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If you have an iPhone 5. Just download iOS7, its like getting a new phone! My phones speed increased once I installed the new software. Not getting the 5s. Going to wait for the 6.

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Japan is blind when it comes to public medical knowledge and teaching the young generation about sex and aids. They just simply avoid and it keep all this hush hush likes its too embarrassing to talk about.

In the Japan's red light district, soap lands, delivery health, etc. Most of these services do not let's gaijins into them in fear of them spreading the virus to Japanese workers. They think that every gaijin is infected and won't provide service to them. In turn at these red light districts none of them are using protection either. Seems like Japan is playing Russian roulette when it comes to this industry. Of course there are some that let gaijins in but most of them do not.

My friend tells me so much stories about this industry that its pretty amusing to hear.

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If he has no where to go all he has to do is go to roppongi late night pick up a drunken j girl and problem solved. He could even live with her for an extended about of time.

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It amazes me that public affection is so frowned upon in Japan where soap lands, delivery health, pink salons, oppai clubs are just around the corner! Japanese people need to wake up and see what really is going on in their city and not be so judgmental of a simple kiss in public.

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Posted in: Bullied junior high school boy commits suicide in Sapporo See in context

Wow, this is unfortunate. I think the kids parents are part to blame and how they are brought up. Japanese parents do not communicate well with their children or even with their spouses. I had many Japanese girlfriends that told me their parents do not talk to each other but still live in the same household together. Many of Japanese girlfriends held their feelings back when they disagreed or when they were angry at me. I always told them, if you do not like something that I do or anything please tell me and do not hide your feelings! If you do not tell me than I cannot improve or know your true feelings. I since than made my J gf more "American" and now she opens up much more. I guess this is the Japanese way. They hold their feelings back so they do not upset anyone. This poor kid did the same and probably never told his parents that anything was wrong. Japanese parents need to change.. But I doubt it.

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