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Gaijinfo is the only RATIONAL person here. THANK YOU GAIIJINFO for your posts to counter all these GREEDY LIBERALS HERE.

Obviously the OWS anti-capitalists do NOT want INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY in society. They want control and anarchy. (A lot of good anarchy solves, doesn't it, BoneSmokers...)

And it's odd that they want to entrust GOVERNMENT rather than corporations to run society and deliver goods efficiently to markets. Governments, even more than corporations are fraught with cronyism/corruption and grossly inefficient compared to the private sector.

Oh, wait... these OWS morons don't even think that far ahead.

And to the ignorant wunderkid who commented about Japan & Sweden as being socialist:

Japan is NOT a socialist country. Period. And in case you haven't noticed, Sweden has been going more capitalist because they realized the socialist model was imploding. We're seeing the socialist Eurotrash countries collapsing as we speak under their unrealistic socialist economic model. Tell me ONE socialist country that has been a smashing success and has raised the standard of living for all. The problem with socialism is PEOPLE ARE GREEDY. If you don't understand that, you haven't grown up.

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