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I bet the Chinese government will let this run for as long as it's a convenient political distraction and then they'll crack down, my only concern is that they may have unleashed something that they haven't got complete control over.

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I'll freely confess to not being an expert of East Asian politics, but this whole issue stinks of distraction politics. The fact is, the Chinese government is riddled with corruption and, although the Chinese economy is growing now, the political freedoms aren't keeping pace, which means that an increasingly educated and "world-savvy" population need to be distracted with a nice bit of patriotic sabre-rattling.

As for the Japanese, well, whether the PRC and ROC like it or not, the islands do belong to Japan, whether or not they have a historical claim to it is practically irrelevant, it'd be a bit like Spain claiming Florida because they used to own it, or, perhaps a little more recent, Argentina's claim on the Falklands, they can say that the islands belong to Argentina all they want it doesn't make it true. Claims are just words, but they are a nice way for a government to make it seem like they're actually doing something, as well as providing the masses with a distraction from things like the economy.

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