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Posted in: Hate speech rallies nearly halved 1 year after law's enactment See in context

Still hanging out at Ochanomizu station every week... right in front of the koban. Real good job enforcing :-/

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Posted in: High court upholds obscenity ruling against 'vagina artist' See in context

Ridiculous. They have giant statues of penises throughout the Kanamara Festival every year with little girls sucking on penis candy on a stick, but this is obscene?!

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Posted in: Suicide of overworked Dentsu employee prompts company to order lights out at 10 p.m. See in context

Many salarymen are going to be complaining that now they have to go home and spend time with the family.

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Posted in: M4.6 quake jolts Kanagawa, Tokyo See in context

4F in a 40 year-old mansion in Shinjuku had a 1 second jolt, but nothing major other than the sound of my POS balcony door shaking :-/

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Posted in: First cherry trees blossom in Tokyo 2 days earlier than last year See in context

Went to Yasakuni today and they're started to look really pretty.

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Posted in: Man hit and killed by train at Nakano Station in Tokyo See in context

This is why the Chuo line needs wall barriers sepeeating the platform from the track like the Yamanote. The train is already closer to the platform than most trains and creates a lot of wind that pushes people in if they're too close.

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Posted in: TV announcer Mariko Oe to marry Monex billionaire Oki Matsumoto See in context

Now, I ain't sayin she a goldigger...

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Posted in: M5.6 quake jolts Kanto region; no tsunami alert See in context

I was in the observation deck (45F) of the Shinjuku Metropolitan Government building. It was a little scary.

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Posted in: 2 women killed, one injured after car goes into river See in context

So, she took the curve too fast?

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Posted in: 13-year-old girl riding bike killed by truck See in context

Bicyclists also think they own the road.

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Posted in: Hello Kitty not a cat, has never been: Sanrio See in context

I didn't know anybody actually considered her to be a real cat. I thought everyone considered her to be personified from the beginning. Also, why did it take the creator 40 years to realize that people thought she was a cat in the first?!

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Posted in: Riken says it was unable to replicate stem cell results See in context

For the people that say she made a mistake, I don't know how scientifically sound it is for her to not conduct follow-up testing to confirm her findings. If she would have tried to replicate her own findings before publishing her report, she would've seen that there was a mistake in her initial test. However, she went with it and is upset that she got caught. Quite possible her coauthor did something wrong and told her to keep her mouth shut and then killed himself when the case started to get to hot.

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Posted in: Hello Kitty not a cat, has never been: Sanrio See in context

There's a lot of personified characters that are still referred to as animals: Brian from Family Guy and Garfield, to name a few. These characters walk on 2 legs and even Brian talks, but they are definitely animals. It's not common knowledge that personified characters lose their animal identity as well. If Sanrio didn't want people to think that Hello Kitty was a cat, maybe they shouldn't have made her look like a cat it every way possible.

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Posted in: Japanese people reflect on examples of excess customer service See in context


I eat the food that it being handed out at markets all the time and just walk away without even saying thank you. I think this is what most people do as well. As for the Otoshi (food you have to pay for to be able to order drinks) is just a cover charge, except you get something for it. I've been to bars in Shinjuku's Golden Gai district and they charge Y500-1000 just to walk it and you don't get any food whereas standard izakaya at least give you something to munch on for your Y200-500 cover charge. Most of the other stuff makes a little sense, but many of things the site complains about are things that don't pertain to anything they have to do, like purikura, which have many booths that don't increase eye size.

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Posted in: Japanese people reflect on examples of excess customer service See in context

The only things that bother me is the robotic looping of store staff that don't care at all about how much customer service they provide, but rather that it's what their told to do by tradition and the overuse of guards to do things that lights could easily do for far cheaper, like block traffic at a crosswalk near a mall.

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Posted in: China executes Japanese man for drug offenses See in context

China needs to enforce a death penalty for drugs since the whole country would sell it if most weren't afraid of dying.

On another note: how would China react if Japan had executed a Chinese citizen in Japan?

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Posted in: NHK apologizes to Obokata after she is injured while fleeing reporters See in context

Not saying she's overexagerating, NHK is the devil, but how did she injure herself to the point that it needs 2 weeks to recover? Did she fall? Run into a wall?

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Posted in: Nissan CEO: Abe's goal to have 30% of bosses women too ambitious See in context

I wish companies would stop trying to make things "equal" and just hire the person that is best for the job.

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Posted in: SoftBank reported in deal to merge Sprint, T-Mobile See in context

I'm pretty sure AT&T tried this not too long ago and failed.

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Posted in: Virginia vote on Sea of Japan hands victory to South Koreans See in context

All this will do is give the South Koreans leverage in saying that the USA recognizes Korea's rightful claim to the sea, whether it does or not. Poor move, Virginia. How can "East Sea" be neutral? What country is it east of? Korea. Pretty much calling it the Korean Sea instead of the Sea of Japan.

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Posted in: China must retaliate for Abe's shrine visit, state media urge See in context

China criticizes Japan for having their PM visit a shrine at the same time they are glorifying a tyrant's birthday... sounds legit.

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