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Posted in: Japan to unveil Y100 bil in aid to Ukraine at G7 summit See in context

Support a fascist government that is racist, that seized power in an illegal coup. That used snipers who shot unarmed police and protesters. Good move.

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Posted in: Japan expresses concern over Russia's Ukraine move See in context

Japan should be concerned because if it becomes war in Europe, who will be left to stop China?

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Posted in: Police caution 158 minors for using Internet to solicit dates, sell underwear See in context

Lol. Great work by the police. Facial reactions would be priceless. Would love to be a fly on the wall at the meetings.

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Posted in: Mt Gox files for bankruptcy; CEO says 750,000 bitcoins gone See in context

Sorry, but investment in bit coins??? . "A fool and his virtual money are soon parted" I bet these people also "invest" in binary trading. The old ways are still the best, blue chip stock, real estate etc.

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Posted in: Confused Japanese tourists trigger highway pursuit in Utah See in context

Japanese can be pretty rotten drivers. Usually famous for driving without headlights. These people were stupid and ignorant. I would have charged them. Driving a car is not something a fool should do, lucky nobody was hurt by these idiots.

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Posted in: Kishida tries to distance gov't from right-wing statements See in context

Regrettable? The government should say the apology stands and make it firm Japan does regret it's war crimes. The world forgave Japan for mass rape. This just opens an old wound and makes Japan look, to be frank, pathetic. All sex offenders are pathetic in war or peace. Maintain the apology, clarify your position and move into the 21st century. Let China be the one who keeps using the past as an excuse.

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Posted in: Nimitz's WWII operational diary posted online See in context

Fantastic resource for Historians. Few people shine as brightly in their lifetime . Also to be remembered for his compassion to Japan after the war.

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Posted in: China angered by Japan's U.N. bid for kamikaze pilot letters See in context

All a kamikaze pilot is, is a radical suicide bomber for an evil regime who flies a plane killing good people. He is the same person as the Islamic terrorist who drives a truck full of explosives into a check point. Japan just doesn't get its past at all.

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Posted in: Hoffman could be digitized to complete 'Hunger Games' film See in context

And Gladiator where they digitised Oliver Reed. After ten years PSH should Nb e even better. Or you could just dye Jack Blacks hair blonde (sorry, too soon?)

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Posted in: Abe calls for frank talks with China, South Korea See in context

Frank talks means just that. Let the big boys sit down behind closed doors and sort it out. I don't understand why some of you pro and anti Japan people are against it. I'd "frank talks" without the diplomatic BS were held more often in history many ways would have been avoided. I can't see how these proposed talks could make things worse.

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Posted in: Russell Johnson, 'Gilligan's Island' professor, dead at 89 See in context

RIP, , thanks for entertaining me during my childhood :-)

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Posted in: U.S. tested biological weapons on Okinawa in 1960s See in context

Don't get too upset. Japan tested biological weapons on Americans, Australians and British in the 1940s.

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Posted in: Abe's shrine visit raises risk of conflict, analysts say See in context

Abe needs to go. Japan needs a stronger military, but it doesn't need nationalism in its government.

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Posted in: Abe bets U.S. alliance, ratings can weather Yasukuni visit See in context

I agree with the direction modern Japan is taking. But this shrine is for disgusting war criminals. Abe should 'pull his head in'" and the shrine should remove all the criminals in it. What these people did defies forgiveness. Japan had heroes, who showed selflessness and bravery, honour them even if they fought for the wrong side as you fight for your country. But a criminal is a criminal, just because they wore a uniform doesn't earn respect. Abe is wrong g on this. Completely.

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Posted in: Australia to monitor Japanese whalers as conflict looms See in context

Nostromo hut the nail on the head. It's all a diversion for tuna.

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Posted in: Man dies after setting fire to himself, son on school grounds See in context

No excuses. Don't blame the courts or the police or the "system". I'd die for my kids. Everyone should put their lives before their children. So his ex may be horrible. I have a friend in the same situation. Almost broke and hardly sees his kids through her manipulation of the system. But his kids don't realise he hates her. He puts his children above his own self. This man is scum. He deserves to live a long life in pure agony and prison. Anyone who hurts a child like that does. May the poor boy recover :-(

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Posted in: Girl stabbed by bag snatcher in Takamatsu See in context

Sensai258. Yeah, go on, blame the victim

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Posted in: Human remains found at U.S. base on Okinawa See in context

I love arm chair investigators. Come on guys. There's so amazingly little information from this story it is impossible to speculate.

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Posted in: Abe to push security agenda next year with fresh urgency See in context

I agree with what Japan is doing. The Japanese people of today are not the ones who were responsible for what Japan did in the 30s and 40s. Even the Japanese culture now has improved. Just be careful of rising nationalism. It is the refuge of the vicious. And it's rising fast in China. Why can't the Chinese remember the 45 to 70 million of their own people they killed after WW2? The question Japan must ask itself. If the Chinese Government is willing to do that to their own people, what are they willing to do to the people of Japan? A strong defence force maintains the status quo.

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Posted in: Attacks in Kobe, Osaka spark concerns over 'Knockout Game' See in context

Mikune Hara, the first comment hit the nail on the head. As a police officer and a video game player I completely agree.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy Kennedy visits Nagasaki atomic bomb site See in context

Japan is a great friend of Australia and the USA. But back then the logic was to save a couple of hundred thousand allied lives and equal Japanese lives with a land air invasion by sacrificing Japanese civilian lives with an atom bomb. Remember the slaughter at Omaha and the awful cost to take Fortress Europe. Japan was the aggressor and the enemy. Japan as a country deserved it's fate even though most of the civilian individuals who died terribly, didn't. It was the right decision.

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