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This logo is very similar design to the one (the Second Emblem) from JOC.

This Second Emblem of JOC was actually designed by Junko Koshino.

Did Kashiwa Sato copied from her design ???

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Great achievement !! And he is 77 years old !? Respect...

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Sato Kashiwa should be able to create better than that... Did he really design this Logo? I wonder...

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Daisybell Sep. 10, 2011 - 07:37AM JST

You know Chopri - quite a lot has been achieved on this page, but you represent the small percentage who seem like you will always have your eyes and ears covered. You imagine that individual races can prevail here on this ever shrinking planet - but we all have to work together, without boundaries, to better understand each other and to value and support our natural environments.

This is exactory the comment you actually should feedback to the flamenquita who always his/her eyes and ears covered in his/her comments. You didn't find any strange to this person & other protesters blaming comments at all ???

It sound very quibble to me that since you & protesters started to drop the bomb of insult to people in Taiji & others in Japan with your rude behavior mentioning many words of "shameful barbarians" to civilians in Japan; some protesters had broke the law & disturbing the public order in Japan. Then why do we even have to follow the way you request to be "tolerant" to you guys who never attempted to behave "tolerant" to us through these situation & process you have done to us??? We, Japan side, have never started to insult & claim you & the protesters from ourselves about this topic on the thread & other relevant situation; you guys are the one who started to drop the bomb to harass the civilians in Japan by nitpicking this issue, then many resistants like me started to take an action to "self-defense" our society from the foreign protesters. If the protesters won't be able to change their bahavior by themselves nobody in Japan will listen to your words & action which just provoke or motivate us to resist your arrogant & selfish approach.

I'm so shocked & surprised that you & most of protesters have not yet realized that the reason you guys had incurred the the wrath of Japanese about this isse...

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I am angered by so many ignorant posts on this page (far too many to read one by one). Ric and his team of volunteers come to Japan as peaceful protesters to shed light on the barbaric killings of the dolphins.

Ric O'Barry definitely had invaded fishermens' private land with no permission to take peeping photos/films. He broke the law & insulted fishermens' human rights through the media; O'Barry & his volunteers had absolutely disturbed public order in Japan with such "barbaric" way to insult & provoke the people in Taiji & Japan.

I am still surprised that even after the global interest after The Cove (which is have not brought myself to watch yet), that there is not more focus to stopping this small group of fisherman from killing hundreds of dolphins every year.

I am sitll surprised that why you guys are so ill-intentionnaly persistent to the people in Taiji & why none of you guys have ignored protesting to major institutions to save more endangered dolphins I've mentioned above.

Mercury content is certainly an issue, but the main issue is the sale of the dolphins (that are not killed) to aquariums and seaworlds where they are forced to live in captivity and perform tricks for human entertainment.

As I've mentioned above there is no proof about the mercury issue, and the aquariums is the one you & protesters should be able to take care of your own country's aquariums before protesting to the other country.

Dolphins are intelligent species - more than your average barn animal ....they should be left to roam the oceans freely.

Again, there is no proof of that. Yes, it is your (protesters') freedom of speech to believe anything in your country, but it would be nonsense & "barbariatic" behavior to force your opinions on the other country's people who would never listen & agree to your rude & impertinence attitude.

The idea of tradition/culture is no excuse to kill the dolphins - here or in the Faroe Is......what was ok 100 or 1000 years ago, is no longer accepted!! Most Japanese dont know that this is still going on.....much the same as the government covered up all the issues surrounding the fukushima nuclear power plant .....

This kind of insulting attitude is the main reason why people don't listen to the protesters. You have arbitrarily presumed to judge someone in the other country as "shameful barbarians" at the begenning and many other protesters have started to blaming Japanese on this thread. And Fukushima nuclear issue is nothing relevant to this issue as I've already explained above... You are not the center of the world and whatever you & protester have in common is not the world's common sense. Again, even though you already know that you cannot convince Japanese people to stop hunting whales & dolphins, you really better watch your arrogant and cocksure attitude before complaining to us. You will just expose yourself nothing but your pitiable "barbariatic" and ignorant behavior to the world. Yes, the world is watching YOU.

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I am a resistant against the protesters who repeatedly commented "shame on you" or other rude words with such attitude. Actually the protesters are the one who started to blame again me, Japanese, from this article and started to take an action to resist them (&you) back. In the United States it's called as "self defense" theory, right? When someone had attacked your nation or territory & society, America started the "self-defense" by using their Armed Force, right?

