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Posted in: May gains two-week Brexit reprieve from British lawmakers See in context

The EU doesn't want to see their golden goose leaving the EU. So the EU said no further negotiable on Brexit term and condition. The EU wants to see a more chaotic situation in British Parliament and the MPs disagreement on Brexit.

The PM Theresa May negotiation of Brexit with the EU was fruitless and meaningless. It was wasting time. She wasn't good negotiator and leader after all. The PM Theresa May should resign and replace with her with someone who has the capability for dealing with the EU leaders and Brexit. Otherwise, the Britain may never able to leave the EU.

I was wondering by what the hell on the earth the country which Colonized and divided other countries' states and territories and then given it away to another country as a reward for their loyalty to the United Kingdom and it has done whatever it wanted was not able to unite the Politicians for to leave and freedom from the EU.

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Posted in: 'Liar, Pants on Fire': GOP keeps focus on Cohen, not Trump See in context

In fact, the Lawyers are liars. Now Cohen was convicted felon and he was desperately trying to get his prison term reduce. I don't know whether he get help from Special Counsel Robert Muller as he was promised when Muller asked him to go testify against his former boss Donal Trump or not but Cohen will be definitely go to prison as well as his career was finished here. No one will give him, job. Cohen has to write book and get good deal with publisher for to pay back his lawyer.

Cohen once said, he will take a bullet for his boss Trump. Now, Cohen was trying to push as hard as he can former boss The President Donal Trump over the cliff off to the Pacific Ocean because there's still no smoking gun against the President Trump. I'll rate 50/50 truth to Cohen's testimony against the President Trump.

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Posted in: Trump says talks with Kim failed over N Korean sanctions demands See in context

His predecessors will lift sanctions if they were demanded by N. Korean regime. However, the President won't do it without doing meaningful denuclearize N. Korea.

N. Korean regime must realize the President Trump is not Clinton or Obama. If the N. Korean regime wants the sanctions lift and then the N. Korean must honest and do the right thing what the world wanted to see.

The President Trump won't be wasted times for nothing. He was right to end the summit early.

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Posted in: Car industry will be big 5G customer down the road See in context

I don't like this kind of idea that transform car to small moving office. The accidents are waiting to happen. The driver concentration on road will be disrupted by using digital activity while driving the car.

I think, the car only need Air-con and Stereo as well as security system.

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Posted in: Nuclear weapons on menu at Trump-Kim dinner See in context

Peoples whom criticize the President Tump are lack of understanding about negotiation. You cannot bad mouthing about your opponent when you're going to negotiate for important subject the nuclear disarmament with him. Whatever the anti-Trump said, the President is a very good negotiator and I believe he will success negotiation of the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. However, it will take some times.

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Posted in: Trump's ex-fixer Cohen to give new Russia details to Congress See in context

Cohen was a loser and habitual liar.

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Posted in: Australian cardinal convicted of abusing two choir boys in 1990s See in context

I'm doubtful about Cardinal Pell conviction. Cardinal Pell was accused of sexual assault after he was accused of mishandling and cover-up the Priests sexual abused case by the News Papers and TVs after a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was established and investigation on his conduct of handling Roman Catholic Priests' sexual abused complaints.

The case did not end yet and his lawyer has lodging an appeal of his conviction. I believe George Pell deserve to retrial with accuser presenting himself appearing at retrial and the defendant lawyer able to cross question him at court.

I was not Christian and I'm Buddhist. Cardinal George Pell was already convicted before he was charged because the Child sex activists and the Newspaper had been accused of covering up for his friend Priest sexual abused and he had ignored sexual abused victim seeking help from him.

The parliamentarians questioned Pell over allegations from the parents of a victim that he had not shown them empathy. Pell said he had in fact fully understood the suffering. Pell agreed with the inquiry that his predecessor had "covered up" matters for fear of scandal. The Cardinal was heckled from the gallery. Pell critic David Marr wrote that "He [Pell] admitted his church had covered up abuse for fear of scandal; that his predecessor Archbishop Little had destroyed records, moved paedophile priests from parish to parish and facilitated appalling crimes."

During the course of the Inquiry, a victim of a paedophile Christian Brother at St Alipius Primary School claimed that in 1969 Pell heard him pleading for help a few weeks after he had been raped. Pell denied the claim, which was later discredited when Pell produced his passport to confirm that he was not living in Australia that year.[21] In 2015, the complainant's story received wide publicity prior to Pell producing his passport.

All the Australian peoples and the Jury were known about those allegations against George Pell by the News Papers and activists long before he was charged by Police. The allegation about his covered up the Priests sexual abused and other negative comments against him will have been affected over Jury decision.

