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Posted in: Motorcyclist faces manslaughter charge for fatal accident involving his briefcase See in context

Stop, pause, wait a minute and THINK. The man very obviously had it fastened down and secured or it would have fallen off immediately when he began riding. If the straps or bungee chord 'broke' later while he was driving_ is that his fault??? or is it the fault of the company that made the straps or bungee chords if they broke? Another example: If you wheel spindle on you vehicle breaks while you are driving and you wheel flies off and causes an accident and death is that your fault or the fault of the company that made the vehicle? The fact his briefcase came offdoes not prove he was negligent unless we know exactly how and why it came off.

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Posted in: Driver pleads guilty in Utah bus crash that killed 3 Japanese See in context

It is very expensive in the USA to have a lawyer represent you at a court trial. Many people end up pleading guilty to lesser charges when they cannot afford the costs of having a good lawyer represent them in court. The accident was sad and terrible indeed___but sending this man to jail for falling asleep while driving is excessive.

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Posted in: Up to 1,000 bodies left untouched near nuclear plant due to radiation fears See in context

Cholera could become the next big problem if the bodies of the deceased people are not collected fast. Dead human bodies on land and in rivers, lakes and canals grow bacteria very fast. The last thing Japan need now is a water supply contaminated by cholera.

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Posted in: In the future, what should the government do about Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO)? How do you think that company should be run? See in context

TEPCO (the complete company) should be forfeited to the people of Japan as compensation. Plus their CEO, Chairman and their executives should all be ordered to the plant to work on the cleanup and restoration until the day they die.

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