Well, if the protesters will change their way to negotiate others just like the way FBI have taken to others, I'm pretty sure that the people will listen to the protesters opinions. I think what the biggest mistake the protesters chose the way & process is that they took the way to blame others with rude attitude instead of negotiation. If one would blame others he/she will be definitely resisted with wrath & same rude attitude just like a mirror, huh???

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@ Clare Dalziel Sep. 08, 2011 - 03:32AM JST

ChopriCana, your agrument is poor, you are trying to justifiy an issue that is way beyond your understanding.

Ahhh.... Well... (-_-;)

So if you want to protest & convince Japanese why can't you prove your values and ethics you mentioned above ???

I don't think nobody who support for dolphin & whale hunting will understand your theory if you can't prove... You didn't go to school to study how to make a persuasive essay or speech ???

Whatever you just believe, go ahead. Just believe the way. Since you got no evidence & proof unless some "hypothetical theory" other-protesters already posted above I can guarantee that the protesters like you will be never able to succeed to negotiate & persuade us to agree with whatever you just think & believe inside of your brain.

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Actually fishermen (including Taiji) & other meat manufactures in Japan perform a ritual ceremony in season to pray that the animals' soul may rest in peace with expressing their gratitude to the animals. It is usually called as "供養祭 (memorial service ceremony / festival to treat the soul of the killed animals for rest in peace. )" in Japanese. Those people have actually done their own tasks to treat animals' lives in their cultural & religious way you, Christian based conservative people, may never be able to understand... (-_-;)

The strange point is that the Ric O'Barry & the Cove staff never introduced the "供養祭" by the Taiji Residents for the souls of dolphins.

Here are the news articles I can easily find their "鯨供養祭" (Whale/Dolphin Soul Festival) with a photo.

Who said that they are all ""barbaric people" ???

Do they clearly look like barbarians ???

Why Ric O'Barry & other foreign protesters (including the Sea Shepherd) didn't introduce this part on media ???

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Nicky Washida Sep. 07, 2011 - 08:06AM JST

a) is it eating the meat that people are protesting about (Chopricana, I understand that people ate dolphin/whale meat a hundred years ago but I think what people are trying to say is that nowadays because of pollution the mercury has become an issue in a way that it wasn't way back then).

Again, this is just as "hypothesis" the protesters through some cheesy campaigns have meaninglessly claimed it as their own beliefs & theory just almost close to religion level. And the theory have not been indeed approved by nowhere at all. Some scientist researched & published the theory, but the theory has not actually proved by other scientists on the world yet. This is the biggest point why danger of the mercury-toxicity inside of the meat is approved by NO INSTITUTIONS.

b) is it keeping dolphins in aquariums for entertainment?

Are you taling about the fishermen in Taiji? If "yes" you need to watch this videos below. It seem like that the Taiji Fishermen Associations is feeding limited numbers of dolphins for meat purpose & aquariums.

[Video Part 1/2]

[Video Part 2/2]

c) is it the ones who died in the pen during the typhoon (Ive seen nothing of that in the J news by the way. Has anyone else?)

There is no such news had been reported. There is no information that the fishermen had captured & locked the dolhins in the pen before the beginning of the opening of the fishing season. Ric O'Barry & Sea Shepherd may announced & reported the fabricated news but no reliable proof had been found yet.

d) Is it that they are perceived to be endangered (which I thought they were not).

Not at all. No types of these dolphines have been endangered species.

Taiji Fisherment follows the rule of what kind of dolphins they are allowed to hunt & not hunt.

You can check the detail from the IUCN [] or the WWF [] to find out for more detail. And these Two World's Biggest Institutions have wached the fishermen in all over Japan for long time, and off cource the fishermen in Taiji never broke the rule & regulation from the institutions. Only the protesters have misunderstood the situation.

e) Is it the method of killing that is the problem? (Which is why Taiji is singled out compared to other areas, because of its method of killing).

I am 100% sure that you & other protesters including on this article & thread have never visited to a slaughterhouse for cows, pigs, sheep (for mutton & lamb) and other animals we all eat their meat on a table and watched the . The point is that the dolphins are the ones who have been butchered by the fishermen on the outdoor-typed abattoir at a cove, yes "The Cove" movie. I'm pretty sure if the fishermen have slaughtered the dolphins inside of a building they would never been taken many illegal peeping-photos/films by "The Cove" staff.

