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Chinpokkayaro comments

Posted in: Elderly woman transfers Y29 million to man posing as son in trouble See in context

A fool and her money are soon parted! If I were her husband, it would be a blindfold and a last cigarette! DUNCE!

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Posted in: Belgian soccer match halted after Fukushima taunts See in context

Savages! I thought that England was the white trash capital of Europe, with their only export being soccer hooliganism and rioting! Well, they appear to have some rivals! A totally unacceptable taunt, that should be dealt with by giving the guilty baboons life bans! Anyway, soccer is a joke of a sport! Also Ol' Kawashima should toughen up if he wants to play a game surrounded by uneducated simians!

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Posted in: Russell Brand deported from Japan leaving Katy Perry behind See in context

A sincere thanks to the capable people at immigration for kicking this loser out of Japan, and also for showing that aeroplane blonde Paris Hilton the door back to America.

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