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Posted in: Japan survey ships prepare for deployment as tension with China rises See in context

China was never aggressive? what about now? pushing on to own lands with natural resources, posing fear on neignboring country??? when will China's bullying and provoking actions stop? who will ask China to stop? first their fishermen, now oil drillers... what is next?

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Posted in: Mother ordered to pay Y95 mil after bicycle-riding son collides with elderly woman See in context

i believe the judge is wise enough to see that it was no accident, that the senior lady did not have to be in coma if the son had been careful enough...

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Posted in: Mother ordered to pay Y95 mil after bicycle-riding son collides with elderly woman See in context

nice ruling by the judge..... i also saw an old lady hit by a bicycle rider , a high school. the grandma fell on her back while the high school boy did not even try stop and say sorry nor help the senior woman, he even had this annoying smile on his was obvious that it was no accident but a complete insensitivity of the rider. the lady was walking at the walk lane, it was not a busy street....i tend to think the boy just want to see people hurt......

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Posted in: Mother of suicide boy files slander charge against 3 bullies See in context

i like the way she've said it “All forms of violence, even verbal, are illegal. I want these three boys to know what they did" first it was verbal, then they put dead bugs on his chair....what could be next? beat him then?...bullies should not be accepted in schools. school is for learning to be a help to the community not to form gangs and make troubles to others.

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Posted in: Japan riled by WHO's Fukushima cancer warning See in context

why would WHO calcuate based on peope with high radiation exposure and conclude on majority?

“Their calculations were made based on the assumption that people continued living inside the evacuation zone and ate banned food. But there are no such people,” a ministry official said.

i was at the hospital during Fukushima Power Plant crisis, the nurses there assured me that there is no fear of explosion bcoz the govt will evacuate the people if there's any's the tsunami they dread about:(

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl starves to death after mother leaves country See in context

the onesan is nothing but a wagamama and hidoi person. that 3yo sister could feed on onigiri or cookies . the onesan fed herself and starved her younger sister.maybe she've locked her young sister and goes out to be with friends and spent money all to herself.maybe the mother has to go to Philippines to attend her parents funeral, lots of funerals after Christmas and New Year, lots of cholestrol & sugar goin on as they like to feast on food during holidays:(.... possible maybe...but 14 yo and 3yo together can survive ,from 2yo a baby can demontrate hunger, my toddler at 14 months gets his bottle and gives it to me when he wants's very obvious that onesan was bad to her sibling and took advantage of her fragile age,made fun of her sister maye.sad:(

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl starves to death after mother leaves country See in context

tragic thing ,all of them are victims here. the mother shouldnt have left her daughter with her 14y.o. daughter if that child wasn't brought up in Philippines.14 yo kids are responsible,10yo are working for their parents in slum areas & from provinces.perhaps her daughter punished her mom by neglecting her sibling then the mother forced her eldest to be responsible for her sibling. i hope there's a way the mother-daughter could get through this pain together and we could learn from this..parents could ask help from the city hall to look after their kids,they have an office for this ,for emergencies where parents have to tend matters out of town.

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Posted in: Clue to anonymous hacker found in memory card attached to cat's collar See in context

it's kind of scary how much pain and chaos a hacker can do then? people were coerced, humiliated the police force.the hacker is harmful & has a criminal mind then. i hope they could catch this guy fast.have you watched UNTRACEABLE? a good mystery movie....

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Posted in: Japan embassy, businesses shut as more protests erupt in China See in context

this is not about just Japan....i hope the whole world would respond to China's aggressiveness over the asian countries. all countries investing in China are just giving them more power to be powerful for warfare because that's where China take the investments of other countries. misunderstandings, miscommunications always happen. but with China, they're showing off that you could only bow and agree , and if you don't???......this is how i see it....they are threatful and provocative over the asian waters with their battleships:(

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Posted in: Japan embassy, businesses shut as more protests erupt in China See in context

maybe , when all the countries were lured to invest in China, they never thought that China would build itself for war and do what they want regardless of the rights of other countries??? a powerful communist country with powerful weaponries , is kind of volatile maybe???

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Posted in: Japan embassy, businesses shut as more protests erupt in China See in context

perhaps the Chinese doesn't want to let go the anger from the past.those people who've made mistake and made war are all gone,most of the Japanese left are people who are sorry for what their ancestors did...i had a Chinese co-worker showing me a foto of beheaded Chinese by the Japs....honestly, we're on a different era now. but what China is doing is really alarming.claiming lands of the small countries around them who doesn't want to engage in war. war is ugly,it robs people of their loved ones. China doesn't have the tsunami,earthquakes and frequent typhoons like Japan or Philippines :( ......if Japan has US Bases here , and China is still provocative, what more does China do to other asian countries???

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Posted in: What Japanese women discreetly check out when on a hunt for a husband See in context

is it true that Japanese women takes all of their husband salary and d guy lives on an allowance only. there are women who are not really nice to the mother of their husband. what is hard when before marriage ,all is okay bit after marriage or d spouse doesnt give in to d demand, divorce is easy.d sad thing is when there is a child involve:(

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Posted in: 26-year-old woman arrested for drowning baby son in bath See in context

i hope they would make a study on these women killing their child....most of the hospitals here doesn't give aneasthesia during delivery, i've read from somewhere that something happens to the brain from intense a woman who just gave birth is stressed physically, and physical stress affects the emotional and intellectual condition of anybody,yes? i feel bad the mother lost her baby, and in her own hands:(

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Posted in: Kochi town eyes system to monitor animals' behavior for tsunami signs See in context

i've heard about flock of birds suddenly flies seconds before an earthquake. animals do have high sensitivity with nature.

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Posted in: 3 firemen arrested for alleged gang rape of woman See in context

it's best to really check her too if she's really telling the truth. it's hard to put somebody in jail and mark the rest of their lives as criminals. can't she even scream? what i know is that most japanese women makes loud noises like "eeeh?" in casual conversations. this is rape, i bet any women could cry more. guys should be careful of inviting girls to their place since some girls might accuse them of rape....vice versa, there is a lesson here.....

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Posted in: 38-year-old man admits to groping 100 girls See in context

a week ago i saw a man at Sobu Line who keeps pressing his body to women around him. this guy gets a lot of space since the ladies tries to keep away from him...he's wearing eyeglasses and has a suitcase, maybe 40~50y.o. he's tall maybe 5'8" to 5'10".....

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Posted in: Kanagawa's new anti-smoking ordinance a bane on businesses See in context

i really hope they would ban smoking in public especially restaurants. some family restaurants like Bamiyan and Saizeriya doesn't have a fully contained room for smokers just a divider and the smoke goes out to nearby non-smoking tables. i'm a pregnant woman and i believe that second hand smoke is a threat to a person's health. i hope the health of the people will be more considered since the tobacco smoke of others is an open threat or attack of one person to another, especially to children. it's destructive and abusive for the user and those non-smoker and their family. it's high time for the government to protect the health of it's people from hazardous tobacco smoke and it's environment. ill-mannered smokers just threw their c'butts on the street...please ban smokers in public and give them smoking stations so that they can't harm the health of those who does not smoke....

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Posted in: 8-year-old girl in critical condition after being stabbed on Osaka street See in context

this is too much! child or adult stab....i hope they could find a way to stop these stabbing incidents.i wonder how safe it is to release from prison murderers out of insanity???

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