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Posted in: 20-year-old woman arrested after car crash kills one, injures another See in context

5:30AM? So after drinking all night this idiot thinks it's OK to get behind the wheel? This is such egregious disregard for human life. Lock her up and throw away the key. There is no excuse whatsoever for this.

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Posted in: Mother physically subdues man who groped her schoolgirl daughter See in context

Okaasan rocks! Lock this perv up and misplace the key for quite a while. These creeps get way too much sympathy about the usual excuses they make -- most common are stress, frustration and drunkenness.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after leaving 3-year-old daughter alone for week to die See in context

Horrifying! Aside from the mother being a vile excuse for a human being, the system and society failed this poor child at every level.

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Posted in: 6 injured in Glasgow stabbing; suspect killed See in context

Why are the vast majority of so-called refugees young Muslim men? Where are the women and children? Where are Christian refugees? This is the case throughout Europe and is prevalent no matter what nations and regions they come from.

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Posted in: S Korea to demand removal of Japanese sites from World Heritage list See in context

UNESCO is a scam. These sham organizations exist only to collect funds so they can perpetuate and pay themselves. Oh, and also collect bribes for their influence. Having the completely arbitrary UNESCO designation means more tourism dollars -- influence peddling plain and simple.

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Posted in: Soap dispenser in Tokyo public toilet switched with one full of acidic liquid See in context

And the perpetrator probably exhibits an introverted, quiet as a mouse, external personality. Typical of this type of psychotic behavior in Japan. His defense will be he was lonely or stressed. Needs to be prosecuted and incarcerated to the full extent of the law.

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl hit, killed by train in apparent suicide See in context

Terrible that this young lady chose to take her life. What pain she must have been feeling inside to be driven to this. I also feel for the train engineer -- this type of trauma will effect his life forever.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics will be safe, governor says See in context

Koike will get the job done. She is one of the few politicians who actually cares and works diligently, unlike the rest of the empty suits in Japan.

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Posted in: Prosecutors decide not to indict man for killing homeless woman in Ueno Park See in context

How the heck do they drop charges with no explanation whatsoever? This stinks to high heaven.

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Posted in: As Japan battles coronavirus, cash and bank deposits rise at record pace See in context

Smart move. Don't spend money just because you have it. Many Japanese remember hard times and act accordingly.

I wish I had better understanding of the Japanese concept of "monttainai" earlier and could exercise it in a broader way. It is really a beautiful thing to apply to life.

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Posted in: 7 schools in Kanto area, including 2 in Ibaraki, receive bomb threats See in context

Violence randomly directed towards children is a special Japanese type of crazy. Guys who stick babies with needles or umbrellas on the street, throw body fluids on school girls and now this. Coincidentally, another anniversary of the school stabbings in Kansai just passed this week. I know this happens in other parts of the world, but there just seems to be more of it in Nihon.

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Posted in: Forklift operator arrested for murder after dumping 2 tons of building material on colleague See in context

Quintessential crazy Japanese crime and back story. Incredible as fiction, but perfectly plausible in Nihon.

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Posted in: Koike to announce candidacy in June for Tokyo gubernatorial election See in context

The only reason the LDP is considering backing her now is because she succeeded without their support in the previous election. She is shaking up the old boys cabal. I hope she goes it alone again and shows that she is not beholding to Abe and company.

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Posted in: 'Terrace House' star Kimura likely took her own life using toxic gas See in context

Hana chan grew up around wrestling and began training for her career at age 16, being at best nudged into by her mother (also a wrestler). At age 18 she became a full time professional. On the surface, not a so obvious problem.

But this was a young woman who had very limited exposure and experience in life, going into her career straight after high school. Clearly she was not mentally or socially developed enough to deal with everything that came into her life. No life experience and a very limited and narrow perspective, which left her unable to cope with the bullying. Such a very sad situation on so many levels.

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Posted in: Pervert hunter arrested by Tokyo police for less-than-pure intentions See in context

The perv photog was allegedly caught in the act, but girls also run scams with "Chikan!" accusations directed towards innocent targets in order to shake them down. People will pay up to avoid the mere accusation of impropriety and enterprising individuals will always be ready to take advantage of that. So much goes on in the shadows every day.

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Posted in: 'Mobile Suit Gundam' oil sardines released in Japan See in context

Thank God the king gave his royal permission.

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Posted in: Coates says Tokyo Games face 'real problems' due to COVID-19 See in context

Seems to me that it would be a straightforward matter of requiring certification of a negative test in countries of origin 14-21 days prior to departure followed by self-isolation, then re-testing upon arrival. Any resulting exclusions would be on an individual athlete basis. No different than requiring certain vaccinations for travel.

They need to make every effort to figure this out as there will be no more extensions. Massive bankruptcies are on the horizon for multiple industries if Japan cannot recoup some gain from the games.

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Posted in: China offers farmers cash to give up wildlife trade See in context

This is just more posturing by the CCP. I have been to restaurants in Guangzhou and Guilin with lobbies that look like petting zoos -- every type of mammal and reptile under the sun ready to be killed in front of you before it goes into the kitchen for preparation. These are out in the open and not clandestine at all. They are also very expensive. Go to the countryside and it's even more prevalent. This trade is far too lucrative to be curtailed with the reported "incentives".

