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Posted in: Japan to boost space cooperation with U.S. in revised policy See in context

Goodlucktoyou, you must see separately between the Communist Chinese Government and citizens of China. Chinese peoples are always warmed and welcome to foriengers. They are victims of their Communist Government themselves. The Chinese peoples won't be threaten to Japan or other country but it was the Communist regime big boss, Xi Jinping and his Generals they are behaving like 21st century Nazi regime. He wants all islands from his neighbours and want to control the Pacific ocean in East and South East Asia. His ambiton was very dangerous and bullying his neighbours for their Islands. Now he has biggest Military might and money. He built artificial island and now he is building another one on the disputed islands. Xi ambiton was too big and too dangerous. Now his Army was aggressively conforntation with Indian soldiers. Chinese soldiers ambushed Indian soldiers and killed 20 Indian soldiers. It was crime commited by Xi's Army Generals. The soldiers were ordered to commit such as crime by the to of the Communist regime. They have commited premeditated war crime. The Chinese Communist regime looks down on its neighbours and its arogant Military Generals' miscalculation on it neighbour will start all out nuclear war in Asia. Japan has no other choice and extend cooperation with the US Government was the best for the Japan and Japanese peoples. The friendship between two countries is most important for the Japan and also peace and stability in the region. I always welcome cooperation between the US Government and the Japanese Government regardless of who was in charge.

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Posted in: About 70 monkeys escape from zoo in Chiba Prefecture See in context

Oh dear me! Too many Monkeys escaped and now it's Monkey businesses for Police. Watch out everyone in Chiba, they may visit your kitchen in the midnight.

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Posted in: Japan wants U.S. to extradite Americans who helped Ghosn flee See in context

Carlos Gohsn bought the home in Lebanon with NISSAN money and now he was living there and refused to move out. It proves he misused NISSAN money to buy for his home. I have a lot of respect and admired for Carlos Gohsn in the past, but now I understand he has made some mistake by abusing his position and misused Company money for his own benefits. If he has done nothing wrong and then he will be still in Tokyo rather than in Lebanon.

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Posted in: Japanese firm investigated for allegedly bribing Vietnam officials See in context

That's the way work in Vietnam. The Tax man will always blackmail for getting bribes from foreign own Company. Vietnamese local know better than foreigner about the Government department officials. They are always looking for bribery from business owners. I don't think it was wrong unless the Vietnamese Police didn't get their shares and making problem. If you don't like bribery and corruption and then don't do business in Communist Country. Corruption is every Government Ministries and departments in Vietnam.

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Posted in: WADA looks to artificial intelligence to catch dopers See in context

Lucky Floyd Mayeather jr. He paid millions of dollars to USADA for cover up his doping, including drug doping and Multivitamin IV Infusion doping.

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Posted in: SoftBank Vision Fund chief's pay doubles to ¥1.6 bil in FY2019 despite record loss See in context

You get more if your Copmpany lost more.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist imprisoned in Australia over child porn possession See in context

Australia border force will check passengers' mobile and laptop at the Airport. So you must delete all child pornographic videos and images on Mobile phone and Laptop if you intend to bring Laptop and Mobile phone, and other digital storage devices. Also, you must not bring Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Crystal methamphetamine and other hard drugs into Australia. You won't escape from Australia border force. There are some Japanese national in prison for drug importation charged. One young heavily pregnant Japanese woman was arrested at Airport. She said her boyfriend African national asked her to deliver bags to his friend in Australia and she does not know what was inside the bag. Also, a 62-year-old Japanese woman was arrested for attempted to import two kilograms of methamphetamine concealed in binders at Sydney Airport last year.

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Posted in: Cases of patients turned away by hospitals up fivefold over virus See in context

It shows Japan needs to build more public Hospital. Japanese Government needs to spend more money on public health than before.

Private Hospital in Japan is very small compare to other developed countries. I can't complain them.

I hope those critically ill patients get bed at hospital and recover from the illness.

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Posted in: Rising cases of kids with Kawasaki disease possibly linked to virus See in context

Corronavirus has made a lot of problem for society. I hope these children will recover quickly and doctor will find out more about what causes this Kawasaki disease in children. Chinese Government must ban selling wildlife and eating wildlife. SARS Covid-2 and Coronavirus Covid-19 both killers disease come out of the China and It related to people eating and selling of wildlife. Chinese Government must take seriously this time and severe punishment for people who selling wildlife and eating wildlife also, as well as cat and dog too.

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Posted in: Cash handout program won't start soon in many cities See in context

Peoples need money to buy foods and pay rent. The politicians are out of touch and they don't understand the hardships of people life of during the coronavirus out break. No job no money and hopeless also, depressed.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police spray tear gas in protest at shopping mall See in context

Glory to Hong Kong, death to coronavirus?

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Posted in: Judge rules against Duchess of Sussex in parts of tabloid privacy case See in context

Meghan is very smart but not intelligence as what people think. She will lose the lawsuit against media. She used media for her own game and now she turns against them. She will lose her closed friends.

