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These came to my door last year:

”Do you have a TV?” - No.

”Do you have a phone?” -Yes.

”What kind?”

Pulls out iPhone

”Have a nice day...”

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Posted in: Businesses await new era name to follow emperor's abdication See in context

I’m confused as to why it takes so long to come up with the name. From what I understand, and maybe others can correct me on this, but when Hirohito died on Jan 7, 1989, they were able to announce the Heisei name the following day. I know it’s took them a while to come up with a title for Akihito as he’ll still be alive during the reign of the new emperor, but what would they do if he died today and Naruhito succeeded him the old-fashioned way. Would it still take until next year to name the new era?

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Posted in: Male passenger arrested for kicking 2 JAL flight attendants See in context

Drunk enough to assault the flight attendants, but sober enough to ask for his lawyer?

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