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Posted in: Renault's Senard denies he will be 'commander' in alliance with Nissan See in context

Asked whether the French government, the largest stakeholder in Renault, had asked him to make the alliance irreversible, Senard said, "I don't know if that's the word they used when I spoke to the government representatives, but that was the idea. In fact, I felt that it was obvious."

What's a French Government's intention of using words "make the alliance irreversible"?

I strongly believe NISSAN must ask Renault to volunteer surrender and sell 15% stock shares back to NISSAN.

There's no business for French Government to run the company.

NISSAN and MITSUBISHI Motor must be very careful and aware of the French Government position in Renault SA.

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Posted in: Bottas beats Mercedes teammate Hamilton to win Australian GP See in context

Honda engine was impressive. I hope Honda will demand Japanese driver in Toro Rosso seat. I want to see Kobayashi in Formula One again.

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Posted in: Australian senator faces censure for anti-immigration stance See in context

I believe it was staged by the journalist.

Why 17 years old kid was there with egg in his hand?

He wants to fame but it will last a few days. It will destroy his life and he will become the sleazy person like other peoples whom have done stupid things in the past for the 15 minutes of fame.

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Posted in: NZ mosque shootings toll rises to 50; authorities to begin releasing bodies See in context

No one has right to take someone's life away regardless. My thoughts are with victims and victims' families.

The reason of behind the attacked in Christchurch’s Mosques may have been related to last year crashed between anti-Muslim UPF group and anti-racist group in anti-Mosque protesting in Bendigo, Victoria Australia. I believe the shooter was belonging to far right group the UPF. I may be wrong.

These people (the UPF members) though the Muslims are invading Westernized Christian countries and the Muslim population is increasing in Australia.

The Muslims are building larger Mosques against local community protests in Australia. The majority of the Bendigo local peoples were opposing against building Mosque in their town in Victoria. There were several crashes between anti-Mosque community, Anti-Muslim group UPF and left wing anti-racist group in Bendigo, Victoria. The local peoples are angry about the town Councilors’ ignored the opposing of building a Mosque by the majority of local peoples and given permission to build largest Mosque in their town, in Victoria.

The local community protesting against building a new Mosque in Bendigo town was attracting to a far-right group UPF and the pro-Muslim far-left wing anti-racist group. The groups were confronting each other in anti-Mosque protest in Bendigo town occasionally. I do not have idea about whose organized the pro-Muslim far-left anti-racist group.

The Bendigo anti-Mosque protesting has attracted the whole country and debate about how local council handle building Mosque in well establish area because the property value has dropped dramatically after Mosque was built in their area. Non-Muslim community does not want Mosque in their town and even Muslims who owned the property do not want Mosque in their neighboring because the property value was dropped after the Mosque was built in their street. Actually, the majority of Australian peoples are not anti-Muslim and racist peoples. The Bendigo Mosque problem has shown ugly side of divisive between non-Muslim group and Muslim Community in Australia.  

Also, the far right United Patriots Front group believes the Mosques’ money come from Saudi and Middle Eastern Muslim Governments. The Saudi and Middle Eastern Governments were behind the Australian Muslim group aggressively building larger Mosques in Australia. So, they believe the Muslims are coming to Australia as a refugee and expending the Muslim population, encouraging by Middle Eastern Government and Saudi Government.

I hope the Christchurch Mosques’ massacres are last and the ideology of terrorism has no place in the civilized world.

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Posted in: Daiwa House suspects massive embezzlement at Chinese joint venture See in context

The Daiwa House Industry Company is a big company. I believe, the Chinese Government takes it seriously because it's involved with International Company. I don't think the Chinese Government will tolerate such crime when the Chinese Government was seriously wanted international investment in its country. The Chinese authority will thoroughly investigate this embezzlement from Daiwa House' account regardless of Daiwa House recover money or not. If the accusation was true and then the Chinese Police will arrest and confiscate the accuses properties, investment and Bank Account. However, I think most of the money were now in overseas and in their child's name in Cayman Island. Good luck Daiwa House.