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Yes, it is very clear that you haven't still realized that the campaign you & protesters have mentioned above have intentionally produced by propaganda through media; and the campaign really have succeeded to motivate the you & protesters in western nations to other country's custom. The campaign & activity which is well usually held by conservatism group or party is generally described as "indirect aggression" for the purpose to monopolize the world's fish-market in industrial business.

Even though you & protesters believe whatever you suggest in your own nation(s) it doesn't mean that you don't really have a power to change the other country's custom & business. Asia, Africa, and (maybe) South. America won't be the part of your side to agree the way you are willfully doing. Do you know the population in Asia? How many of them will agree & listen to the way 100% of the demand you protest against us ???

And you & protesters have never imagined & even tried to get the other people's point of view and see things from their angle as well as from your own. I suggest that is the point of why so many resistant against you guys. Still don't understand ?

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@ Clare Dalziel Sep. 07, 2011 - 12:59AM JST

The people on here who think its ok to kill and eat dolphins are plain disgusting.

That's your (& protesters') own opinion in England where you're living, and it is not the world's common opinion & sense. People in India (whose population is about 1,000,000,000 which is way higher than the population in England) thinks that killing and eating cows for food is disgusting. Understand?

Yes it is cruel and I totally 100% reject dolphins and whales being "held" in aquariums!! I do not and will not subscribe to the idea. I stand by my original comment and will never accept that it is ok to kill intelligent whales and dolphins who can naturally connect with us!!! In the UK we stopped hunting dolphins/whales years ago!!

So you should go to aquariums in England to protest them to release the dolphins & whales in your propaganda-philosophy before protesting to the people in Japan, shouldn't you?

ByTheWay, John C. Lilly was the First One to state the "intelligent whales and dolphins" as "hypothesis." His theory was not yet proved by today's all dolphin/whale researchers & scientists in real. People in India also claims that cows are who can naturally connect with god & human just like you've claimed for dolphins & whales.

It's English people's choice to hunt or don't hunt dolphins & whales in England. That's the matter in England. But Japan don't think that & choose the way. Understand? And you have no authority to demand us to change the way & policy you take in your country!!!

Instead of repeating like a parrot from what some media said on your TV, why won't you research the world's point-of-view to get a broad outlook and try to get rid of your egocentric attitude & idea? Nobody will open their mind to listen to your (protesters') demands for sure.

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The Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (JMHL) shows the life expectancy of Taiji (太地町) residents on the URL below. Men (男) lives 77.7 years, while women (女) lives 85.3 years. These are not much different from the national average, and much longer than any other nationalities. The elderly people in Taiji have eaten the dolphins & whales since they are children. Therefore their archivements of the longevity is nothing relevant to the danger of the toxicity from the sea AT ALL.

So whoever trying to assume that the people in Taiji have been in danger of death by "the serious risk of mercury-toxicity from the dolphin & whale meat" or whatever for some reason...

Where is the reliable & trustworthy evidence to refute these data above ???

Whatever you may have your (forged) scientific-research info, have the research been approved by the world's authority(s) ??? Or is it still been treated as the unreliable hypothesis ???

Protesters, you better SHOW ME YOUR LOGICAL PROOF to refute these statistics above before being cocksure of yourself !!!

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madmel Sep. 06, 2011 - 01:52PM JST

Hey guys, modern Japan cannot take any credit for the longevity of people born a hundred years ago! They lived a good portion of their lives without the toxicity from the Oceans. Japan (as will ALL ocean dwelling industrial nations) have treated the waters they rely on as a limitless garbage dump and wonder why the food chain is screwed up. Dolphin being one of I doubt the main reason for the protests is concern for Taiji health but it is certainly a great precipitating benefit to stopping this stupidity.

Totally out of point & inconsistent theory. The Japanese elderly people whose current average life expectancy of men is 79.00 yrs & women is 85.81 yrs today used to eat more dolphin/whale meat than today's Japanese young generations at their age of children regardless of location in Japan. Yes, about hundred years ago dolphins & whales meats have been more consumed in all over Japan in Edo, Meiji, Taisho, and the beginning of Showa Period. There are many elderly people who are around 100 yrs-old in/around Taiji. And children who were born between 1950's and 70's, the Japanese Economic & Industrial Growth Periods, have even not been affected by some serious relevant diseases from the meat by the toxicity you'Ve mentioned above. Here are the statistics below.

