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Posted in: Trump calls off Eagles visit to White House over NFL anthem dispute See in context

Stangerland you're at home you can do whatever you want but in public should stand ....simple ....but everyone must hated Trump....but we love our rise in stocks...but we still hate sad

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Posted in: Shoplifter drags drugstore employee 130 meters by car in Hyogo Pref See in context

Attempted murder needs intent...driver had no intention to kill because employee chose to chase them and latch on to the car....manslaughter maybe....

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Posted in: Trump's new 'Stormy' story stuns many in West Wing See in context

Lol most of you dont anything about impeachment good luck with that??? Was he president when he had affairs, did he lie to Congress??? People want him impeached good luck with all the wasted time and money... well my stocks are still up and it seem Korea is getting lets impeach him because he was privately video taped saying immoral things and let's get rid of Jim because he supposedly had sez with a porn star....immoral as a president if he did all this while president ...but what does all that have to do with anything that's happening around the world...I would be more concern that Trump will start WW3.....who the hell cares about what porn star he did years ago....smh

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Posted in: Mother arrested for killing 2-yr-old daughter by dropping her from balcony See in context

Wow people in here quick to judge...oh well thats hiw humans behave .. I guess is sad ....

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