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Chottobaka comments

Posted in: Female inmate who claimed she ‘wanted to die’ apparently hangs herself in cell See in context

Mission accomplished. If someone is determined enough, this is unavoidable.

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Posted in: 21-year-old sentenced to death for crime he committed as a minor for 1st time in Japan See in context

Big boy crime, big boy punishment. Well done.

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Posted in: Controversial U.S. livestreamer 'Johnny Somali' arrested in Osaka See in context

Put his sorry ass on a flight to Nigeria, Ethiopia or Somalia instead of the USA.

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Posted in: Yamamoto throws 2nd no-hitter ahead of possible move to Major League Baseball See in context

Mets will sign him. Yamamoto and Senga!

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Posted in: Japanese politician Super Crazy Kun arrested on sexual assault charges See in context

Super Crazy Extortion gone wrong? Something doesn't add up with this story, as othershave pointed out. While the accusation is rape, could it really be consensual sex (albeit rough in nature) and a shakedown that didn't go as planned?

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Posted in: China tells Japan blanket seafood testing meant to protect consumers See in context

Chinese food safety is laughable. This is the same government that allows the use of gutter oil and rat meat masquerading as lamb, The so-called testing for food safety is nothing more than punitive action for Japan's political alignment with the USA.

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Posted in: Man arrested over sex with minor he met online See in context

Another one that is 16 going on 30.

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Posted in: Four minors detained after Rolex store heist in Tokyo's Ginza district See in context

Apprehended 3km away. Their careers as master criminals hasn't gotten off to a very auspicious start. There is hit comedy screenplay somewhere in this story.

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Posted in: 18-year-old arrested for throwing stones from elevated train tracks See in context

Deport and permanantly blacklist.

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Posted in: 51-year-old man arrested for allegedly paying minor for sex See in context

Never rule out the possibility that she is one of those types who is 16, going on 30. Not so uncommon.

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested for kidnapping 2 teen sisters See in context

The sparce details of this "kidnapping " do not add up.

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Posted in: Japan's 1st piloted flying taxi test held ahead of 2025 World Expo See in context

What could go wrong?

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching employee at pachinko parlor after being asked to wear mask See in context

Classic excuse.

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Posted in: Disaster to destination: Fukushima woos tourists with snow See in context

Fukushima-ken never stopped being a destination for anyone with half a brain. It's the third largest prefecture in the country and has much to offer, especially during winter, all at a safe distance from the disaster that became synonymous with its name.

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Posted in: Suspect in Yokohama street stabbing questioned over Saitama incidents See in context

"I do not recall..."

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Posted in: Company uses whale meat vending machines to promote sales in Japan See in context

"Kill something and eat it." What a bunch of simps getting their knickers in a knot about nothing. I will eat anything that doesn't eat me first.

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Posted in: Asian tourist hubs ready for Chinese influx See in context

China wants to infect the rest of the world with their new, more virulent strains. If they drag other nations down to their level, it's a big win in their eyes. There should be a ban on all travel from China.

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Posted in: Japan's imperial family considering social media to stay in touch See in context

Waiting on Aiko chans TicTok...

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing woman’s underwear, setting fire to her house 2 days later See in context

That's a special kind of crazy.

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Posted in: Things you'd better not do upon retiring See in context

West Hyogo

Thank you.

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Posted in: Things you'd better not do upon retiring See in context

@wallace "We moved to the sea/countryside four years ago. Couldn't be happier."

Sounds great. My wife and I have contemplated such a move. May I ask what general area has this seemingly ideal combination of services/conveniences along with countryside living in close proximity to the sea?

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Posted in: Japan, Canada to formally begin intelligence sharing talks See in context

Great way to ensure that Japan's intel gets promptly leaked to the PRC and CCP.

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Posted in: Antonio Inoki, Japanese pro wrestler politician, dies at 79 See in context

RIP. A true legend and one of my personal favorites, right up there with Giant Baba.

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Posted in: Japanese man sets himself on fire in apparent protest at Abe's state funeral See in context

Bummer for the police officer who was injured trying to extinguish this deranged idiot.

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Posted in: Man arrested for setting fire to bar after being told other customers don’t like talking to him See in context

Classic Japanese crazy.

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Posted in: Chemical tanker, cargo ship crash near southwestern Japan See in context

Whether on land or sea, Chinese driving skills remain consistent.

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Posted in: Japan considers deploying long-range missiles to counter China: report See in context

In a word, YES!

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Posted in: Kishida makes donation to Yasukuni shrine; cabinet members visit See in context

So what? The usual whiners will get their knickers in a knot no matter what.

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Posted in: Asahi Beer abolishes 'image girl' spokesmodel position, ending practice at big four brewers See in context

Can drag queens pitching our favorite beers be far behind? Hope this go-woke stuff never makes it to baseball stadiums. The cuties slinging brew there are treasures.

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