Sorry... This is the truth you may have been little jealous to Japan, the World's Top Leading Nation for the longevity & the health maintenance. Japan is more advanced than the Western Nations in this line since we have proved the achievements. UNSTOPPABLE

You really behave like the Australian protesters I've mentioned on the video in last comment above... Well, nice try for your preposterously unjust charge to make against the dolphin / whale supporters. (^_^)

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Happy Birthday!!! Prince Hisahito-sama!!!

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This is the typical case of how the protesters argues to Japanese people.

Both URL below is same YouTube video you can click to watch either one of them.

Even though this video is the debate about the Japanese whale-hunting Australians protested against Japanese on the TV Show by Takeshi Kitano, famous movie director & comedian, you can observe their mental motivation just like these protesters against Japanese dolphin-hunting on this article. The funny point is that these Australians (they gotta be so intelligent since they speak so fluent Japanese) could not logically argue about their insist & demand with "reliable consistent ideas in order with evidence" at all... Japanese side on this video had well opposed their argument with stating their Japanese ideas in logical order with strong evidence... Japanese completely refuted Australians (protesters) theory.... (-_-;)

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@ the office Sep. 05, 2011 - 11:49PM JST

I never eaten dolphin-meat, but whale-burger is very good you may wanna try; it's very delicious & healthy unlike the forged propaganda had reported on media. There is a popular whale-burger in Hakodate City, Hokkaido. If you're living in South Korea, which is also hunting whales to consume it for food more than Japan & the protesters can say nothing to the Nation for some reason (they're really scared of Korean Mafias I suppose), you can also eat many more valuable Korean whale gourmet you may wanna try in Korean whale restaurants.

BTW Mr. Tony, the Famous Texas Propaganda-Buster I really respect him so much, had visited to Taiji Village and report everything about the situation in the village there on the video below. He also tasted a whale sashimi & he loved it!

Eating whale & dolphin meat is completely safe. Japan, the World's Top Leading Nation for the field of the longevity & the health maintenance, guarantees it !

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DaisybellSep. 05, 2011 - 08:30PM JST

There are a lot of LOL comments - but not from the protesters. There is sadly nothing to laugh about here. It is absolutely tragic actually. The dolphins who died in the pens, despite many pleas to release them as the storm approached - died by being battered by the storm against the bars of the cage in violent waves. They were showing distress well before the storm as they sensed it approaching. There was no excuse for that. There is nothing but sadness and lack of compassion in this situation - and yes, horrific cruelty.

There are a lot of "Shame on you, Japan" comments - but not from the ones who support & cares about the innocent Taiji People. There is sadly nothing to be ashamed about what they're doing. It is absolutely tragic for your self-centered interpretation to blame others before taking care of your own social problems actually. Poor fishermen in Taiji lost their dolphins to manufacture the meat for living by the storm. These fishermen have regulated themselves the numbers of dolphins they hunt in each year & some of their houses, cars, and other necessaries for living have been lost or damaged by the disaster. The cruel brainwashed-protesters will then be prepared themselves to harass the innocent people who even have to feed their children after the storm... There was no excuse for that. There is nothing but sadness and lack of compassion in this situation - and yes, horrific cruelty by the propaganda-protesters.

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And I don't understand why you find it so difficult to get this, but it isn't about endangered species. It's about the unspeakable horror and suffering individual animals are put through.

LOL!!! This is exactly the question you should answer for yourself, isn't it ??? Yes, why you find it so difficult to get this, but it isn't about endangered species ? It's about the unspeakable horror and suffering individual animals are put through.

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@ cleo Sep. 05, 2011 - 03:59PM JST

And who are you to decide what people should feel strongly about? The problem at Taiji is not that the species is endangered. So why keep going on about it? What are you doing about endangered species, if it's so important to you?

I am having hard time to figure out your inconsistent comment... It seems like that you just really hate all the people in Taiji because of you have been completely brainwashed by the forged "The Cove" movie... You really can't consider your anger management, can you??? BTW "The Cove" movie have been indeed intentionally edited by the director, Louis Psihoyos, to create a forged information ( You didn't know that ???

My point is that if the protesters really care for the dolphins & other animals who have been killed by human they should have a bigger fish to fry to arrange to take the priority. Endangered sea-mammals are more in serious risk than the other dolphins you love to nitpick what the people of Taiji are doing. You should contact to the IUCN [] or the WWF [] to find out the situation of the species. YOU are the ONE who really care for dolphins like your hero, Ric O'Barry, aren't you??? What is your & his first priorities to take an action to protest against ??? People of Taiji in real??? Or the people who are killing the endangered dolphins & sea-mammals I've mentioned above ???

