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Chris Jacques comments

Posted in: 10 foods not to serve at a Japanese dinner party See in context

Natto is in at least two different packages at every convenience store in Japan... kinda think it’s popular. I know ONE Japanese that doesn’t like it, and she is picky as hell.

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Posted in: 18.3% of American women have been victims of rape or attempted rape at some time: study See in context

Yes, women lie about rape. Yes, it makes it worse for women who were actually raped. Just like the boy who cried wolf.

Statistics garnered by calling people on the phone are simply not accurate. There are some feminists that claim ALL SEX IS RAPE.

And no offense, but what constitutes "rape" today in America was called "courting" in every country in the past.

I would say that not one of us would be alive today had not one of our ancestors pushed himself beyond today's definition of rape.

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Posted in: Japan whaling authorities sue Sea Shepherd in U.S. See in context

@Cleo. Actually coming up with a hypothesis, in your words "deciding what the result will be" and then trying to prove is 100% scientific, and it is research. You have an idea, you either prove or disprove it. That's what Japan is doing.

@most people here- So because they don't do the american thing which would be kill the animal then throw it in the trash, instead they use it for food as they have done traditionally for hundreds of years, somehow this negates any research they're doing? WRONG, you can do both.

Again, all you seem to know about this issue is what SeaShit tells you. Try reading up on it. Japan can legally whale, they are far under the safe quota, and SeaShit is a drug addicted hippie that needs to go to rehab.

It's sad people treat the Japanese as if they are substandard. Why are you even on this site? Just to mock them?

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Posted in: Christmas minus Christianity See in context

This was a nice article and I agree with mst people here that the question does not apply only to Japan. People around the world have lost the true meaning. But ultimately all that matters is that religious people celebrate their religious holiday for the right reasons. For the rest, well if you feel comfortable mocking a person's faith, that's up to you.

I'll play the devils advocate for the sake of discussion. Imagine if we started celebrating Hannukah with made up characters that had nothing to do with the religious aspect. I think if you proposed that question to most people today, they'd find it offensive. Yet that's what we've done to the Christian religion.

If you examine the Japanese version of Christmas, it's the opposite of Christmas. Checking into Love Hotels to commit lustful acts... What's next, eat ham & cheese sandwiches in Ancient Egyptian costumes to celebrate Hannukah? How about filming pornos inside Japanese shrines on New Years Day?

Sorry for this next part, but I can't leave this poster to his hate speech.-

*@Bajihista85 I'm sorry you feel the need to spew ignorant, hateful rhetoric. You sound like a "Biblist". First of all the "Vatican's Roman Catholic Religion" IS Christianity. Let's get some facts straight. The bible was assembled 300 years AFTER Christ's death. It was not written Christ. It was written ABOUT Christ based on the many writings the Catholic church gathered from the time of Christ until the creation of the bible.

Christ chose Peter as his "rock" to build his CHURCH. That's all Christ wanted, a CHURCH to spread his teachings. Christ NEVER told anyone to create a bible. Peter became known as the first father, the first POPE. So you're basically claiming the Apostles are brainwashers by spreading the word of Christ. This is why the final word of Christ comes from the POPE, not from the BIBLE. There are thousands more ancient texts in the Vatican library than the tiny Bible that you claim is the complete teaching of Christ.

The date for Christmas is arbitrary, it doesn't matter, but a date had to be picked or else how could we celebrate? This is hardly brainwashing.

As far as the wrong lyrics, was this written by Christ? Was it even written by his church? No. Ironicly if you look at the writers of most popular "Christmas" music, they were written by people of Jewish faith. This was part of the commercializing of Christmas, but was hardly limited to Jews. so called Christians did their best to capitalize on the popular holiday.*

**A true Christian (Catholic) does not limit giving and forgiving to a single day, or time of the year. We do that everyday. Because that's the right thing to do. We don't do it for reward or recognition, or for presents or candy.

Christmas is simply to celebrate the birth of Christ, a man who said "Do unto others as you would have done unto you". Sounds good to me.

Dont get me wrong, I celebrate the fake, gift-giving version of Christmas too. But I never lose sight of the true meaning, and I keep that "Christmas spirit" with me throughout the year.**

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Posted in: U.S. approves drug for middle-of-the-night insomniacs See in context

Hahah I think Zichi meant 1 hour later.

But really it's true, just go to bed later, you'll be that much more tired and sleep that much longer.

A couple of things, do you have a good alarm? I noticed that I'll wake up a lot if I'm nervous about missing my alarm or some appointment. I just bought a nice loud alarm and I sleep soundly until I wake up.

and try using a device like white noise, it kind of drowns out those annoying morning noises... or use earplugs. :)

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Posted in: Book by killer of British woman to become film See in context

More than anything, the BOOK should not have been made.