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Posted in: Nissan asking shareholders to vote to oust Ghosn as director See in context

Nissan needs to buy back at least 15% of shares from Renault. Foreign Motor Company shouldn't own more than 35%. Also the French Government was heavily involved in Renault management.

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Posted in: Alexa, are you male or female? 'Sexist' virtual assistants go gender-neutral See in context

No male or no female it was gay. Gay was between male and female, so it was gender-neutral. That's why it voice like a gay.

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Posted in: Japanese firm develops hi-tech wheelchairs See in context

"the Porsche of wheelchairs"

I hope it has install brembo breaks as well.

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Posted in: Osaka finds positives despite Indian Wells upset See in context

Osaka said the first title defense of her career had brought different challenges, and she thought she handled them well.

What she means? She moans about media? She handles media really well, but playing poorly.

I don't want to compare her with Australian Samantha Stosur, her fellow the US Open Champion but they both have similarity about playing style. If Samantha Stosur was playing really well and then no players can beat her. If she wasn't playing well and then junior amateur player can beat her. She will make a lot of unforced error and forced error. I saw it in Osaka as well.

Naomi Osaka needs to fix that weakness in her and then she will win more Grand Slam titles. Naomi Osaka's childish behavior is also destroying her game. I was very disappointed when I saw her communication with her former coach Sasha in Brisbane International tournament. She ignored his advice and she throw the game away. Also, Osaka said her wining of Grand Slam was nothing to do with her former Coach Sascha Bajin guideline. I don't think she shouldn't write off former coach Sascha Bajin from her book. He made her off the ground and win two grand slams and one WTA. Sascha is nice person and alsio he has proved he is good coach by helping Osaka to win two grand slam championships.

If she has split with the new coach again and then I'll take her as very difficult person to deal with or coach.

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Posted in: Britain in Brexit chaos as parliament crushes May's EU deal again See in context

What British MPs want?

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Posted in: U.S. joins other nations in grounding 737 MAX jets See in context

Boeing CEO, Board members and Advisors have blood on their hands. The Boeing should have grounded all 737 Max 8 and 9 and fix the problem when Indonesian Airline has crashed 737 Max 8. Now unnecessarily lost 157 lives because of the Boeing insisting about the 737 Max safety and blaming Pilots for Indonesian Airline crashed. Boeing CEO, Board members and Advisors should resign from their job.

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Posted in: Manafort sentenced to 7 years, faces fresh New York charges See in context

America was so divided by politics and hatred between Democrat supporters and Republican supporters as well as among the judges and prosecutors who must be independence, impartiality and neutrality as their duty. I think Robert Muller's investigation should be wrapped up ASAP and take action against whoever broke the law. It seems to be Robert Muller has intention for his investigation for Russian meddling in the US Election into 2020 unless someone order him to wrap up his investigation. The FBI was incompetent and corrupted organization. If the FBI was competent organization and its leadership has integrity and then the Russian won't be meddling in the US election. It's FBI fault and the Leader of organization fault. Comey had screwed Hillary Clinton and he destroyed her chances of becoming first American President.

Democrats, Liberal left wing journalists and Robert Muller are trying to stop President Trump re-election, but I believe it will be backfired because their actions are ridiculous and undecided voters will favor Trump for second term re-election base on his job.

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Posted in: Vietnamese woman charged with killing N Korean leader's half-brother loses bid for release See in context

Because she wasn't Muslim as Indonesian woman who was freed to return home. That's what Muslim country treated to non-Muslim person. It's ashamed of Malaysian Government.

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Posted in: N Korea state media says people blame U.S. for summit breakdown See in context

The President went there (Vietnam) for good deal for the American peoples and the world and he did not go there for publicity and concession to N. Korea.

North Korean regime cannot be trusted. N. Korean regime was trying to con the President Trump with old school strategy which N. Korea conned President Bush, Clinton and Obama administration in the past but it didn't work with the President Trump.

So, North Korean regime needs to straighten up if they want the deal with the President Trump.

The President Trump said "he has good relationship Chairman Kim Jong-un and he trust him".

How do you like the President Trump to say about Kim Jong-un?