Which is more serious case & dangerous situation you & the protesters should consider about the lives of the animals ??? You have been totally missed yourself & your thought...

Before repeating like a parrot from the forged propaganda-media, PLEASE PLEASE look your philosophy over again more carefully, be calm and double-cheek the priorities, and prevent yourself to miss-arrange the matter to your own convenience. Good Luck !!!

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The sad thing is that the Protesters have lost themselves; they don't logically understand what they're doing and are not even cocksure of their clear position. As I have mentioned above there are many endangered sea-animals which have been killed by human today, but the protesters have definitely missed the target of the object they should take an action to blame. This is the definitely very eccentric & suspicious protest they are taking the action.

Again you protesters better watch your cocksure attitude before complaining to others.

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Clare Dalziel Sep. 05, 2011 - 03:29AM JST

Having just read some of the ignorant comments, it just reinforces my belief that many of you don't care about anyone but yourselves. It is never, never acceptable to kill dolphins, they do no harm to us at all. The people on here who think its ok to kill and eat dolphins are plain disgusting.

Yeah! That's awesome! Go For It for "BE ALL YOU CAN BE" brainwashed by the propaganda!

You should go to China first to blame against Chinese Government to stop massacring mass-numbers of the endangered Yangtze Dolphins in the Yangtze River!!!

Or if you wanna come to Japan, I recommend you to visit to the office or headquarters of the Yamaguchi (山口組), Sumiyoshi (住吉会), Inagawa (稲川会), and Koudoukai (弘道会) Yakuza Famiies and blame & demand these Mafias to stop their dolphin / whale hunting for their meat-business in the Japan's major-meat market Regions** (Kouchi, Kyushu, Tokai, and Shikoku Regions). I strongly recommend you to fight against these Mafias there; they will welcome your argument & protest! LOL!

Or if you have a time, try also to visit to Okinawa to blame against the US Marine Corps to stop massacring mass-numbers of the endangered dugongs and stop constructing the New Base in the Seashore of Henoko (辺野古) Region in the Prefecture!

Please let me know if anything I can help you for visiting these Three above!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

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@ cleo Sep. 05, 2011 - 12:56AM JST

The Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (JMHL) DOES NOT prohibit eating the meat

Read the Public Guidelines of the JMHL carefully (who cares you don't know the language; Japanese is the Language for Japanese people!). There is the concrete guideline to explain the safe-volume to intake the meat for kids, women with pregnant, and elderly people by FAQ style.

< >

This is just treated as the official Interpretation (scientific hypothesis) in Two Universities' Research which had not been approved by the Authorized Society or Organization. If this research would be approved by the WHO or the JMHL how come they don't prohibit people to take the meat ??? How do you explain this inconsistency ???

If this Research above had been approved in all over the scientific world organization or taken some (Nobel?) Prize or something, the theory from the research would have to become as strong "trustworthy" evidence enough to push the WHO & the JMHL to take some action to stop eating the meat & WE WILL FOLLOW THE ANNOUNCEMENT after the process !!!

The Research is too old the report may have been published on 2003 and what happened after that???

Why the WHO, the JMHL or other authorized organization like Nobel Prize or something did not seriously take this theory & research since then ??? Any comment ???

The mortality rate in Taiji and other dolphin-eating communities is 50% higher than other villages nationwide with roughly equal populations.

Where is the "authority approved" evidence you have mentioned your Quote above ???

Another "fabrication" tactic to distort the fact ??? Well, good try !!!

I'm sorry.... There is no trustworthy researched in numbers, graph, or statistics which are approved by neither the WHO nor the JMHL. Nobody indeed can provide the strong reliable researched-data to convince the Authorities to prohibit Japanese in your convenient way you protesters want to change Japan in your profit of business purpose.

Hey, BTW none of you have ignored answering my questions below I've posted many times:

Why the protesters, including The Sea Shepherd & Ric O'Barry, cannot blame against Chinese Government to stop massacring mass-numbers of the endangered Yangtze Dolphins in the Yangtze River ???

Why the protesters, including The Sea Shepherd & Ric O'Barry, cannot blame against the US Marine Corps to stop massacring mass-numbers of the endangered dugongs to construct the Base in the Seashore in Henoko (辺野古) Region in Okinawa ???

