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chrisjap comments

Posted in: Emirates earns record-breaking $1.2 bil half-year profit See in context

No wonder with those hefty airfares they're charging.

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Posted in: Japanese horse favorite as Melbourne Cup faces image issues See in context

Too much money, too much hype - describes many “so-called” sports BigYen.

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Posted in: New service pays 'bounty hunters' to catch shoplifters and train gropers See in context

Saw a lass not so long ago opt for the five finger discount in a pharmacy in Amagasaki. Rather bold the way she she did it. A moderately expensive cosmetic product which I might add was on display outside the store. She promptly put it in her bag unbeknownst that I observed the whole act. Informed the shop staff who then approached the woman in question - brought her back to the shop and the rest is history. The pharmacy must be a glutton for punishment as they never changed how they display their pricey goods. God knows how much the've lost in revenue over the years.

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Posted in: Hog cholera infection detected at Japanese agriculture lab See in context

Maria, I couldn't agree with you more. Slowly people are waking up and realizing that this inhumane treatment of animals simply cannot continue.

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Posted in: FamilyMart apologizes after rodent video goes viral See in context

No surprise. The Family Mart directly next to my house is always filthy. Buyer beware!

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Posted in: U.S. records nearly 20 mass killings for the year so far See in context

The core of the issue at hand is far beyond guns and gun control.

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Posted in: In Japan, the business of watching whales is far larger than hunting them See in context

'let the industry founder' - I guess that should be flounder. Let the industry flounder. Focusing on whale watching is a much more logical approach.

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Posted in: Whale restaurants cheer hunt resumption See in context

I'll cheer when the subsidies are cut, completely.

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Posted in: After 31 years, Japan resumes commercial whaling See in context

There's a good chance that commercial whaling will be unviable, so if these whaling communities have an ounce of initiative, they'll start to look at offering whale watching tours instead.

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Posted in: 20 years after debut, can Federer defy age to lift 9th Wimbledon title? See in context

*More news relating to women's tennis please.

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Posted in: Penalty increased for pilots who fly after drinking alcohol See in context

"They need to be looking into why so many pilots have alcohol problems."

Let's include so many of the general population while we do the above.

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Posted in: French gov't hopes to fortify Renault-Nissan alliance See in context

Newpresident - You may need to answer a few questions to read the article for free.

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Posted in: French gov't hopes to fortify Renault-Nissan alliance See in context

Some interesting reading in the Financial Times for anyone so inclined:


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Posted in: Djokovic's Slam run ends at French; Thiem vs Nadal in final See in context

How about some news of the women's finals?? Just saying.

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Posted in: Disgruntled city employee kills 12 in Virginia; suspect also killed See in context

Quoted in the news: 'Virginia Beach Vice Mayor James Wood said people can take guns into public buildings, but not schools or courts.'

Who on earth does anyone (excluding the obvious) need to take a gun into public buildings? One can only shake one's head in utter disbelief.

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Posted in: Japan Tobacco to cut 1,600 jobs as cigarette sales fall See in context

How dreadful - sales are down. That's too bad.

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Posted in: Hundreds of thousands of kids face death from famine in East Africa See in context

Why on earth isn’t this story front page headline? I’m sorry about the London riots, but one only has to look at the devastation going on in these African countries. Shame on all newspapers!

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Posted in: 'Talent' Miyu Uehara dead after apparently hanging herself at home See in context

Another statistic to add to the shocking suicide rate here in Japan. Life is so precious.

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Posted in: Arizona Rep Giffords shot, 6 killed, including judge, 9-year-old girl See in context

This kind of massacre will unfortunately continue in the U.S. until the stance on gun laws change.

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Posted in: Arizona gunman kills 5, then himself See in context

I couldn't agree more with a fellow Smith - right on the mark.

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Posted in: Judge puts same-sex marriages in California on hold until Aug 18 See in context

I believe we're in the year 2010 - isn't it time we learned to be more tolerant and accepting towards such issues as same sex marriages?

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Posted in: Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicolas Cage arrive in Japan See in context

two very overrated actors.

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Posted in: Lone shooter kills 8 in central Virginia See in context

Dubya, so allowing every Tom, Dick and Harry to carry a gun is the answer? Just a matter of time until some loose canon opens fire and commits a massacre. The past mass shootings in the U.S. have involved people of questionable mental status - I'm sure you are not suggesting we should allow them to carry weapons?

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Posted in: Lone shooter kills 8 in central Virginia See in context

When is the U.S. going to wake up to itself and realise that maybe it's time we had seriously made some ammendments to the current gun laws.

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Posted in: Balloon boy parents get jail time for hoax See in context

So many absurdly wierd stories come from the U.S.

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Posted in: The KFC-Christmas connection See in context

KFC is utter garbage exported from the good ol U.S. of A.

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Posted in: Obama's bow to emperor causes outrage in Washington See in context

On ya Obama! "While in Rome......." How on earth can this cause outrage?

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Posted in: 3 Japanese wage court battle against Japan Tobacco See in context

Japan tobacco - a bloody disgrace. The sooner smoking is banned in all public places the better. I really detest having to breathe in smoke while I eat my donut at "Mister Donut".

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Posted in: Warning sought for burger the size of one's head See in context

Only in America - quite repulsive.

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Posted in: What bad manners annoy you the most in public places? See in context

Inconsidertae people who smoke then proceed to throw away their filthy cigrattes butts on the sidewalk and other public places - very irritating. There is a 'new invention' called an ashtray!! use them.

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