukushima plant to Aum poison gas facility See in context

Like father like son. Another stupid comment from the Ishihara clan.

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Posted in: Parents of bullied high school boy file criminal charges in Miyagi See in context

Saw the burn marks on the news last night, horrific.

The school is a disgrace, are the school administration intimidated by these bullies?

Sadly the schools actions did not surprise me all that much, there is a Japanese proverb that highlights their twisted reasoning for expelling the victim, "The nail that sticks out gets hammered down." Just as my friend was forced to dye her hair black when she was in elementary school in spite of being naturally brown. Happy that the kid will be ok and that his family is fighting this, hope the courts give them some form of justice.

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Posted in: Man dragged 50 meters by car after argument with driver See in context

Charged with attempted murder? How did the police come to that conclusion so fast? Why not charge the injured guy with attempted suicide for not letting go of the door...

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Posted in: Driving illegally in Japan See in context

Got my license about 5 years ago, no written or driving test required in my case...Gold now. The big plus for foreigners to get a license is to use it for ID purposes. If you are a resident, even if you don't drive its great to have just for this. Its good to be able to process applications etc using a drivers license for ID just as Japanese citizens do, rather than using your ARC. I was even involved in a minor accident while riding my moutain-bike, hit by a taxi. The police required ID for their report, pulled out the Japanese license, nooo problem.

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Posted in: AKB48 election underway; Yuko Oshima in the lead See in context

Maybe they'll campaign by driving around in a van shouting out their names with loudspeakers and waving with white gloves on, like other elections here do...

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Posted in: Rei Kikukawa to become co-host of Fuji TV's 'Tokudane' See in context

She will need to learn, as all the other staff have... not to stare at Mr. Ogura's hairline...

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Posted in: Man fatally stabs father over TV channel argument See in context

Maybe it was Ghost busters!

son - "Hey dad can I change the channel?"

dad - "no"

son - "THEN DIE!!!!!"

With Japanese TV in the state that it is, I'd expect more killings for turning the stupid thing on.

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