Why the protesters, including The Sea Shepherd & Ric O'Barry, cannot directory go to the office or headquarters of the Yamaguchi (山口組), Sumiyoshi (住吉会), Inagawa (稲川会), and Koudoukai (弘道会) Yakuza Famiies and blame and demand these Mafias to stop their dolphin / whale meat business in their Major Regions (Kouchi, Kyushu, Tokai, and Shikoku Regions) instead of going to the poor small Taiji Village in Wakayama Prefecture ???

How come NOBODY can answer to my 3 questions above ??? Very very strange hypocritical people... lol

If you have seriously considered human about the "KARMA" in real, why won't you (or can't you?) go to either one of the Three above and be energetic protests against those Organizations ???

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@ lucabrasi Sep. 05, 2011 - 12:35AM JST

Have you gone out and personally interviewed 120 million people about this issue? Because if you haven't, then this claim starts to look just a little bit silly....

Search "ザ・コーヴ"& "世論" or "ザ・コーヴ" & "評価" from the Google. Did you find the any Japanese blog, comment, or personal website which recommend his movie, his protest activity, or himself in Japan? Look over their reputation & public opinion in Japanese! That is the TRUTH & ANSER! LOL!

Daisybell Sep. 05, 2011 - 12:40AM JST

'cocksure'...are you serious? Take a read back through your responses on here! What are you talking about ??? YOU TAKE a read back through your responses on here! I feel very sorry to see your "self-righteous attitude" that have motivated yourself to "blame" to innocent people in Taiji... Again, people in Taiji have never killed dolphins for "fun" you may want to believe the way.

Taiji People are seriously considered the "Ecosystem Balance" for manufacturing the dolphin meat. They have hunt only to the mass-appearance species in dolphins to control the Balance. They avoid hunting any type of dolphins; they have even released killing the endangered certified dolphins through the aquarium.

Unlike China, who is killing the endangered species (Yangtze Dolphins) in real, Japan observe the regulations with maintaining the tradition!

YES, THE WORLD IS WATCHING OUR POLITE BEHAVIOR with DIGNITY & MANNER unlike your vulgar hypocritical protest activities!!!

The WHO knows Japan. The UNESCO knows Japan. The UNICEF knows Japan. The IUCN knows Japan. The WWF know Japan. Even the IWC who approves Japan for whale-hunting knows Japan. ONLY the Retarded Sea Shepherd & Greenpeace maybe the Ones (or more? lol) who emotionally blames us with no reliable evidence!!!

Think it over to observe what your nation or major organizations in Western Nations have done against innocent creatures before nitpicking other country's small piece of activity.

The world watches on. We can only protest - the karmic outcome in these supposedly 'more enlightened' times, will be yours.

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@ Dolphin_Love_90 Sep. 04, 2011 - 10:59AM JST

Would also like to add that most of Japan does not even know about this so please to not put down an entire nation due to the actions of a small few. This is not only about protecting the dolphins but also the people of Japan as Dolphin meat is very high in mercury and is being served in supermarkets and in the school systems. We are not here to judge but protect. We love Japan and we are not trying to insult them by bring to light a small blemish. Many Japanese were standing beside Ric and crew on this issue and are glad its being brought to light so they can try to help stop this.

I'm too shocked by this distorted facts you have intentionally mentioned to mislead readers to believe the way you want them to be under the impression that they agree with you... This is the another type of the propaganda you may have some typical scheme in you business I suggest... You're not living in Japan, are you?

First, NONE of Japanese general people in all over the country support Ric O'Barry & his movie "The Cove" even though Japan allowed the movie to roadshow in a movie-theater under the Rights of the Freedom of Speech. Wakayama Police Department & the Japan Coast Guard will strengthen the guard to protect the residents & fishermen of Taiji Village from the Protesters including the SS Members. Japanese TV show & news is criticizing the O'Barry's selfish attitude & self-centered interpretations & his demand from his interview. Go access to the YouTube. You should be able to understand Japanese since you're living in Japan (maybe not?) and can find almost-all videos Japanese users have uploaded to criticize O'Barry & Sea Shepherd. You are totally ignoring the fact of Japanese people's mind & opinion and report others in your home country the distortion.

