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Posted in: Gunmen kill Japanese doctor, five Afghans See in context

Providing humanitarian aid in any form to an enemy encourages that enemy's will to resist.

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Posted in: Get moving! Four in five adolescents don't exercise enough: WHO See in context

The human physical and mental constitution is much like a building - in the early stages of construction flawed foundations lead to problems later on. The twenty percent of kiddos will have a great advantage eventually in their lives.

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Posted in: Prince Andrew urged to cooperate with U.S. over Epstein See in context

Urging a foreign national or foreign country to participate in criminal investigations that might have Political Correct ramifications can risk Quid Pro Quo accusations.

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Posted in: Teacher's kick leaves student with broken bone at prestigious Tokyo school See in context

Seems like a very concerned parent might need to have a serious and lengthy conversation with teachers that prefer to abuse children. In private obviously so as not to intimidate the innocent onlooker.

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Posted in: White House handling of U.S.-Japan trade deal angers Democrats See in context

The obama sycophants passed something that has come back to bite them.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift-label feud underscores tensions over music ownership See in context

Taylor Swift will soon, like so many her age,l do the Temper Dance if does not get her way.

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Posted in: Motive a mystery in fatal California school shooting See in context

The gun was at fault obviously, the tool user was compelled by some evil force lurking within. Failure to understand and address the new biological, chemical, and psychological processes affecting childhood will ensure flare ups will continue.

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Posted in: Swift says AMAs performance in jeopardy over music dispute See in context

Ownership of a product is ownership. Does not matters if is a fancy toy on a store shelf or a song owned by some one else - if one does not own it, one can not have it. Most children are so instructed.

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Posted in: Teacher scolds 5th-grade boy by brandishing scissors near his head See in context

The teacher learned her particular form of intimidating behavior in early childhood as an acceptable way of bullying others. Ingrained cultural responses take a long time to transform - assuming there is any desire to change.

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Posted in: Symbolic night with 'goddess' to wrap up emperor's accession rites See in context

Utter nonsense. Amaterasu appears in the night and asks the offered candidate if he wants the Job and the Associated Perks. In the morning the ministers are told of the decision.

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Posted in: China sentences former Japanese politician to life for drug smuggling See in context

Two Sub-Saharan individuals attempt to use luggage belonging to a Japanese national to smuggle drugs, but some old guy gets caught up in the scam.

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Posted in: Wear to be seen See in context

Reveal the photographer's technique please. Camera is. Off camera flash triggered how.

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Posted in: Former entertainer Tashiro arrested for 5th time over possession of drugs See in context

A serial offender indeed.

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Posted in: 72-year-old man backs car into granddaughter, killing her See in context

Kids are one's shot at immortality. Teach then that dangers exist, to always be aware, and avoid danger. Then above, all look for the kiddos, be aware of where they are, and treat then like the extremely valuable treasure they really are.

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Posted in: Getting measles 'resets' the body's immune system See in context

Those deciding to eschew the chicken pox vaccine can look forward to the potential perfectly delightful flirtation with Herpes Encephalitis.

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Posted in: Doctors still need to tell parents about safe infant sleep practices See in context

Has a baby ever died of SIDS while being held. Or did they always wait for isolation before giving up.

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Posted in: Coast Guard searching for North Korean fishing boat reported to have sunk See in context

A bully, either an individual or a country, will continue offensive acts of intimidation until the victim gives up and submits to what ever form of extortion the bully demands.

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Posted in: Cyber-bullied K-pop star found dead at her home See in context

When cyber bullying presents itself, perhaps it might be best to either lash back with an intense vitriolic response or move the internet switch to off. Bully's depend on acquiescence.

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Posted in: Money, hatred for the Kurds drives Turkey's Syrian fighters See in context

Turkish mohammedans are just doing what unrestrained mohammedans do

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Posted in: George Clooney calls Trump's quip on Kurds 'pretty shocking' See in context

Providing military aid with no return is like paying a bribe with no return

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Posted in: Rihanna blasts Trump in new Vogue interview See in context

Guns are but tools used by mentally defective deranged mind set using in their mind the best tool available. Deny the gun and some other tool, perhaps even a worse tool, will be chosen. Solve the aberrant mind problem.

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Posted in: CBS to make Trump show based on fired FBI chief's book See in context

Always best to rely on disgruntled employees for accuracy in narrative. It is the standard in Politically Correct writing.

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Posted in: China warns Apple against 'reckless' support of HK protesters See in context

Mu experience with "Made in China" is - either it does not work, does not work well, or does not last long and soon quits.

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Posted in: 4 dead, 5 wounded in Kansas Cit bar shooting See in context

Another unfortunate event that suggests it may be time to examine the change society has undergone in the last 70 years. Something is driving the world wide mindset decline in "successful" cultures.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police slammed as 'trigger-happy' after teen shot See in context

A police officer, after being struck by a rioter with a metal rod reacts - how outrageous indeed.

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Posted in: N Korea fires missile, possibly from sub; falls in Japan's exclusive economic zone See in context

In the past a weapon launched in any manner against another country would be considered some what War Like. Bully's will always continue their intimidation until they achieve complete acquiescence or they are stopped.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka pokes fun at Japan comedians' 'bleach' comments See in context

Making racial insensitive attacks is very much like bullying. An insincere apology is simply inadequate, and perhaps the mindset behind the reliance of using an apology to escape and get the Free Pass needs to become a subject of comedy skits.

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Posted in: Takanofuji says punishment for off-ring violence 'too heavy' See in context

He can not accept - an evidence of arrogant indifference to rules indeed.

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Posted in: Japan considering medical aid for Iran See in context

Subterfuge, extortion, bribery, and intimidation - prime tools of foreign policy available to unpleasant nations. Does Iran have a decent track record.

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Posted in: Father arrested for beating son with wooden bat See in context

The adult personality is formed in childhood

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