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Posted in: Ukraine-born Miss Japan relinquishes crown after reported affair See in context

I wished you all the best for the future, Karolina Shiino. You're beautiful and you will success without Miss Japan title.

Move to the State where peoples do not judge based on race and personal life.

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Posted in: Lawyer claims 'smoking gun proof' Ed Sheeran copied song See in context

Next step for the Ed Sheeran's Lawyer, they never heard of Marvin Gaye's song “Let’s Get It On” Sheeran's lawyer told jurors.

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Posted in: Teacher moonlighting as bar host arrested in Nagoya See in context

Most unluckiest dude on the earth. He has lost two jobs simultaneously, and also he was arrested too.

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Posted in: Japan's population projected to shrink 30% to 87 mil in 2070 See in context

If the Government has taken-care costs of children pre-school and education, and then that will encourage young peoples to get married and get the baby. Also, Government must be acknowledged there were many newborn babies died from disposed by young unmarried mother. The babies never should have died from that kind of circumstance.

The Japanese Government can do a lot of things with more sex education classes and girls only sex education class in the School. The Government must be placing unwanted baby Dumpster at the local Hospital and the place where 24 hrs nurses are attending. So, young mother can drop the baby without worrying caught by someone else. Also, there should be maternity clinics for young pregnant mother can give birth without afraid of know by other peoples.

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Posted in: Japanese company: 'High probability' lander crashed on moon See in context

Why they had chosen the Atlas crater for the Moon lander landing site? I think the team was over confident.

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Posted in: New Zealand ships its last livestock as ban takes effect See in context

I hope the Australia Government will follow suit, our cousin Kiwi.

Well done Kiwis.

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian to appear in 'American Horror Story' See in context

American Horror Story "Moan" series 1.

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Posted in: At least 50 reported killed as Myanmar military attacks rebel gathering See in context

This war crime was one of the many war crimes committed by Min Aung Hlaing led Burmese military junta on innocent Burmese civilians.

Communist China, Russia and Iran are major arms suppliers to the Burmese military Junta. Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and Inidia Prime Minister Modi are sitting on the fence.

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Posted in: 4 arrested over murder, robbery of 90-year-old woman See in context


Japan is safe in the street and you can walk alone in the street. Most parts of Japan is safer than western countries.

My wife was robbed in broad daylight by a group of youth when she was came back from the Supermarket. She called out for help, but no one came out from their home. They got my wife's handbag with $ 200, Credit cards, Bank cards and phone. They had escaped with the getaway car. We had opened the robbery case with the Police, but the Police couldn't catch the robbers.

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Posted in: 69-year-old man arrested for calling police station 3,900 times in Shiga Prefecture See in context

He was boring and he wants to talk someone. So, he found it. His victim was the Police. Now he will have some buddies to talk and free Bento in the jail.

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Posted in: Racism row erupts as William and Kate visit Boston See in context

Ngozi Fulani was look a likeAfrican and she was not look like British. If I were Lady Susan Hussey and then I'll ask her same questions like Lady Susan Hussey. There's no racist attitude and she was polite to speak with guest.

Ngozi said she was violated and insulted, suffered trauma and damage

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Posted in: High-profile Australian parliament rape case won't resume after mistrial See in context

One night, They went out for drinks together at the Pub. After that, she went back together with Bruce to the Office. Why will she agree to go back to the office middle of the night with the man who wasn't her lover? After 20 years, she went to the Police and talk to the Police, Bruce Lehrmann had raped me 20 years ago. I don't know whether it was consensual sexual activity or not. It was 20 years ago.

 Why did she take too long to file a rape allegation against Bruce Lehrmann?

However, 20 - year is very long time ago and the Police shouldn't accept the case.Some women are misusing "Me Too" movement to persecute their ex-boyfriend. It was 21st century witch hunting game.

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Posted in: Verstappen cruises to win in inaugural Miami Grand Prix See in context

We missed Kamui Kobayashi in F1.

He was a best F1 driver come out of Japan.

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Posted in: EU to seek China rethink over Russia ties See in context

It's very sad to see two most populated countries, China and India are making profits from the war by buying cheap Oil from Russia. It's looking like two vultures helping themselves on the carcass.

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand worried by China deal with Solomons See in context

venzeMar. 28  01:19 pm JST

What to worry?

Go and buy over the leaders, and they will lean on you..

That's what I want to say it. China had bribed leaders and Government to get what the Communist Chinese wanted to do in a small Island country like Solomon Island, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

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Posted in: Pressure builds on China to drop its Russian ally See in context

Two evils.

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Posted in: Pandemic to cost global tourism $2 trillion in 2021: U.N. See in context

Thanks to Xi.

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Posted in: New video of China tennis star surfaces amid global outcry See in context

I believed Peng has been detained or sent to re-education camp in somewhere in the Country.

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Posted in: Meghan Markle apologizes for misleading UK court over biography See in context

Everyone who has brain know she is liar. I don't believe whatever Meghan said. She is liar and manipulater.

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Posted in: Australian prime minister attacks French leader's credibility See in context

Don't lie Macron. You have to check what you have sent text messages to our PM before you accused someone. Macron started the first and he lost it. Shut up Macron! You're Submarine group wasted precious 3 years and 3 billion tax payer money for nothing.

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Posted in: Macron says Australian PM Morrison lied to him See in context

Whose care Macron? He will be gone by coming Election. No one like him in France. Macron was childish and go back to Mama.

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Posted in: PM, Victorian premier differ on whether unvaccinated players can come for Australian Open See in context

Two weeks Hotal quarrantine will be enough for unvaccinated payers. If he or she caught Covid-19 and then they were infected by some vaccinated players or fans.

Premire has to consult with health official about these matter. I know the Premire will change his words.

If the all players boycott the Australian Open and then he has to change the unvaccinated policy.

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Posted in: Japanese gymnast leaves hospital after suffering serious spinal injury See in context

I hope you will recover quickly from your injury. I wish you all the best, Hatakeda-san.

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Posted in: Weak yen morphs into new threat to Japan with surging energy costs See in context

The President Biden should ask Saudi to increase output Oil.

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Posted in: Erdogan orders removal of 10 ambassadors, including U.S. envoy See in context

Endogan was believing he was untouchable and can stay in power indefinitely. He should understand nothing will last forever. All world tyranny and dictators were faced with punishment by citizens in the end. One day he will fall and face prosecution for the crimes he has had commited.

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia pledges 2060 target of net-zero emissions See in context

That's fine but you have to increase Oil production for now. Otherwise, we poor people has to park car at home. OPEC should not be too greedy. The Oil price should maintain at $60/ barrel.

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Posted in: McCartney says Lennon responsible for Beatle breakup See in context

The problem cause by Yoko Ono. She wanted to be in the band and even in the Album cover photo shoot. John was obsession with Yoko that time and he will do whatever Yoko said. Also, Yoko Ono wanted John quit the band and start solo career. So, she can control John more. Yoko Ono was very much capability woman. If she wanted and then she doesn't care whoever in her way and she Will get it at whatever costs to her. She stolen John from the Linda by slept with John on her bed. Yoko Ono was the person who was responsible for the Beatles breaking-up.

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Posted in: Oil at 7-year high after OPEC+ decides on cautious increase See in context

OPEC was greedy and morally bankrupt organization.

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Posted in: Trading of China's Evergrande shares in Hong Kong suspended See in context

State own lender get back it money first and overseas lenders get lost their money. Very good Communist business policy.

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Posted in: S Korean, Japanese students share summer house, deepen understanding See in context

Children are okay but the problem was politicians. So, children should teach their politicians to how to get along with their neighbour.

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