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Posted in: University student arrested over movie theater bomb threat See in context

i suggest that the suspect might send to the mental hospital, maybe he had psychological disorder, his reason is not be accepted as a normal person, just only for an anime, my goodness! thats stupidity!

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Posted in: Japan promises record $2 bn loan to the Philippines See in context

hays! stupidity again by the PH govt.,! they just borrow and borrow money from other country because they are not the one who will going to pay this, its the filipino people or maybe because they knew(PH govt.) that the reigning monarchy king of the philippines(maharlika) and the sole/heir of the whole philippine archipelago is in his way in embargoing the said land under OCT-1-4, will be the one who will going to pay all the debts of his kingdom. bring back the glory of MAHARLIKA, hail to the king HRH Tiburcio Villamor Marcos Tallano Tagean IV, the last succesor of the 12 Roman Emperors. GOD BLESS PH. GOD Bless to the TAGEAN clan.

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Posted in: SDF troops get warm welcome in typhoon-hit Philippines See in context

thank you japan, for helping the philippines.

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Posted in: Psy's 'Gentleman' video smashes YouTube records See in context

i wonder... why is it foreign land, likes this kind of a music or entertainment, without fully understand the real meanings and messages of this songs,,,? are they really like it? or they just influence by the so called "it is "IN" now..???

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Posted in: Sony launches world’s fastest Internet service, boasting download speeds of 2 Gbps See in context

let's try that one...*^^^^^

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Posted in: BOJ's Kuroda says Japan market conditions improving See in context

let's see that soon....

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Posted in: In Psy's musical wake, K-pop tries substance over style in star search See in context

no sense at all

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Posted in: Rising star Ishikawa starting to fade See in context

sports life is like a real life story "UP'S AND DOWN", GO!! ISHIKAWA RYO-KUN

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Posted in: Japan plans to donate patrol boats to Manila See in context


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Posted in: British lawmakers approve gay marriage in historic vote See in context

**@ Eppee,, AND EVERYONE sorry for late reply...

i will elaborate it for you why i say that so,,, I am a christian,, and as a christian I am against same sex marriage,, because truly it is a sinful thing to GOD, back in the Bible Sodom and Gomora were punished because of that kind of sin,,, i would say that it was "stupid"because they said that they are "christian" country, but they allow it(Europe) its so very embarrass. i said that it was CURSED because all of the sins have their responding punishment,, if you see it now,, Europe and america is now in a certain chaos,,(economically) because of there policies,, allowing same sex marriage, and other policies which is against in the HOLY SCRIPTURE,,, there's nothing in this world more than to be HAPPY but we should use also our CONSCIENCE if that happiness is truly a happiness bring back to our CREATOR or just their own happiness(so called LUST). Everyone should be happy, everyone has their own rights its possible,, i' m not against of that RIGHT but I'm just worrying of the CONSEQUENCES cause by that new policy. maybe MANY will get embarrass because of that statement that i post last time,, and I APOLOGIZE in that case,, my intention is clean,and i really worried only of what will it bring, not just only to them but to everyone of us,, some people will not believing it because they are not CHRISTIANS but if you do so,,, you will also think it again.... thanks so much everyone, thanks JT.. GOD BLESS US ALL**

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Posted in: Boy Scouts in U.S. delay decision on admitting gays See in context

"gay scouts" either...


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Posted in: British lawmakers approve gay marriage in historic vote See in context

that's why European countries was cursed because of there stupid new policies,,

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Posted in: 'Gangnam Style' second most-viewed YouTube video after Justin Bieber See in context

NON-SENSE AT ALL... haaaaayyyyyyssssttttttt...

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Posted in: China cyberattacks hit Japanese websites See in context

like what china did, in the philippines cyberspace also, a few months ago... haaaayyyysstttt...

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Posted in: Gov't, 7 broadcasters make joint effort to promote TV formats in overseas markets See in context

nice one japan!! ganbatte,,,

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Posted in: Medal mania See in context


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Posted in: Disputed playground See in context

south korea and china are both claiming islands whereas they are not really own,, TAKESHIMA and SENKAKU is for JAPAN and PANATAG SHOAL is for THE PHILIPPINES.

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Posted in: No trouble please See in context

be proud of what you are....

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Posted in: Noda calls on S Korea to end 'illegal occupation' of disputed isles See in context

what would be the international law says about those island were recommended, not just because of its historical events.

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Posted in: 500,000 cheer Japan's Olympic medalists in Ginza parade See in context

gambarre nippon!!!

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