I believe Cardinal George Pell trial should have been without Jury and it makes sense about the trial without the jury.

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Posted in: Ford begins probe into whether gas mileage was overstated See in context

Ford Motor Co has launched an investigation into whether flaws in an internal mathematical model may have caused it to overstate gas mileage and understate pollution from a wide range of vehicles.

Perhaps, it was intentionally mistake by Ford employees or their calculator intentionally malfunction. Ha,ha, ha.

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Posted in: Samsung's new foldable Galaxy phone will have 5G and $2,000 price tag See in context

I don't need it. I'm still using Sony Xperia Z3. My Mobile doesn't have even an internet connection. I have Internet in my home. It's for young people whose parents are wealthy.

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Posted in: UK politics fractures further as 3 Conservatives defect See in context

She was hopelessly negotiation with EU for Brexit. She wasn't good negotiator after all.

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Posted in: Trump says he has 'absolute right' to declare emergency See in context

These 16 states choose to take action against President Trump's National Emergency declaration because their hatred and anti-President Trump. These Governors are wasting tax payers' money.

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Posted in: Trump says he's in no rush to see North Korea give up nuclear weapons program See in context

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he wants to see North Korea eventually give up its nuclear weapons program, but adds he's not in any rush

Obviously, he means it as "we don't lift sanctions if you don't give up nuke. If you want to lift the sanction on your country and then you must give up your nuke ASAP"

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Posted in: Venezuela begins crucial week in humanitarian aid stand-off See in context

Sunset chapter for dictator Maduro?

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Posted in: 16 U.S. states sue Trump administration in showdown over border wall funds See in context

It's a Lawyer delights. They are dancing to Lawyers' tune.

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Posted in: Tobacco companies make quiet return to Formula One See in context

Who care? The Formula One race didn't show live on the freeview TV in Australia.

Formula One live race was only available to Foxtel subscriber only on Foxtel.

However, the Formula one shows Reader Digest version on the freeview TV with longer Commercial ad and shorter race version in the next day. We lost interest in F1 and Moto GP is more popular in Australia.

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Posted in: Osaka talks about split with coach See in context

I though the interacting between the coach Bajin and player Osaka was a bit strange when Osaka play Semifinal in Brisbane. Osaka didn't really listen to her coach Bajin and looking to other direction. She lost to Ukrainian player Lesia Viktorivna Tsurenko 6 - 2, 6 - 4. And then, she withdraws from Sydney. Later, she won the Australian Open title.

Naomi Osaka is still young. Her decision may not be right, but she thinks it's a right thing and happy. It's her life and her career. Good luck for her.

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Posted in: Support for Australian government rallies ahead of May election See in context

Labor will lose winnable election to Coalition. Bill Shorten and Labor has no policy and Labor is becoming left wing Socialist Party. I'll never vote Labor that lead by Bill Shorten.

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia defends app allowing men to monitor women relatives See in context

How about appointing another Middle East Muslim Prince and diplomat for the United Nation High Commissioner for Human Right Office?

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will be most qualify person for the United Nation High Commissioner for the Human Right Office.

Those rulers in Middle East are not civilized peoples. They have money but they are stupid and idiots

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Posted in: U.S. military planes land near Venezuela border with aid See in context

Maduro was most stupid and idiotic socialist leader in the Latin America. He does not qualified for the President job.

Whole Venezuelans should show up at front of country Military HQ and demand military to open the blockage and allow foods and medical aid trucks into Venezuela.

Always the Generals are in the pocket of dictatorship because the dictatorship Government allows General and military officers to corrupt and involve in drug trafficking.

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Posted in: Abe nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize on U.S. request: Asahi See in context

The Nobel Committee never should give the Nobel Peace Prize to the currently serving the President and the Prime Minister because the Nobel Peace Award can be interfered with the President or the PM decision in important matters if the President and the Prime Minister were not strong enough. Their citizens never should have scarified for their Nobel Peace Prize.

The Nobel Award Committee never should have given the Nobel Peace Prize to the former President Obama when he was still in the Office. The Nobel Committee should give Obama once he leaves the Office.

However, the President Obama was cleaver and out smart those activists and satisfied them with just lip service. He had avoided crossing the line when he made the decision. I wish the Nobel Committee has given Nobel Peace Prize to the President Obama after he left the Oval Office. It will be worthier and more appreciable than that one he received.

I have seen some activists are hijacking and trying to tie the Nobel Peace Prize with Nobel Peace Prize laureate country leaders with their Government making decision in domestic affairs and international affairs.