Second, there are many Seaside Rural & Suburban Prefectures which have distributed and consumed high volumes of dolphin & whale meat in their own fish market since more than a century ago. You have pointed out only the people in major urban cities residents who do not often consume to eat the meat; people in/around Tokyo & Osaka is not the common lifestyle in Japan. Mercury issues which is believed to be contaminated inside of the meat is not scientifically proved & approved by any authorized association on the world. Did the WHO announce the mercury risk from the meat and ordered people on all over the world to do not eat them like the issue of chicken & pork for influenza virus? Regardless of the urgent / non-urgent risk of the contamination or content in the food by percentage or number WHO is the ONE who is in responsible to announce the danger in a food for global standard risk & damage to do not eat the meat - not you guys ! Go to the Official Website of the WHO ( Can you find the mercury risk announcement from the meat over the website? It is clear to figure out your & O'Barry's theory of the mercury is completely refuted.

You protesters especially the ones living in western nations really need to think of your inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others; watch your cocksure attitude before complaining to others.

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----- The Difference Between The Dolphin in Taiji & Yangtze River -----

[The Cove in Taiji Village] - People are hunting the following dolphin only for food purpose with NO OVER CONSUME. NO Endangered Species have been hunted in the Village.

Striped Dolphin, Spinner Dolphin, Risso's Dolphin, False Killer Whale (NONE of these species are Certified & Listed as the Endangered Species ranked as the Red List by the IUCN. Japan will prohibit hunt any species if one of the would be listed. Check their situation from the IUCN Website below.)

[Yangtze Rive - China] - Chinese Government approves to kill following creatures for their economic growth.

(1) Yangtze Dolphins - Certified & Listed as the Endangered Species & ranked as the Red List by the IUCN.

[Reference Video]

[IUCN Official Website]

(2) Sturgeons - Yangtze River Fish which is Certified & Listed as the Endangered Species, too.

[Reference Video] < >

The Sea Shepherd, Ric O'Barry (he identified himself as the "dolphin lover"), and the protesters who really(?) want to save the dolphins MUST HAVE A BIGGER FISH TO FLY.

Why CAN these people protest to the people in Taiji, Japan but CANNOT protest to the people in/around the Yangtze River China ??? What is the difference between the TWO ???

You should have the "philosophy" to save the dolphins on the world in common. China is killing the Yangtze Dolphins for money - China's economic growths by building factories, dams, and business buildings around the River.

Protesters... Do not be brainwashed by cheesy propaganda-media. If you're really serious about stopping the innocent creatures to be killed by human, you should think the priorities instead of repeating like a parrot from what some Hypocritical group(s) & media had published on your TV. Take the bigger fish to fry & don't miss your TARGET!!!

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Another question to the Protesters. Why have you also kept away from Chinese Government who are killing the sturgeons & Yangtze Dolphins. China is currently killing these poor & innocent Endangered Species to construct the river dams, skyscrapers, and by polluted factory waste in the Yangtze River.

Why have the people on this page, the Sea Shepherd, and Ric O'Barry become very energetic to protest to the people in Taiji & others who hunt whales & dolphins in Japan?

And why have these people been so quiet about the same issue and cannot say anything to protest, argue, and demand about stop killing the dolphins against China ??? What is wrong with you guys & protesters in real ???

One more point to note is that people in Taiji & other dolphin / whale hunters in Japan HAVE NEVER KILLED THE ENDANGERED ANIMALS. Search the type of dolphins & whales Japanese are hunting for food purpose. China is really killing the ENDANGERED DOLPHINS (Yangtze Dolphins) in real with NO PROTEST.

The reason, point, and the purpose to protest Japanese people for stop hunting the dolphins & whales for food purpose is TOTALLY OUT OF POINT. And no one should target to blame against the Taiji people who have never killed the endangered types of dolphins.

LOOK OVER CHINA you, Westerners, may be kinda scared of these people to protest...

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Oracle Sep. 04, 2011 - 08:52AM JST

Defining 100 percent of people by 1 percent of them is ignorant. This is not some random guy at the airport you have to guess about. You know where these yokels come from. And I will demonize them as I please. They are a troop of village idiots.

Did you make your own survey or refer from some trustworthy evidence in number, graph, or statistics? There's no research & evidence except some "fabrications" you and the protesters may directory referred from some propaganda-media to convince the people in Taiji & Major Consumer-Prefectures in Japan to stop eating the meat. Being emotional & violent would change nothing to the others' mind to whatever you demand which is USELESS.

