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Posted in: Don’t own a TV? NHK doesn’t care, but still wants your money See in context

I like NHK's TV programs. I think they are interesting and convenient. I always check typhoon information by watching TV program of NHK. But I think that people who don't have a TV need not pay NHK fees, because they don't watch NHK. It doesn't make any sense. I have heard that there are many people who don't pay fees, though they watch NHK. I think NHK should collect a bill from that people. Otherwise they should block the broadcaster's signal.

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Posted in: Caretta light show See in context

Wow. The lights are very beautiful! I want to see these lights in person if I have a chance.

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Posted in: 3D printer boom lures new wave of Japan entrepreneurs See in context

3D printer is pretty cool. I strongly hope that 3D printer will serve as a trigger to recovery of the Japanese economy. Well, I suppose that personal 3D printers don't have many uses. It costs too much money and sounds very difficult....it may be as well to buy something at shops than create by oneself.

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Posted in: 10 of the best gift shops in Kyoto See in context

If I have a chance to go to Kyoto, I want to go that gift shops and buy a lot of goods like furoshiki, book jackets and so on! It must be fun to browse in that shops. I think I will loosen up my wallet involuntarily.

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Posted in: Boxers, manga, umbrellas… absolutely free See in context

That's very nice idea! I didn’t know these services, but I know free loose leaf paper, Tadacopy, and Furipan service. I have heard that Furipan is really nice, if we avoid being picky about design. Unfortunately, I have never use these service yet. I was totally surprised that we can get vegetables, which are non-standard or excess production, without spending money. Even though these vegetables are usually sold at a low price. I guess I can survive by make good use of that service. haha. Well, regrettably, some of these service limited to part of only a few place. I want to use these service if I have chance!

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Posted in: Girls fawn over Nagano police station’s new pretty-boy mascot characters See in context

They are very cool, I like them. But I feel less need for pretty-boy mascot characters. Actually, it’s good idea to attract the interest of girls. But a cute girl is necessary, if Nagano police is thinking of appealing to many people, I think. In any case, Nagano police should put a great deal of effort into other things, instead of thinking about elaborate character information.

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Posted in: Japanese drivers get a ghostly reminder about winter road safety See in context

The first time I saw this movie during a class, so turned off the volume. It’s not scary. If anything, I had to suppress a laugh. But next time I was scared by the sounds. Anyway I understand it’s dangerous to drive in snow with normal tire, but I don’t catch relation between this CM and tires.

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