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Chiyoda_Boy comments

Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting taxi driver and fleeing scene without paying fare See in context

Rare to get prison time for assault, but not paying money (or a fare in this case) along with assault is a much more severe crime. Similar to 'armed robbery' under UK laws :-(

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Posted in: Ship captain's sentence for Mauritius oil spill commuted See in context

DUI on a large oil tanker.

Wakashio is obviously not a tanker…..it was a cape size bulker enroute to Brazil to load iron ore bound for China

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Posted in: Anti-Israel protest See in context

Fully agree with Bob. A smallish group of people just blocking the streets and disobeying the police who were there to marshall it. A royal pain in the proverbial trying to get home. But that’s a problem that comes living nearby the Israel embassy.

As for the Japanese local ‘supporters’ that’s a load of **** too, many of my neighbours said they went with their kids to show them this crowd of angry dark skinned foreigners....

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Posted in: Koizumi says Japan will send team to Mauritius to assess fuel spill damage See in context


you know the Owner do you ? they have been active from the beginning. MOL were slow to react though.

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Posted in: Hundreds of Chinese families seek wartime compensation from Japan See in context

MOL paid because they have a very expensive contract with Baosteel which is worth much much more than 28 MUSD. Baosteel "allowed" the vessel to be arrested because of that contract. All allegedly of course.

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Posted in: Kanto area faces water restrictions next week See in context

Sure we'll be OK in Chiyoda :) I washed my cars today so am not particularly bothered by this at all.

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Posted in: World's 3 biggest shipping operators unite See in context

StormR, there's so many empty boxes these days that they are also factored into the current pricing. A more efficient service will certinaly lower the prices. Danish anti-competition laws are also extremely tight, so a monopoly is quite unlikely.

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Posted in: Nissan to recall 841,000 vehicles worldwide due to steering wheel glitch See in context

cl400 - other manufacturers also frequently have recalls> It's not really newsworthy so not in the press, unless a major concern like losing steering, frequent accidents etc.

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Posted in: Vending machine arsonist thief still on the loose See in context

Banks do charge to change money but it is free to pay into an account. I put 62,000 yen of 1 yen, 5 yen and 10 yen into my account for free. So just ask them to put it into your account first, then just withdraw it from the ATM 2 minutes later...

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Posted in: Over 80 Japanese nationalists approach disputed islands See in context

"Ishigaki, a Japanese island west of Okinawa" I think somebody needs a geography lesson....

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Posted in: Suction cups secure video camera to hood or side of vehicle See in context

I guess the forces involved in breaking sharply are much more than 130kg....

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Posted in: Customers’ behavior changing sushi culture in Japan See in context

Some restaurants (definately Kappa & Sushi-lo) have RFID tags in the plates and after making a few laps on the conveyor they get automatically ditched. If you sit near the end of the belt you can see this, a flipper comes out and knocks the plates of the belt.

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