I feel very sorry for the poor & innocent people in small Taiji Villages for being bullied by the Hypocritical Protesters who cannot directory blame to the Major whale/dolphin meat consumers/distributors in Kyushu, Shikoku, and Tokai Regions. Are you guys actually & really scared of some Yakuzas who manages these markets in real? Has any one of you, the Hypocritical Protesters, visited to argue to the Headquarters of Yamaguchi (山口組), Sumiyoshi (住吉会), Inagawa (稲川会), and Koudoukai (弘道会) Yakuza Famiies to demand them to stop the meat-market in business in these Major Prefectures ???

The Hypocrites including the Sea Shepherd & Ric O'Barry actually knows that the Taiji Village is not the part of these "Mafias' Territory" so they chose Taiji to bully the people in the Village using their "Media Power" instead of the major Areas the people have been protected by the Mafias the Hypocrites want keep away from them. How ungainly these protesters are!

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@ OracleSep. 03, 2011 - 02:29PM JST

Eating of dolphins is done in Taiji and maybe a couple other small villages in Japan. Don't mix them with the other 99 percent of the Japanese population please.

Again... As I've mentioned above you should really go to Numazu (沼津), Kitakyushu (北九州), and Muroto (室戸) Cities to see the TRUTH. Actually Shizuoka, Fukuoka & Nagasaki, and Kouchi Prefectures are the major manufactures & consumers you can purchase the whale & dolphin meat in a market. Small Taiji Village in Wakayama Prefecture is really small-dot protesters had somehow chosen to target to blame to the people there instead of the Major Cities & Prefectures above. It seems like that you are the one who is trying to ignore the fact of the situation & the truth. You may be living other prefectures the residents don't really consume the meat so much, but if you go to either of these main Cities or the Prefectures most of the Japanese residents DO REALLY CARE & SUPPORT the hunting for the food.

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@ Ira Globert Sep. 03, 2011 - 08:10AM JST

Even low levels of mercury profoundly disrupt the blood- brain barrier and increase the presence of inflammatory reactivity in the brain. The Japanese government health safe standards for mercury are 0.4 ppm (parts per million of mercury). In 2010, the Japanese National Institute for Minimata Disease tested over 1100 hair samples from Taiji residents for mercury. The average amount of methyl mercury found in the hair samples was 11.0 ppm for men/ 6.63 ppm for women....compared with an average of 2.47 ppm for men/ 1.64 ppm for women in tests conducted in 14 other locations in Japan. Again: The Japanese government health safe standards for mercury are 0.4 ppm.

This is the typical example of fabrication you may directory referred from some propaganda-media to motivate your useless protest against us.

The mercury factor you have protested against Japanese cannot essentially prove your insist to deny our situation of good health & longevity.

Average Japanese life expectancy has increased sharply especially since 19th century. As you've seen many elderly people who are over 90 - 100 years-old Japan has long been very famous country as the world's top country for longevity, outstripping the developed countries in the West. Eating the whale & dolphin has never stopped causing this trend of the increase over the century. LOL!!!

The current average life expectancy of Japanese men is 79.00 years, while that of Japanese women is 85.81 years; both sexes enjoy the highest record in the world. What is remarkable is that Japanese women have been boasting the top longevity for seven years on end.

You need to consider some of the factors that have helped Japan or Japanese people become such a long-living nation. The mercury issue you've insisted as one of your main factors to demand Japanese to stop eating the whale & dolphin meat is totally off-topic & out of point; the factor is too consistent to deny the today's high average of Japanese Life Expectancy & health.

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@ Binnie Bone Sep. 03, 2011 - 12:00AM JST

@ shinaykahn Sep. 03, 2011 - 12:15AM JST

Hunting & eating dolphins for food purpose is nothing inhumane in this country. It is totally safe to eat them the majority of the people living in seashore-side cities & villages in Japan used to eat since many centuries ago.

And as I mentioned above Japan is very famous country where many people live to an advanced age than other foreign countries. Why there are many elderly people who are still living in the age of 90 to 100 yrs old and have eaten the dolphins & whales with no problem since they're children? Many of them have eaten the meat in their entire life and even gave good birth to babies without a hitch. Where has the "mercury" the protesters have suddenly insisted occurred to these elderly people in detail? They're still living in healthy condition as you've seen on TV. Why?

Mercury factor in the meat most of the protesters have insisted above cannot really prove or deny our long life & health maintenance at all. Understand?

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