If you give the Nobel Peace Award to the current serving the President, the PM and the Political Leaders and then you should not have to expect what you wanted when they make decision for their country because they have to serve with the best interest for their country and their peoples. The President and the Prime Minister is not a Human Right activist and they are the leader of their country. So they will make a decision in the best interest of their citizens.

I still wish the Nobel Committee had given the Nobel Peace Prize to the former President Barack Obama after he left the White House.

The President Trump never should receive Nobel Peace Prize Award when he was still in the Office if the Nobel Committee decided to give Nobel Peace award to the President Trump.

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Posted in: Amid tensions with Japan, S Korea to boost world awareness on wartime sex abuses See in context

S. Korean Government should stop playing political game with those unfortunate women. Those war times comfort women were sold by their parents and some was already working as a prostitute in Korea. Those war times prostitutes' lives were not miserable condition and they have 100% freedom. They managed their income and they were not serving soldiers for free. They can go out and buy what they like.

It was based on the information obtained from the interrogation of twenty Korean "comfort girls" and two Japanese civilians captured around the tenth of August, 1944 in the mopping up operations after the fall of Myitkyina in Burma by American Military.

Some peoples are afraid of speaking out the truth and scaring of some group of self-righteous peoples pointing finger at them. Peoples who couldn't accept the truth are cowardice and dishonest.

Here's website the information about the US Army force interrogation of Korean women and Japanese women. It was real time statement from Korean women.

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Posted in: Soros calls China's Xi 'most dangerous' foe of free societies See in context

Don't think a bout visiting China from now on, Mr. Soros. You will be end up in the jail and charge with Spying China for the CIA.

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Posted in: Senate seeks solution to open U.S. government; Trump insists on wall See in context

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer had signed and supported for to build walls at the Southern border with Mexico, but now he opposed it with Nancy Pelosi.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer was an opportunist fake politician and he has no integrity to keep his agreement for to fund and build the border wall.

Nancy Pelosi was kept talking about border wall is immorality, but she seems to be starving 800,000 Federal employees and their family was no problem for her.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are opposing the border wall because it will be built under President administration. If a Democrat President has planned to build border wall and then there will be no immorality issue with building border wall for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. They are fake anyway.

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Posted in: Melbourne roasts as heatwave continues See in context

Oh yeah, I was cooked alive yesterday. Also, the power was cut off for a few hours at 2 pm hottest time. Now, I was ready to eat and cooked well done. Enjoy.

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Posted in: Serena to 'keep soldiering on' in search of 24th Slam See in context

I believe she can win another Grand Slam. Serena was stronger than before given birth to her beautiful daughter. Unfortunately she lost to Kvitova in third set. She was certainly to win third set and win the game. It's Tennis and it can go either ways. I wish all the best and win another Grand Slam title in near future.

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Posted in: Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen postpones testimony to Congress, citing 'threats' See in context

1# During an event at the White House, Trump was asked about Cohen saying he had been threatened by him and Giuliani.

2# "I would say he's been threatened by the truth. He's only been threatened by the truth," Trump said.

Giuliani told Reuters that the "president's response covers it."

The first paragraph was written by reporter and the second paragraph was answered by Trump and Giuliani.

Do they (1 & 2) have the same definition?

The English language was my second language. Could you please explain me difference between reporter's report and actual answer?

In my language they (1 & 2) have very different meaning and cannot write like that.

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Posted in: Trump delays State of the Union Address until partial shutdown ends See in context

Nancy Pelosi should accept starving 800,000 Federal employees and their families was more immoral than building the border wall. Give the god damn $ 5.6 billion for to the build border wall, Nancy.

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Posted in: Osaka reaches Australian Open final, closing in on world No. 1 ranking See in context

Naomi-chan played really well. I hope she will play like first set she played today on Saturday with Kvitova. I hope she will win the Australian Open championship on Saturday. Naomi-chan is better and better. Well done Naomi-chan.

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Posted in: 4 men arrested over online romance scam See in context

Nigerian men are very good at scamming peoples. A few days ago, Australian Police has arrested 32 years old Nigerian man for scamming Brisbane woman $ 400,000.

Last year, Fisayo Oluwafemi, 43 Nigerian man was charged with defrauding victims of almost $3 million through an alleged romance, identification and business scam he was running from inside Sydney's Villawood Detention Center.

There are many online romantic crimes committed by Nigerian men whom pretend as mostly the US soldier with the Photo download from facebook and other social media.

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Posted in: Japan may accept Russia peace pact if it can get back 2 of 4 disputed islands See in context

Japan may accept Russia peace pact if it can get back 2 of 4 disputed islands

No good. No good at all. 4 Islands and not 2 Islands.

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