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The way I see it, they are honoring ancestors. plain and simple. In the US we also honor our war dead, some of which were war criminals (though not convicted) every military has war criminals, its which side that wins that gets to pick and choose what is 'patriotism' and what is a 'war crime'. So please stop making a mountain out of a mole hill and show some respect for the dead(whichever group of dead you ignorantly think is 100% righteous and just, or just acknowledge that there are bright spots and dark spots in EVERY group and respect them all).

PS. I am not saying the Japanese Imperial military during WWII did not commit a tremendous amount of atrocities (my grandfather survived the Bataan Death March and forced labour for years(and ended up dyeing some 20 years later due to complications from radiation exposure when his group was forced there to clean up immediately following the bomb) and these examples are a somewhat minor cases in the grand scale of atrocities, but I also realize that we as humans need to move on (though I think japan still has not shown remorse for many of their actions, its a normal thing countries do, I can give dozens of examples about the US doing the morally/ethically wrong thing and never apologizing either), its just something we hope will change one day while we move on.

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From the country that spent billions bailing out failed automotive corporations and still, to this day, spends millions to keep them solvent.

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Discrimination is Discrimination is Discrimination.

That is the essence of the whole discussion. It has veered far off from gay parades and become a moral (i'm not going to devalue the word debate with what surprisingly many people wrote here)

Q) does the treatment of those who are Homosexual fit under the definition of discrimination?

A) Yes, look at almost any well respected international organization or acknowledged socially open country and then apply the treatment of homosexuals to that definition. (we each have our own independent definitions, so for general purpose we should use widely recognized definitions) and then go from there. Yes, the treatment of those who are homosexual in Japan (and most, if not all countries) fits under that definition. (you want specifics, ask a lawyer, it's not worth my time trying to explain that you can see with your eyes if you open them(under the assumption of normal eyesight capabilities))

Now, is it okay for a community to be shut away from the main, unable to acknowledge themselves and be put into disadvantageous positions? ask the Japanese Americans interned during WWII, ask any group of slaves(throughout the world) ask Women in general (their lot has improved, still long way to go even in most open societies, but not too long ago Women in general were heavily discriminated against). Ask Muslims in parts of the world subject to discrimination. Ask Christians in parts of the world subject to discrimination, ask those who survived the Ghettos and Holocaust, ask those who survived any cultural conquest (the americas are one example, why do the americas speak Spanish/English/Portuguese, ask the native tribes (how few remain, and how many of them are shadows of what they used to be in cultural and sociological terms) how it feels to be discriminated against).

Ask the Americans why their fore-bearers left Europe, ask the Japanese under American occupation, ask the Chinese under Japanese occupation, The list will go on forever as every group and one time of another has been the victim of discrimination, that is one very important reason why nations have armies, and I am sure just about every person will agree that an army is something that is widely viewed as essential for a countries' survival and well-being.

So, I propose for the education of humanity, instead of getting into nitty gritty details about every little thing in specific (else nothing is ever advanced), lets just agree that discrimination in any manner shape or form is unacceptable and move from there.

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absolutely appalling. The team with the fans who did this should have their home games for the remainder of the season banned from having any spectators. that would show that such behavior is not to be tolerated.

A sport is about the ability of the players, and this just goes to show how narrow-minded many humans are.

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