Do you want him to say " hey, I don't trust this fatty little rocket-man Kim Jong-un and I don't have good relationship with this little witch"?

You don't need to be love or hate someone when you are negotiation for something important but you have to speak good thing about him to get him straight. Now they were at negotiation table.

The President Trump is businessman and he knows about how to negotiate and establish relationship with his opponent.

If I were Kim Jong-un and North Korean Generals and then I'll be very careful not to change the course which they have agreed before. North Korean regime was worrying about losing their grip on power if North Korean has opened up to the outside world and given up Nuclear weapons.

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Posted in: The enemy within: Shadow of Japanese colonial rule hangs over S Korea See in context

In a commemorative speech, President Moon Jae-in said "wiping out the vestiges of pro-Japanese collaborators" was a "long-overdue undertaking".

It's his reelection campaign speech? That speech was very strong and anti-Japan publicity. Most of South Koreans have some kind of hatred against Japanese Government and Japanese peoples. I wish that speech was addressed by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un instead of South Korean President.

He was a left wing student and human right activist lawyer. Also the President Moon Jae-in was a North Korea sympathizer and anti-Japan politician. I don't think Japan - South Korea two countries' relationship will have some improvement in the near future.

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Posted in: Myanmar police seize massive haul of meth pills See in context

The raw material was coming from China and Thailand to Northern Burma, where various armed ethnic rebel groups controlled areas and manufactured drug. The ethnic armed groups have manufactured the drug ICE and distribute across the region. If the Chinese Government and Thai Government have prevented raw material going to Northern Burma and there will be stooped manufacturing drug ICE in the Burma.

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Posted in: Morgan Freeman explores faith in 'Story of God' See in context

I watched that documentary film last year. It wasn't new.

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Posted in: Securing the 5G future: What's the issue? See in context

I have no doubt the Chinese Government will use the Huawei 5G system to spy and steal commercial secrets, foreign Governments, military technology and opposition groups.

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Posted in: Rival jihadists say IS suspects executed in Syria's Idlib See in context

It's a good news. The jihadists killed jihadists.

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Posted in: Five years on, MH370 families band together to seek closure See in context

I hope Australia doesn't need to foot the bills for resuming a search for MH370.

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Posted in: Subaru's domestic production halves in January due to part defect See in context

Toyota should buy the Subaru the automobile division from the Subaru Corporation. The Subaru cars are popular in Australia and North America. I believe Toyota can create and marketing Subaru cars as luxury cars.

Subaru Corporation can concentrate on the Aerospace business if the Toyota Corporation takes over Subaru Automotive division. It will improve quality and reliability.

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Posted in: Japan's beef imports from TPP members soar more than 50% in January See in context

Joeintokyo. That Aussie beef is still overpriced for what you get. And a lot of it is crap.

I'm Aussie, but I agreed with you. The Aussie Beef and Chicken have a smell and difference from the American Beef. The Aussie butchers do not know how to treat Beef after they slaughtered cow. Also, the Pork's smell was really bad and I cannot eat.

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Posted in: May gains two-week Brexit reprieve from British lawmakers See in context

The EU doesn't want to see their golden goose leaving the EU. So the EU said no further negotiable on Brexit term and condition. The EU wants to see a more chaotic situation in British Parliament and the MPs disagreement on Brexit.

The PM Theresa May negotiation of Brexit with the EU was fruitless and meaningless. It was wasting time. She wasn't good negotiator and leader after all. The PM Theresa May should resign and replace with her with someone who has the capability for dealing with the EU leaders and Brexit. Otherwise, the Britain may never able to leave the EU.

I was wondering by what the hell on the earth the country which Colonized and divided other countries' states and territories and then given it away to another country as a reward for their loyalty to the United Kingdom and it has done whatever it wanted was not able to unite the Politicians for to leave and freedom from the EU.