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Posted in: Book by killer of British woman to become film See in context

This is truly horrible, but hardly limited to Japan. We as a global society feed off of sensationalism, especially whe it concerns sex or violence. This has both. It's very, very sad.

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Posted in: American father wins custody of daughter taken to Japan See in context

Almost no one mentioned that this custody case was held in the U.S. And everyone here pretends that is the final word in custody.

If the situation was reversed, AMERICANS would be crying foul play and ignoring a JAPANESE judgement just the same.

"This is the one sided and RealAmerica"

NEITHER parent are native of AMERICA.

"Kidnapping" is a matter of semantics in this case. The mother brought her daughter to her home. That's hardly kidnapping.

The FATHER filed for divorce.

I'd rather see the girl raised in Japan than Nicaragua. I don't see why the man who broke up the family is considered to be the better parent.

This is yet another example of why "Born in the U.S.A." should not automatically make you a U.S. citizen.

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Posted in: Firm makes iPhone Geiger counter for worried Japanese See in context

Just a heads up to the westerners posting here. Not everyone in Japan is like you, looking to scam their fellow man for a few bucks.

The technology to build a Geiger counter amount to under $100, and this guy has genuine concern for the people around him the wake of this disaster.

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Posted in: Becky wins Kodansha's 'Best Character Award' See in context

I think the biggest problem is that foreigners don't understand the concept of a "Talent" in Japan. It's not referring to their skill or talent, it's simply a title given to quasi-celebrities whose only function is being on talk shows, game shows, commercials, etc. They don't usually act in movies or make music, they are just there to participate in panels and goofy shows. It's all very lighthearted and enjoyable if you don't take it so seriously.

I think she accels at being a Talent. She is the loud, goofy girl, while other female talent have different characteristics.

She's still a hundred times better than most American celebrities!

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Posted in: Why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out? See in context

Why are you trying so hard to stand out, when you were born to fit in?

No really, people are born to be who they are, but to have a functional society, we have to work together and be fairly similar, at least in our work ethics, moral standards, etc.

I find most often the people who try so hard to stand out, are generally the most selfish, self-centered types, who really don't care to be part of a functional group and to help others, but rather want to feel special (because they aren't) so they act out, and really try just so hard to be different. Lady Gaga being the most recent, trendy "wannabe different but just a selfish jerk" example that comes to my mind

As opposed to people who are actually different, and the troubles they go through to fit in or to be accepted. i don't know how many times I've seen an attractive girl who is covered in tattoos and piercings in an attempt to "not be normal".

It's really tiring that people STILL act like being normal is a bad thing.

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Posted in: Japanese whaling: Why the West is in the wrong See in context


Japan set its quota at 850 minke whales and 10 fin whales. The IWC has agreed that an annual take of 2000 Antarctic minke whales for 100 years would “not adversely affect stocks.”

Japan is taking LESS THAN HALF of the amount that would still "NOT ADVERSELY AFFECT STOCKS".

Suck it.

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers wary of Japan joining TPP pact See in context

Are the people posting about "radioactive food" really Japanese, and really that ignorant and short-sighted? The radioactivity is a very recent and not a long lasting event. Aside from that, the food is amazingly better than the U.S. and most of the world.

As far as choices, well we have that in the U.S. We have categories such as Crap, Garbage, Rotten, OK, Decent, Wonderful, and Amazing. Unfortunately only the Crap and Garbage are affordable, the rest is so overpriced that the majority can't afford it. I'd stick with the limited high quality choices of Japan and affordability.

As for the TPP, I hope Japan stops this whole global economic expansion silliness, they're just going to get all the problems the rest of the world has.

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Posted in: Tiger Woods racism row moves to Sydney See in context

If we're going to pretend race doesn't matter, then it shouldn't need to be said. If a guy is an @$$hole, it shouldn't matter that he's black or white, just that he's an @$$hole.

As far as Williams himself, he's the real @$$hole, he had a nice easy job, made a lot of money, and instead of thanking Woods for the employment, he calls him a name.

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Posted in: Why do so many Japanese women take photos of their food at restaurants and post it on Facebook or their blogs? See in context

I know I'm replying to the very beginning of this thread, but Steve missed the point right from the start. This thread was never about running up to OTHER peoples' food and taking pics, it was about simply taking a pic of the food you order.

I'd like to know Steve's opinion of that.

I have to agree with most people here thought that it's hardly reserved for Japanese women. This is a case where "everyone" does it. At least people in every group.

Since being on Facebook, I've taken tons of quick snapshots with my iPhone. I get lots of positive comments. A LOT of people ask me where I ate, and then they go there. So the pics are very helpful. Usually I take a pic of something I'd eaten before, because I know it's good and want to let others know.

Sometimes I take pics just because they look good.

But as far as Japanese, as many people have stated, they are probably put the most effort of any society into the presentation of their food.

If you can't go out often, why not look at a pic and remember how good it was? I think that's a great way to budget!

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