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Posted in: Japan eyes evacuating nationals in Ukraine See in context

I think it's pretty obvious that nobody, including the Americans and Brits, believes that Russia has had any intention of invading Ukraine. But pretending to think so allows them to justify moving militarily into Ukraine, ostensibly to protect it. As time goes by and no invasion occurs, they will claim that they scared Russia out of it, and probably retain their military presence there, thus achieving much of what allowing Ukraine into NATO would be intended for.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 9,468 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 50,030 See in context

Just as yesterday, no reported cases of anyone over 50. So the greying of Japan resumes....

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Posted in: Border restrictions force 300 foreigners to decline Japan teacher jobs See in context

It was quite early on in my more than 50 years in Japan that I realised that Japan could be an excellent place for one who already preferred to be an outsider from conventional society, provided s/he had an independent and imaginative spirit and could find a way to be self-employed. Those who hoped to be included in Japanese society and be employed by its companies were and are far less likely to find satisfaction. Creative or resourceful people who even in their own countries did not want to have to subscribe to the consensus reality can find the lack of peer pressure to conform to a group quite liberating. If a career in the arts or another way of being self-employed is what you want, the exclusion and lack of a sense of Belonging is more an asset than something to complain of, and you may well be treatid with respect for your relative independence, if it is unthreatening and you show respect for the finer aspects of Japan. Working for a company or the government is an option I would never have considered, and I daresay I would have ended up commiserating with half the people in this discussion had I done so.

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Posted in: What will 2022 bring in the way of misinformation on social media? See in context

Most misinformation is produced by foreign entities and political fringe groups

No, most is homegrown, distributed by the corporate oligarchy's media

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Posted in: Omicron variant reported in 22 of Japan's prefectures See in context

Possibly even less rational than diagnosing other people's Covid variant on the basis of reported symptoms is diagnosing their intelligence based on correspondence of their opinions with one's own

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It’s far beyond a ‘drop in the ocean’.

Not really. The ocean contains 352 quintillion gallons of water

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Posted in: Japan hangs 3 death-row inmates; 1st executions in 2 years See in context

One might argue that the practice of not telling people when they will be executed and holding them for decades before doing so allows them to live the rest of their lives like anybody else, not knowing when it might happen, and therefore almost forgetting about it until the last moment.

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Posted in: Japan launches COVID-19 vaccine certificate app See in context


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Posted in: Japan launches COVID-19 vaccine certificate app See in context

Wear a mask if it makes you feel better.

Or, if you're not totally self-centred, wear one because it makes others feel better, with good reason.

Covid denialists should realise how lucky they are to be in a country where few precautionary measures are compulsive because people cooperate voluntarily, and should refrain from trying to get others to join them in their sulky refusal, lest the consensus shift to mandates.

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Posted in: Best hidden spots for a winter trip in Japan See in context

Quite spectacular are the frozen falls in Ogano, just past Chichibu

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Posted in: Gov't was aware of sinking ground ahead of U.S. base landfill work: documents See in context

 "We do not normally disclose boring and other survey results every time they are conducted."

Yes, we definitely would prefer only the exciting survey results.

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Posted in: Rare shot shows 2 distinct seasons meeting in one place See in context

I think what's said about Japan that is unusual is that it has five seasons, with the Rainy Season coming between spring and summer

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Posted in: New Omicron variant stokes world fears; triggers travel bans See in context

And "Xi" was skipped since Xi should be ignored.

Or because people might not know how to pronounce it. In Japan, of course, "kusai" means "stinks"

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 77 See in context

Some possible explanations

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting elementary school girl in bookstore See in context

That god she told someone, most Japanese girls don't.

If they don't, what experience has taught you that?

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Posted in: KFC Japan releases official ramen recipe, other Japanese-inspired cooking ideas See in context

The steps for making the okonomiyaki do not include the use of the flour and water listed among the ingredients

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Posted in: Burger King releases 100% plant-based Version 2 Whopper in Japan See in context

The descrption does not match the picture, which is not of a patty sandwiched between the various veggies, but of the veggies sandwiched betwen two patties. Looks like a way to get your fingers really greasy...

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Posted in: First positive COVID tests reported for 2 athletes in Olympic Village See in context

Are figures available for how much more would be lost and by whom were the Olympics to be cancelled altogether at this point?

I still feel the best compromise would be to go ahead and stage the Olympics, but without athletes.

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Posted in: Japan sees no impact on Olympics from U.S. travel advisory See in context

Being unwilling to lose the trillions of yen from broadcast rights, accommodation income, souvenirs, etc. that cancelling the Olympics would occasion, Japan is rumoured to be considering holding them, but without athletes.

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Posted in: Japan strengthens anti-virus measures in Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa See in context

The clinical studies that have been long awaited of chlorine dioxide treatment for Covid have at last been released, and they conclude unequivocally that it is 100% effective in curing the virus, despite the ongoing disinfo efforts of the pharmaceutical industry to repress this knowledge and its use, as it cannot be patented. It looks like the solution, but financial considerations militate against its becoming known other than by the info going viral. Before starting blustering, see the study at

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Posted in: No shouts of joy among eateries, theaters despite state of emergency lifting See in context

One possible reason for not being overjoyed, in Saitama at least, is that restaurants that have had to close at 8 have been entitled to compensation from the government. A small restaurant can get as much as 60,000 yen a day, more than they would make on a busy day in normal times.

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Posted in: Ginsburg's death draws big surge of donations to Democrats See in context

"what is wrong with saying the “Pledge of allegiance?....

the government doesn’t need to dictate to us how we should think or what to think."

Giving people words to memorise and recite is literally dictating, the purpose being to make it into what they think.

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Posted in: Time to make masks mandatory? It's not just a U.S. debate See in context

"Why would anyone think a mandate is necessary?""

Because there are still people who would ask a question like that.

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Posted in: More than 90% of Tokyo hospital beds for COVID-19 patients filled See in context

Marie Antoinette Redux says: Let them use futons

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Posted in: Democrats rail against economy-for-the-rich in first debate See in context

So much of the insane conflict in America stems from the delusion, articulated in the Declaration of Independence, that there is such a thing as a God-given right. Rights are granted by humans, and if you're born with one, it's only because the society into which you're born has agreed that it be so. There is nothing to which any organism is actually ENTITLED simply by virtue of existing.

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There are people who call themselves scientists who contradict each other, so it is an instance of the fallacy of Appeal To Authority to speak as if there is unanimity among them. especially on an issue of semantics such as how the word :gender" is to be used. If you want to find "scientists" who do not agree, you shouldn't have to do your own googling for very long

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Posted in: Science says: Sex and gender aren't the same See in context

What a presumptuous headlineL "Science says" ! There is no such voice as "science". There are people who call themselves scientists because of their involvement in the pursuit of scientific truth, but there is no monolithic consensus on many things, especially subjects like this.

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Posted in: The right way to sanction Putin’s Russia See in context

When am article begins with four controversial statements for which there is no actual evidence, the only reason to continue reading it is to find out how far the brainwashing by America's corporate establishment media has destroyed the intellect of the author.

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Posted in: Tokyo tests water sprinklers to combat heat at 2020 Olympics See in context

I've never understood why they didn't plan the Olympics for Tohoku, in some tsunami-devastated region that needs the economic boost mire than Tokyo does,

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Posted in: The dangers of putting Putin under pressure See in context

This is typical of western media's strategy of accusing Russia of everything of which the US and NATO are conspicuously guilty.

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