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Posted in: MLB players reaffirm pay stance; no deal with teams in sight See in context

The reason ballplayers make so much is because their play is what garners teams' income. In that since, they deserve their fair share. If the owners are mosing revenue due to Sars-Cov-2, then the players shhould also 'suffer.' They wanna strike, let 'em strike. It bin't lile fans who are prohibitted from attending games are gonna care much.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce online system for reporting coronavirus See in context


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Posted in: Abe declares nationwide state of emergency over virus spread See in context

Doesn’t mean much anything, really.

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Posted in: Typhoon makes landfall on Izu Peninsula; one dead, at least 50 injured See in context

Little rain & wind in Shizuoka yesterday evening. Bit heavier later in Nagoya & somewhat heavier this morning, but nothing to cancel schools back home. Hope it doesn’t get worse. Likely last time Japan plays host to a Wold Cup.

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Posted in: 4 Japanese basketball players sent home from Asian Games after spending night with prostitutes in hotel See in context

Ha, ha‼️ Great to see the media not singling out non-Japanese!

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Posted in: Aum cult founder Asahara, 6 followers hanged See in context

I still do not condone capital punishment.

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Posted in: Not having children is selfish, says LDP Secretary-General Nikai See in context

With the Earth population still escalating out of control, people the world over should be commended for unselfishly deciding to forego procreation. Some say climate change brought about by global warming is the greatest danger we face today. Greater populations consume more resource energy, further contributing to global warming. Population, therefore, is a greater concern than global warming. I once had the opportunity to pose the question of population as it relates to global warming to Climate Reality founder & chairman, Al Gore. His simple answer was education of women. Mr. Nikai here is proof positive of Japan's systematic attempts at dumbing down society.

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Posted in: Bra maker does its bit for Premium Friday See in context

Premium Friday, LOL

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Posted in: Japan consumer prices rise in March for third straight month See in context

I'm making the least over my 16 years here, yet prices are up yet again. Thanks, Japan!

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Posted in: Southampton stand tall after outwitting Liverpool See in context

Season's gone, but you'll never walk alone.

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Posted in: 4 things women are banned from doing in Japan See in context

Think Nipponolando will ever have a female head of state?

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Posted in: Abe re-elected PM with 328 votes out of 470 See in context

Sad day for Nipponoland.

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Posted in: Northern Japan in grip of blizzard; 300 flights canceled See in context

Unusual HEAVY snow for this early time of the season in Nagano!

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Posted in: Japan's trade deficit shrinks 31.5% in November See in context

Does Abe think making Japanese people any more patriotic than they already are will have them cheering a possible recovery of the national economy at their personal expense?

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Posted in: Is Japan in good hands with Shinzo Abe as prime minister? See in context

I was told there were no alternatives. There never will be if they're not given the chance to prove their worth.

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Posted in: Abe vows to rewrite constitution, instill patriotism in schools See in context

Blame it on the voting public!

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Posted in: Abe says economy is No. 1 priority as ruling coalition wins big See in context

snap elections & Cabinet shuffling cost money. There'll be no economic reform 'til the government cures its wasteful spending malady!

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Posted in: Struggling Sony to cut pay despite Abe's calls for higher wages See in context

Another example showing just how outta touch the PM is~

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Posted in: Japan megabanks post lackluster half-year profits See in context

言ったじゃん! Shoulda taken a different degree. I predicted all this in The Japan Times last year!

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Posted in: Japan returns boy to Germany under new child custody treaty See in context

CHANGE HAPPENS IN JAPAN!! This is deserving of Nobel consideration~

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Posted in: What’s wrong with English education in Japan? Pull up a chair See in context

In a nutshell...Japanese, LOL

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Posted in: Mother arrested for strangling 1-year-old daughter See in context

Chalk this one up to another unfit individual taking the government's foolish & discriminatory bribe of a substantial monetary sum to bear & raise children.

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Posted in: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has stated his government’s goal of boosting the ratio of women in senior positions in companies in Japan to 30% by 2020. Do you think it is a good idea to set numerical targ See in context

Tangible figures make for a good target in a society where young minds are never really conditioned to think.

You'd otherwise know that a 30% target in 5 years' time is aiming far too low!

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