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Posted in: Many Japanese defy appeals to stay home to curb virus See in context

Stupid and selfish Yong peoples. They think, they are immune from the Covid-19. They should know there are many young and healthy people die too because of this deadly disease.

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Posted in: Japan preparing to extend coronavirus emergency for about a month See in context

Japanese Government must learn from Australia model.

Tokyo and Osaka need to total lock down for a month

Short term pain for long term gain

This coronavirus Covid-19 has sleeper Covid-19 virus carriers. Italian model has positive test for the 4 times and no signs illness.

How many untested peoples around the world and in the Japan?

I believe there will be second wave of Coronavirus Covid-19 if the government did not test all citizens.

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Posted in: Abe touts Avigan as COVID-19 treatment despite experts urging caution See in context

If you don't like and trust Avigan and I then don't take it when you sick with Coved-19. You have rights to choone the drug you have trusted on your own life.

The Avigan drug was freed for everyone who wants to take it.

Fuji Company and Japanese Government are giving free to all countries to fight against Coved-19. The Japanese Government nor the Fuji company are not selling the Avigan drug to anyone. The Japanese Government and the Fuji company are giving free to any Country to fight this Coved-19 disease. No one is making money out of this deadly disease.

What so negative about this article?

If you don't like Abe and then you should go after PM Abe and not the drug that may save other people live. No one was pushing someone to take the drug. They have to decide whether take the Avigan drug or something else. This is a freed for everyone. The test results in the China show encouraging and the Chinese government decided to add the Avigan drug as one of the drugs that will use to treat Coved-19 disease. They know the side effects. So the doctors will not give to the pregnant women.

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Posted in: Hospitals turning away sick people as coronavirus cases surge See in context

Japan needs to lock down totally and give power to thePolice to arrest and fine anyone who break the law.

Japanese central Government and prefecture Governments must learn what Australian Government and State governments are doing in there.

We are not working but Government will pay our salary by government wage subsidiary scheme. Also everyone who lost their jobs will receive social security payments and $550 on top, total $1100 fortnightly for six months. Also, State Governments are mercilessly and unapologetically cracking down to anyone who break the law. Australia Corronavirus infection rate is stable.

Dear PM Abe, give a little break to your country men and women by pay some of their living expenses during the Corronavirus Coved-19 out break.

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Posted in: China to lift lockdown in most of virus-hit Hubei province See in context

I hope Chinese Government will ban eating and selling of wild animals and game meats from now on. This kind of very contagious killer disease breakout was not just once and now twice, which infected to human from animal by handling and eating sick wild animals in the China. First one was SAR virus and the second was Covid-19, both diseases were originated in China.

The Chinese Government should be taken seriously and make illegal to selling and eating wild animals also cat and dog as well. SAR virus was not spreading as fast as Nobel Coronavirus Covid-19 virus, but it was deadly disease too. We can call Armageddon virus if the new killer virus was infected to human from animal by eating and handling sick wild animal. Only Chinese Government can stop, such as a killer virus disease by making illegal to selling and eating wild animals in China.

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Posted in: 3 company execs accused of exporting bio-agent producing device to S Korea See in context

There are different type and use of spray dryers. You can buy mini spray dryers capable of 3 liters to 10 liters freely on internet and Alibaba. Ohkawara Kakohki Co's spray dryers may be bigger high-tech spray dryers and it's capable of producing mass chemical weapon grade with its spray dryers. That's why Japanese Government was restricted to export and need to approve from the Government.

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Posted in: Taliban reject Afghan offer to free 1,500 prisoners before talks See in context

The Taliban has no shortage of suicide bombers. The Taliban will use its suicide bombers and attack Government and civilian until they completely controlled the country. I don't think there will be reduced violent attack on Government and civilian even if the President Ghani has ordered to release all 5000 Taliban prisoners. Releasing 5000 Taliban prisoners will be it own risk for the Ghani Government. The Taliban does not have its own goodwill gesture and the Taliban was barbaric and murderer.

The Taliban was hard to defeat because Taliban soldiers do not wear uniforms. So the Afghan and the coalition soldiers do not know who was the Taliban unless they were coming under attacked by the Taliban. If the Taliban soldiers died in the village or near the village from the US led Coalition's bombing and then the US and Afghan Government to pay compensation to family. All men in the village can be Taliban soldiers, but they will disguise as farmers and husband when the Afghan soldiers and the coalition soldiers come to the village.

The IED and Suicide bombers are No, 1 weapon for the Taliban. The 5000 Taliban prisoners will be Taliban soldiers again after release from the Prison. The Current Afghan Government will be gone after the US and coalition Army withdraw from the Afghanistan.

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Posted in: Oil plunges 25%, hit by erupting Saudi-Russia oil price war See in context

I support Russia. The OPEC cartel organization was too greedy and they are blackmailing the world consumers with controlling Oil production.

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Posted in: Sydney skywriting says "STOP F1" amid coronavirus fears See in context

Mind your own business mate. Don't waste money.