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Posted in: 'Liar, Pants on Fire': GOP keeps focus on Cohen, not Trump See in context

In fact, the Lawyers are liars. Now Cohen was convicted felon and he was desperately trying to get his prison term reduce. I don't know whether he get help from Special Counsel Robert Muller as he was promised when Muller asked him to go testify against his former boss Donal Trump or not but Cohen will be definitely go to prison as well as his career was finished here. No one will give him, job. Cohen has to write book and get good deal with publisher for to pay back his lawyer.

Cohen once said, he will take a bullet for his boss Trump. Now, Cohen was trying to push as hard as he can former boss The President Donal Trump over the cliff off to the Pacific Ocean because there's still no smoking gun against the President Trump. I'll rate 50/50 truth to Cohen's testimony against the President Trump.

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Posted in: Trump says talks with Kim failed over N Korean sanctions demands See in context

His predecessors will lift sanctions if they were demanded by N. Korean regime. However, the President won't do it without doing meaningful denuclearize N. Korea.

N. Korean regime must realize the President Trump is not Clinton or Obama. If the N. Korean regime wants the sanctions lift and then the N. Korean must honest and do the right thing what the world wanted to see.

The President Trump won't be wasted times for nothing. He was right to end the summit early.

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Posted in: Car industry will be big 5G customer down the road See in context

I don't like this kind of idea that transform car to small moving office. The accidents are waiting to happen. The driver concentration on road will be disrupted by using digital activity while driving the car.

I think, the car only need Air-con and Stereo as well as security system.

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Posted in: Nuclear weapons on menu at Trump-Kim dinner See in context

Peoples whom criticize the President Tump are lack of understanding about negotiation. You cannot bad mouthing about your opponent when you're going to negotiate for important subject the nuclear disarmament with him. Whatever the anti-Trump said, the President is a very good negotiator and I believe he will success negotiation of the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. However, it will take some times.

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Posted in: Trump's ex-fixer Cohen to give new Russia details to Congress See in context

Cohen was a loser and habitual liar.

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Posted in: Australian cardinal convicted of abusing two choir boys in 1990s See in context

I'm doubtful about Cardinal Pell conviction. Cardinal Pell was accused of sexual assault after he was accused of mishandling and cover-up the Priests sexual abused case by the News Papers and TVs after a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was established and investigation on his conduct of handling Roman Catholic Priests' sexual abused complaints.

The case did not end yet and his lawyer has lodging an appeal of his conviction. I believe George Pell deserve to retrial with accuser presenting himself appearing at retrial and the defendant lawyer able to cross question him at court.

I was not Christian and I'm Buddhist. Cardinal George Pell was already convicted before he was charged because the Child sex activists and the Newspaper had been accused of covering up for his friend Priest sexual abused and he had ignored sexual abused victim seeking help from him.

The parliamentarians questioned Pell over allegations from the parents of a victim that he had not shown them empathy. Pell said he had in fact fully understood the suffering. Pell agreed with the inquiry that his predecessor had "covered up" matters for fear of scandal. The Cardinal was heckled from the gallery. Pell critic David Marr wrote that "He [Pell] admitted his church had covered up abuse for fear of scandal; that his predecessor Archbishop Little had destroyed records, moved paedophile priests from parish to parish and facilitated appalling crimes."

During the course of the Inquiry, a victim of a paedophile Christian Brother at St Alipius Primary School claimed that in 1969 Pell heard him pleading for help a few weeks after he had been raped. Pell denied the claim, which was later discredited when Pell produced his passport to confirm that he was not living in Australia that year.[21] In 2015, the complainant's story received wide publicity prior to Pell producing his passport.

All the Australian peoples and the Jury were known about those allegations against George Pell by the News Papers and activists long before he was charged by Police. The allegation about his covered up the Priests sexual abused and other negative comments against him will have been affected over Jury decision.

I believe Cardinal George Pell trial should have been without Jury and it makes sense about the trial without the jury.

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Posted in: Ford begins probe into whether gas mileage was overstated See in context

Ford Motor Co has launched an investigation into whether flaws in an internal mathematical model may have caused it to overstate gas mileage and understate pollution from a wide range of vehicles.

Perhaps, it was intentionally mistake by Ford employees or their calculator intentionally malfunction. Ha,ha, ha.

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