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Posted in: Not all pachinko parlors in Tokyo shut; 600 still investigated See in context

Pachipro's line up well before the parlors even open to get a good machine. They are committed to their gambling addiction. Very difficult to get voluntary compliance from degenerate gamblers and the businesses who rely on them.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing real estate agent while being shown apartment See in context

It seems that two types of crimes are becoming increasingly more common in Japan.

First, is this type of especially violent and random crime. There were always stalkers and crimes of passion, but now more are being committed by complete strangers.

The second alarming trend is the increase in child abuse cases, noticeably by young mothers and/or their boyfriends and husbands. Many absolutely heinous abuse cases today.

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Posted in: Boss punches employee who came to work after being told to stay home for coronavirus risk See in context

Based on his irresponsible behavior, the employee clearly could not comprehend verbal instructions, thus forcing his boss to communicate in a more direct, more easily comprehended fashion. Brings new meaning to "like a boss".

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Posted in: 1st sumo wrestler tests positive for coronavirus See in context

Considering the close physical contact and heavy breathing that goes on in the dojo, chances are nil that he is the only one who is infected.

So far as weight is concerned, I doubt it is a risk factor. There are people who are thin who are at a greater risk than a sumo who is not only active, but engages in hours of strenuous activity every day. These guys are big due to the nature of their work, but are not fat slobs. They are athletes who train hard. Ever heard of the term "skinny fat"? If not, check it out.

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Posted in: Taxi firm fires entire workforce; says drivers better off collecting unemployment See in context

If the company "geared up" for the 2020 Olympics, in addition to adding staff they very likely invested in more vehicles and/or upgrading vehicles. So they are either cash poor (if paying cash) or still on the hook for financing. If they survive until 2021 (assuming the games actually happen) they still won't be in the same position as had there been no outbreak and the Olypics were held on schedule. Tough position. Tough situation for everyone. It is far too easy for everyone to be flip and have anti-business attitudes. Seems to me that everyone in this particular situation loses through none of their own doing.

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Posted in: Fujifilm to start phase II clinical trial of Avigan for COVID-19 patients in U.S. See in context

I have also read reports that people who have received BCG vaccination (for tuberculosis) have some resistance to this virus. BCG has historically been widely used in Japan -- maybe some potential as a base for a vaccine.

Also saw an interview with a doctor who stated that none of his patients receiving treatment for lupus had contracted the virus, in stark contrast to his patients. So, much anecdotal information is coming out relative to potential off-label drug treatments. Moreover, many of these drugs have been around for years and are largely well tolerated with well understood dosage/side effects. Hopefully, the optimal "cocktail" will be forthcoming.

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Posted in: Trains run as usual, some retailers shorten hours during state of emergency See in context

If (and its a big "if) ridership declines but regular schedules are maintained, density per train car should be reduced considerably. Still, everything up to this point still feels like a halfway measures by the national government and prefectures. We'll see.

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Posted in: Panic buying slows Japan's household spending decline See in context

The Japanese governments hanging on to their Olympics dream, being lax in their early tone towards its citizens, and then doing an abrupt about-face certainly contributed to fueling whatever panic exists now.

Regarding maintaining preparedness, its not really easy in urban Japan. My wife and I spend more than half the year in the USA and really didn't have to do much shopping when the panic buying started here. And when it hit, make no mistake about it, it was PANIC buying. Amazing amount of stupid purchases and animalistic frenzy.

I hate shopping so I will usually buy excess of what we use on a regular basis just to avoid frequent trips. Living in California (which is up there in terms of disaster potential), I do prep to the extent that we are able store things in our garage -- just in case. We don't hoard, but we have extra food that we simply use, rotate and replace. Unless one lives in the countryside, this is really tough to do in Japan where we shop on more of a daily basis. And large packages of anything are rare, except for Costco.

So I can understand why people freak out being thrust into unchartered waters. Lastly, consider the older generation in Japan. Many of these folks (including members our family) still have memories of post-war Japan which they have shared with us. Pretty grim times, to say the least.

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Posted in: Home invader makes elderly woman feed him; gives her 10 masks in return See in context

@Tom Committing petty crimes when winter approaches has long been a tactic of the destitute. 3 hots and a cot vs. freezing on the streets. Plus, Japanese jails and prisons have a rigid workout schedule so it's a good tune up.

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Posted in: Home invader makes elderly woman feed him; gives her 10 masks in return See in context

Can't make this stuff up. Only in Japan.

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Posted in: Pachinko parlor has weird way of combating COVID-19 that does nothing about swarms of customers See in context

Pachinko parlors are the perfect incubators and their clientele, mostly smokers, are prime candidates for infection and serious illness. Mandatory shut down of these facilities needs to happen immediately.

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Posted in: Virus breaks the mold for telework in office-bound Japan See in context

The virus is serving as a powerful catalyst for changing the way much of the world will work in the future. This does not bode well for the commercial real estate market as companies realized they do not have to bear the substantial cost for maintaining physical office space at today's levels. The Japanese government will resist these changes, notwithstanding the fact that they make so much sense in terms of productivity, quality of life and cost reduction. Long term changes are coming.

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