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Chris Kuchma comments

Posted in: Gory Japanese war film shocks, thrills Venice film festival See in context

Not fair to single out only the Japanese for their mistreatment of POWs... Though you're really saying Japanese and Koreans (as Korean soldiers and officers were placed in charge of POW camps).

Australia, New Zealand and the United States had their 'bad treatment' of Japanese POWs (and US added more insult when they concentrated American citizens of Japanese descent in camps illegally). ;)

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Posted in: Monument to comfort women dedicated in Virginia See in context

Japan has apologized--numerous times. Someone should remind the Koreans of this.

If the Koreans truly wanted to fight against human trafficking, they would build monuments to human trafficking; not create more friction between a former colony and it's previous owner.

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

To understand why the Japanese pay their respects as the Yasukuni Shrine, you should read this published op-ed article: http://bit.ly/1omaNxI

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Posted in: U.S. urges restraint between Japan, S Korea See in context

Everyone, even China and Korea, should try to understand what Yasukuni stands for, and what it means when people go there to pay their respects. This op-ed is definitely a must read: http://bit.ly/1omaNxI

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Posted in: Virginia vote on Sea of Japan hands victory to South Koreans See in context

This is an extremely bad legal precedent.

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