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Posted in: Virus spreads to over 60 countries; France closes the Louvre See in context

I think Iran must quarantine whole country and prevent peoples travel in and out. WHO must help the Iranian Government to fight Coronavirus Covid-19 because Iran has no resource to fight coronavirus Covid-19 spreading and treatment to patients.

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Posted in: Australia warns it can't stop spread of coronavirus from overseas See in context

One Doctor was infected with Coronavirus Covid-19 in Sydney. It is not known how he contracted the virus.

The Iranian Australian woman returned from Iran and was working at Hair Plus beauty salon at Australia Fair shopping center this week in Queensland. Queensland Health state’s chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young said the beautician saw up to 40 clients for facial treatments.

Also, the Iranian Australian man was tested positive for Covid-19 may have infected unknown numbers peoples in Melbourne and Tasmania. The authority should have quarantine these Iranian Australian woman and man who arrived from Iran at quarantine facility for two weeks. Now they are infecting other peoples in Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania and first victim was doctor from Queensland Hospital.

The Australia Government has missed the opportunity for preventing from spreading Coronavirus Covid-19 in Australia. I'm really scared of Coronavirus Covid-19.

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Posted in: Store shelves stripped of toilet paper amid coronavirus fears See in context

I watched the news last night about peoples are panicking and buying toilet paper roll in Italy and also panic buyers in Hong Kong have descended on supermarkets to snap up toilet paper after false online claims of shortages. Business is good for some peoples.

Who spread the rumors?

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Posted in: Japan to send vice justice minister to Lebanon to discuss Ghosn See in context

Now Ghosn is an international fugitive. He cannot go to France because the French Government will charge him with financial misconduct too.

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Posted in: Johnson says coronavirus top priority, as first Briton dies See in context

I think Coronavirus can hide in the body and reappear and attack again when the body immune system was weak. The Coronavirus can infect to another person even though his or her tests show clear from the Coronavirus that time. I think Corona Virus Covid-19 is a cleaver and smarter than SARS and MERS virus.

The report said the Tour Bus guide woman was tested negative and discharged from the Hospital and then she returned with a sore throat and chest pain to the Hospital after 3 weeks. This time, she was tested positive for Covid-19 Coronavirus again 3 weeks after discharged from the Hospital.

If she was reinfected again with Covid-19 Coronavirus from another sick person and then there will be a question mark on effectiveness of vaccine for Covid-19 Coronavirus.

First I heard about Coronavirus story was, the Coronavirus was not a serious illness like SARS or MERS. Later I learn about the Covid-19 Coronavirus was more complicated and serious than SARS and MERS.

All we heard about Covid-19 Coronavirus was what the journalists wrote and report on the TV news. I do not have a good immune system and I'm over 60s. So I'll avoid crowded places.

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Posted in: U.S. reports first drug shortage tied to virus outbreak See in context

Import the generic products from India if the pharmaceutical company cannot supply medicine that the American peoples needed now.

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Posted in: Malaysian PM Mahathir sends resignation letter to king See in context

Mahathir is dirty politician. He sent Anwar to the prison by fabricating evidence, corrupt Judge and Police. He still hungry for power at 94. If he goes back to the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) Party and form a new coalition Government with UMNO and then he is real traitor and a liar. Malaysian peoples must boycott and punish his Party and UMNO.

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Posted in: Chinatowns around world feel brunt of virus panic See in context

The Japanese take away shop that my wife working part time was relying on Chinese students, but the Chinese students could not come back to Melbourne due to travel ban from China. Now the shop revenue has dropped 75%. I think Australian Government should allow Chinese students come back and quarantine them 14 days in Christmas Island or quarantine facility at after arrived in Australia.Otherwise, many businesses will have to close because many small businesses in Australia are depending on tourists and 75% of the tourists are from China. Now Chinese tourists cannot come to Australia and their revenue are dropped. Some shops are closed and many employees have lost their job. Government needs to find solution for Chinese students able to come back and continue study in Australia.

Also, racist rumors circulating in social media are promoting peoples to avoid Chinese restaurants and China town.

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Posted in: Ghosn used Nissan-Mitsubishi venture to inflate pay: lawyers See in context

If there was proved of Carlos Ghosn misusing of the Company's money and his position and then Nissan-Mitsubishi has right to dismiss from the position. Lebanese businessmen are as bright as Jewish businessmen but they are not always honest. It does not matter whatever reason Ghosn was dismissed from Nissan-MItsubishi alliance if they have evidence of Ghosn misused of Company's fund for his own personal gain.

Carlos Ghosn was very sharp and very bright businessman, but he makesa mistake by trying to cover his lost in the stock market with Company money. His integrity has gone when he lost his investment in stock shares.

Carlos Ghosn has to explain not just about his using fund of Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, but also he has to explain about his misusing Renault Company's money. There's no excused for financial misconduct and using the Company's fund for personal gain. Now those allegations and evidence of financial misconducts committed by Ghosn were certain curtain call for him and no more Phoenix story of Carlos Ghosn. One mistake, okay, but too many mistakes and misusing tens of millions of dollars is not okay.

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