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Posted in: BOJ launches negative rates, already dubbed a failure by markets See in context

Print Kuroda , Print. When the Nikkei rockets again while world markets continue to slide sideways and downwards eventually enough Japanese people will see the facade and pull the curtain.

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Posted in: Getting away with murder: Is Japan's low autopsy rate hiding killers? See in context

Law enforcement requires money and a large court system, best to sweep it under the rug with the other problems.

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Posted in: Abenomics on the ropes as yen soars, markets plunge See in context

The only things that can save Japan now are 1- immigration , 2- fiscal austerity, 3- oppressive taxation. My Number anyone?

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Posted in: Japan stocks dive after Europe, U.S. sell-off See in context

Now imagine that the Postal fund had lost 25% if it had gone through investing in stocks, and the general pension fund, oops they did, ouch. Come Monday they have a choice, start selling the yen hard, and crank the printing presses harder than the 30bil$ per month they're alreadpy doing, to get the yen back to 120 area. Or, stop buying USTreasuries.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks plunge more than 5% See in context

This time when Kuroda prints money gold is rising, when people see that the yen is behaving like a third world currency, and gaining value in gold they will get the picture

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Posted in: Japan stocks close higher after BOJ move See in context

BOJ running out of tricks to prop up the economy, um, stock market. This is how they are getting the zaibatsu to continue to pay their employees and not lay them off, by goosing the stock market each and every time it crashes, er corrects. Demand is down, profits are down, it's the only way to make money, goose the economy, er market. Now guess what happens to the yen and gold in yen? When people put two and two together they're going to buy gold. You can't drive down gold , drive up yen, drive up markets, something has to give, it will be the yen.

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Posted in: ANA to acquire stake in Vietnam Airlines See in context

Good news, not like the Nikkei is dropping off a cliff or anything.

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Posted in: Motley Crue signs off, promising film version of farewell blowout See in context

motley hacks, makes kiss look good

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Posted in: BOJ surprises markets with additional steps to boost economy See in context

This is leading towards an inevitable yen crisis. How will you protect yourself?

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Posted in: Weak data latest bad news for Abenomics See in context

That downturn spurred the Bank of Japan (BOJ) to sharply increase its already massive bond-buying program—a cornerstone of Abenomics—effectively printing money to boost lending.

Oops there it is....when the next stimulus.....money printing .. is announced the yen will explode to the downside Japan is trapped, how can they keep the yen from sliding further? They can't sell US treasuries to buy yen cause Uncle Sam would whip their butt. It would have to come from private sector buying of treasuries so JP gov could dump them. Who would these private buyers be? Japan post anyone? That will work until it doesn't , then kurashu bang boom, and it's gone.

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Posted in: Japan Post to make Tokyo trading debut See in context

What happens when the stock goes down, say by half? Entrusting savings and pensions to the whims of a stock market that yo yos is not very safe.

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Posted in: The meaning of the Japan Post privatization is linked to the real revival of Japan after lost decades. Japan is under even more pressure than it was 10 years ago to increase its international competit See in context

Hopes of "revival" , reeking of desperation. And if the Nikkei crashes and share price cuts in half, what happens to accounts 10 years out?

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Posted in: Bank of Japan to cut forecast for economic, price growth: report See in context

Nikkei rally and strengthening yen on Monday! /sarc #monetarymagic

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Posted in: S&P downgrades Japan's credit rating See in context

Who you gonna call? Deflation Busters! Let's see Abe and Co. Jawbone this one into a rally in the Nikkei. But nobody is buying J debt except for other indebted J entities With money they borrow from the BOJ , who swaps that for bad debt, which makes good debt, right? We're cool.

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Posted in: Japan at critical stage in beating deflation: gov't See in context

Falling oil prices? Hey finance ministry, oil is paid for in what currency?

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Posted in: BOJ chief opens door to stimulus as oil prices drop See in context

Hey Mr. Genius Kuroda, if you didn't devalue the yen by 50% oil, hence gasoline would be at 70 yen per liter now and diesel at 50 , the economy would pick up on its own. If you dump more stimulus its 150 yen to the USD bingo.

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Posted in: Nikkei closes at 18-year high See in context

Amazing news! JAPAN must have either:

A). A rapidly growing economy , population , tax income, skilled immigration program, expanding manufacturing sector, growing wages and mild inflation, booming real estate market, strong currency, good relations with neighboring states.

B). None of the above, the stock market has replaced the economy

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Posted in: Japan posts Y216 billion trade deficit in May See in context

What do countries with trade deficits do? They print cash to cover the loss.

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Posted in: BOJ's Sato warns of diminishing returns of monetary easing program See in context

But Kuroda and Abe just jawboned the currency up 3 yen, amazing! How did they do it? Change any policy , or fantastic numbers from the GDP? Nope, nope and nope. Sato is correct, you can only buy all the bonds for so long without a problem, and you can only jawbone the currency so many times as well, good luck finance ministers.

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Posted in: Finance Ministry draft reveals deep rift on fiscal reform See in context

Excellent article, well done JT staff.

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Posted in: LDP exec says more BOJ easing not needed for now See in context

There is currently 80 trillion yen of stimulus per year, 700 billion $, they just said no more on top of that to be clear, QE is continuing full throttle

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Posted in: Gov't seeks quick boost for regional economies with Y3.5 tril stimulus package See in context

As the yen melts up? Wait till oil hits 100, painful.

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Posted in: BOJ strikes more upbeat view on economy, holds off fresh measures See in context

Links kickboard ?

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Posted in: Abe pivots away from painful reforms See in context

Protect yourself and your family from the coming financial hardship.

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Posted in: Fitch places Japan credit on Rating Watch Negative See in context

Why doesn't FITCH recommend spending cuts to pork projects and pampered politicians instead?

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Posted in: BOJ increasingly likely to cut price forecasts See in context

Just yesterday JAPAN Today reported that KEPCO is raising electricity rates, now they report electricity rates are falling. Anybody see their rate falling?

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Posted in: Oil plunge is threat and boon to global economies See in context

Wait till oil prices rise again on some hype or speculation, then our newly devalued yen will show us some extreme pain.

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Posted in: BOJ keeps economic outlook despite recession See in context

Stand pat? There's nothing left to do but sit back and cross your fingers and hope that this works. Perhaps add a few trillion more yen in stimulus next year while watching the yen plummet. Kuroda is joking trying to make it sound as if they're not doing anything more to undermine the currency, it's too late the damage is done. We've all got a front row seat to the boldest socio-economic experiment in modern times. Do you like what you see?

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Posted in: Quiet critic of Kuroda's 'monetary shamanism' turns up the volume See in context

Very good article and commentary.

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Posted in: Shaky Japanese economy hit by growing trade deficit See in context

The latest numbers translated into a trade deficit of 10.47 trillion yen for the first nine months of the year, a 35 percent leap from a year ago.

So this has zero to do with fuel imports. Electricity prices for industry have not risen 35% to match this drop in in exports. So why then still pushing nuclear? Who is losing big money due to idle nukes? You, me or the energy ministers portfolios?

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