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Chris Keller comments

Posted in: Hospitals turning away sick people as coronavirus cases surge See in context

You'd think that by having reduced testing you'd see a low rate of infection, yet higher proportion of deaths - though Japan has only 1.7% which is relatively small compared to other Countries - how come ?

Don't be so naive, Japan has much higher death count than the official number. They simply don't classify many death as covid related.

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Posted in: Experts warn of health care collapse in Japan if virus keeps spreading See in context

I looked at my crystal ball 2 weeks into the future and this is what I saw:

The official number of cases is around 3500, Many people are feeling ill but being refused a coronavirus test. The hospitals are completely overrun by "mysterious pneumonia" cases, panic takes over the Japanese society as a result of is happening. Meanwhile the government announcing that now is a very crucial time, and that the task force is considering measures. In a press conference, Abe is insisting that declaration of emergency is not needed at this point. Schools are open. The government starts to distribute one 100ml bottle of hand sanitizer per household.

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Posted in: Tokyo's infection spike after Olympic postponement sparks questions See in context

“We fear a situation where severe patients start dying when the medical system collapses, and we must prevent that situation,” Kato, the health minister, said Sunday on a talk show on public broadcaster NHK.

This just doesn't make any sense. If you "fear" this situation, then why you are not doing anything to prevent it.

Abe has said the government would secure 12,000 beds and 3,000 ventilators to prepare for a worst case scenario.

These numbers are the best case scenario, definitely NOT the worst.

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Posted in: Japan struggles to get a grip on social distancing See in context

But political experts warn that the law giving broad power to Abe to declare a state of emergency for mandated restrictions, enacted March 13, must be executed with caution as it could violate basic human rights.

"human rights"????

Isn't it the government's job to protect people in this country?

If the decision making process on fighting the pandemic involves giving weight to the warnings of so called "political experts", then we are in a horrible trouble.

Many people are going to DIE because of the indecisiveness and incompetence of the government.

Those deaths (that could have been prevented) will be on their hands.

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Posted in: Japan, spared mass outbreak so far, now sees national crisis after Tokyo surge See in context

I have medical worker friends in Italy, Spain and New York.

I hear horror stories of immense proportions.

I strongly recommend to get a 2-3 months worth of food and medical supplies.

Do whatever it takes to avoid infection because very soon the hospitals ARE going to be overwhelmed, and you really want to avoid going there.

Don't let the false sense of security here fool you.

BE SMART, don't be a part of the herd.

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