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Posted in: Hope, anxiety in Japan over opening up to more foreign workers See in context

This is not being done out of necessity. There are more than enough people over 50 and married women who are systematically denied the opportunity for full-time jobs with full benefits. Importing cheap labor is a typical corporate money grab.

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Posted in: 50-year-old son staying at internet cafe arrested for abandoning body of bedridden mother See in context

Heartless. While overall crime in Nihon is low, there are amazingly bizarre and cruel crimes that occur within families.

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Posted in: Kansas stops issuing license plates with offensive term for Japanese See in context

What if one is a proud Jewish American Princess?

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Posted in: 340,000 foreigners may flow into Japan in 5 years under new visa system See in context

There needs to be a guaranteed return trip to their homelands after their work tenure has expired. Also, no marrying to obtain permanent residency. Otherwise, this will turn into a disaster of near-EU proportions.

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Posted in: Free housing to be offered to impoverished LGBTs in Tokyo See in context

Special dispensation based on sexual preference? Why? A person's economic situation should the criterion.

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Posted in: Aum cult founder Asahara, 6 followers hanged See in context

This is long overdue. There is a special place in hell for people of this ilk.

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Posted in: Woman suspected of killing brother and making it look like suicide See in context

She was killing off her entire family. She is onibaba.

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Posted in: Japanese couple attacked in Honolulu face $50,000 in medical costs See in context

@nishikat Philippines, for one, will not let you leave a hospital until your bill is paid. Bring cash. I am sure there are others with the same policy.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine gets 4 years for fatal drunk driving crash in Okinawa See in context

Simply not enough punishment for recklessly taking another person's life.

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Posted in: What’s the best type of sushi to end a meal on? Japanese survey picks the pieces See in context

I always have Saba for a happy ending. The depth and complexity of flavors, plus the sensation the slight oiliness creates on the tongue, makes this the perfect sushi "dessert".

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Posted in: Japanese court throws out Syrians' bid to overturn refugee ruling See in context

Every nation has the right to its own sovereignty and to consider its own people first, and Japan has so many domestic needs that take priority over those of foreigners. Japan is very generous in providing international aid -- this is more than enough in terms of being a contributing member of the international community.

Japan has been generally successful being very selective in determining who is allowed in the country and should not change due to outside pressure. The problems with pseudo-refugee immigrants has been well documented in other countries. When Japan kowtows to outside pressure and allows foreign powers to dictate its immigration policies, it will be the beginning of the end.

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Posted in: Dating yakuza gang member costs police officer her job See in context

Lay down with dogs and you are going to get fleas.

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Posted in: SDF officer arrested for sexually molesting woman on train See in context

There were fewer problems like this when hentai guys could just buy used schoolgirl panties in vending machines. :-)

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Posted in: Nishikori knocked out in 1st round of Mexican Open See in context

I think the majority, if not all, of this season will be one big rehab. I also think Kei has peaked. As a guy without a real weapon, he has done remarkably well and has punched above his weight. But he has always been injury prone and playing at a disadvantage with his very pedestrian shot making ability, getting by on effort. I think Kei has peaked both physically and tactically. There is a new crop of up and coming players that will continue to push him down in the rankings. Maybe he shows some signs of life by the US Open.

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Posted in: MSDF members arrested for committing lewd acts with 14-year-old girl See in context

14 going on 28. Not at all unusual in Nihon.

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Posted in: 85-year-old motorist hits teenage girls after ignoring family call not to drive See in context

The number of one car/truck accidents in Japan is amazing, and not just limited to senior citizens. Loads of solo commercial vehicle accidents are caused by drivers who are pushed to extreme fatigue by their work loads, thus resulting in the same driving skills of an 85 year old.

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Posted in: Economist Takaaki Mitsuhashi released following arrest for assaulting teenage wife See in context

Wow. Just wow. Not that every element of this story is weird enough, he's a biter too. Crazy Nihon!

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Posted in: Pro-Pyongyang body to pay for damages on N Korean crewmen's behalf See in context

The amount of pandering to North Koreans is Japan is pretty astounding given the relationship between the countries. There are loads of social and not so quasi PDRK political organizations and even networks of North Korean schools.

Japan would be better off deporting all North Koreans. Let them go eat tree bark, grass and sawdust in Pyongyang.

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Posted in: Ex-Abe cabinet member makes discriminatory remark about Africans See in context

Translation or intent aside, name any great city in sub-Saharan Africa that was conceived and built by black Africans, name any major current achievements by the same group. Have you noticed what has occurred in South Africa since transfer of rule -- has it gotten better or worse? Maybe the man is simply making an observation about facts that the rest of the overly PC world are afraid to speak about.

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Posted in: U.N. urges Japan to resettle more refugees See in context

Under no circumstances should Japan allow the UN to dictate any policies whatsoever. Ask Sweden, Germany, France and Italy how admitting large numbers of so-called refugees are working out for them. I say Japan should admit zero refugees.

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