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Posted in: HealthMap helps travelers understand medical risks worldwide See in context

Strange not to bother to include a URL for the map.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 850 injured as snow causes more travel chaos See in context

No need to import a snowblower. I bought one on Yahoo Auctions and had it sent from Hokkaido. Abut 40,000 yen total...

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Posted in: Light snow falls in Tokyo See in context

9 inches here in Chichibu..

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Posted in: Japanese adults top in reading, math skills: OECD study See in context

"Japanese adults are way ahead in math and literacy skills than their peers"

Perhaps only the journalists are behind than their peers in syntax and grammar...

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Posted in: Power vacuum sends U.S. close to fiscal precipice See in context

Obama has clearly been as successful as he needed to be to get his agenda through. All this disappointment comes from making the naive error of assuming that his agenda bore some relation to what he said in his campaigns that it was. Anyone with the slightest understanding of politics knew from the outset that his agenda would be whatever the agenda of his financial controllers was, and could see that his backing came from Wall St. and the corporatocracy, as indeed does that of almost everyone in the U.S, government. His continuation of the Bush-era agenda, with a few items designed to suggest a more liberal outlook, comes as no surprise to anyone not blinded by his personal charm and glib rhetoric.

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It's really irresponsible to advise people to invest in ETFs, i.e. paper gold, when the most important thing to know about precious metals at the moment is that the price has been artificially suppressed for ages by such entities as J.P. Morgan's selling into the market gold and silver that they don't have. The ratio of paper to physical metal is enormous, and if the time comes when someone wants to redeem his paper gold/silver for physical, he will probably find nothing available, and will be lucky even to get some portion of its value when purchased, in the fiat currency whose disappearing value will probably be the reason he wants the physical. . Note that when Germany recently asked for the return of its gold that has been in the hands of the Fed, it was unable to get it, as it has all been sold or leased out. Only physical metal is a good investment, and when the scam of the paper metals is fully exposed, the price will skyrocket.

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Posted in: Japan on a budget: Cheap accomodation options See in context

Hasn't the writer ever heard of Couchsurfing?

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Posted in: NSA as Big Brother? Not even close See in context

As the frog in the pot that had just been put on the stove said, "What's the worry? It's just pleasantly warm."

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Posted in: By hitting Boston, bombers target us all See in context

"Tragedy" has a specific meaning (see Aristotle, Shakespeare), and atrocities do not qualify. But Wakarimasen hits the nail on the head. This is small beer compared to the terrorism routinely being inflicted on innocents in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan by Obama's drones and out-of-control soldiers.

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Posted in: Hollywood responds to deadly school shooting by pulling films See in context

If my understanding of life came from U.S. entertainment media and video games, I would not know what is wrong with killing people, but would certainly know what is thrilling about it.

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Posted in: Defects found at 670 points in Sasago tunnel See in context

Ah yes, now i remember; the panels are there to create an airflow space above and separate from the main tunnel; presumably the outer wall of the tunnel is indeed a circular section and therefore not prone to collapse.

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Posted in: Defects found at 670 points in Sasago tunnel See in context

I wonder why the tunnel design can't be based on the principle of the arch, which by its very form is stable.

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I found this quite moving, but I have to say I laughed at "if he says he likes Fukushima I enjoy myself and have more drinks."

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I was once asked by a Japanese, "Is it true that in America it is illegal not to have an opinion?" I had to tell him that it is not, but assured him that nobody would be inhibited from expressing an opinion by anything as trivial as total ignorance of the subject.

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Posted in: Can embracing Japanese culture make you forget your own? See in context

Several things you will probably have forgotten in Japan and have to relearn if returning to America.

To get your way, if a simple request does not work, you have to be prepared to threaten to kick ass, and possibly even actually to use violence. This is not an option in Japan, but it is the mode of behaviour on which America is founded.

You have to return to demanding that people pay attention if you speak and answer any question that you may ask, unlike in Japan, where you may have learned to apologise for requiring someone to turn their mind to whatever it is you have on yours.

You will have to remember not to apologise unless it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were in the wrong or committed an offense, while in Japan you may have got into the habit of expressing regrett merely because have somehow been instrumental in disturbing or upsetting someone.

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This author's point of view arises naturally from perrhaps sharing the western delusion that the Self is the same as the ego or persona, and that therefore the thing to do in life is to exaggerate the dramatic persona that appears to be, but is not, the "authentic self". In Japan, of course, the converse delusion prevails, that the Self is nothing more than a unit in the group. The truly self-realised person does not even have to think about cultivating and publicising his self-image, for if (s)he is truly centred in the true self, which is of the nature of spirit, then there will be such charisma that the appropriate success will come of its own accord, without need for the rather distasteful strategies of ego-aggrandisement. (That said, I recognise that I might be misinterpreting the author's perspective; nevertheless, I stand by my observations as generally true)

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