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Christhian Mora comments

Posted in: Atsuko Maeda lands first TV drama role since leaving AKB48 See in context

Maeda Atsuko of course its not the actress Japan was waiting. She have a very average talent as an actress. The only difference its the post-AKB push and the work of her agency (and the support of her not so objective fans).

Maybe, in some year she will improve her histrionic skills and become a more or less regular actress.

Lets se how she do in this drama. 21 years old character or not .

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Posted in: AKB48 singer's YouTube apology still stirring debate See in context

She can leave the group, she can could never been part of it in the first place. We all know that. But here we are.

The fact its that I strongly doubt about the "official" part of this rule because... well a lot of logical things. Idols had, have and, I bet whatever you want, will have Boyfriends, friends, sexual parnerts, etc. This has been ALWAYS. So I believe this has to do with "pretend to have and respect the rule". Its just all about hidding well. Again we all know that.

But in this GAME of image, this rule writed or not has generated a situation that its shamed some sector of japan in some way. A lot of people dont like this kind of actions.

Yes, the easy answer is to leave this abnormal and nationwide famous group, but... fame is fame, money is money. fans are fans. Some people said that any artist have the fandom that deserves... I wonder, what kind of fandom this " abnormal famous group" deserve?.

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Posted in: AKB48 singer's YouTube apology still stirring debate See in context

The last part of the article say it all.

Experts say the penalty was distasteful and raises human rights questions.

“This is too much ... Even a criminal defendant wouldn’t have to shave her head,” said Hisamichi Okamura, a lawyer and expert in information and networking. Kazuko Ito, another lawyer and a rights group leader, said the case underscored the exploitation of girl idols in the male-dominated society.

Minegishi is the latest AKB member caught in a scandal. Last year, Rino Sashihara, 20, was forcibly transferred to a less-prestigious AKB affiliate in southern Japan over a love scandal. Recently, another girl had to cancel a planned photo album that contained a photo showing a little boy covering her bare breasts from behind, raising questions of child pornography.

A sociologist and media critic Hiroki Azuma said it’s all part of AKB business.

“Whether positive or negative, the more news is better for AKB. That’s the cult of AKB system and how they make money,” he tweeted.

"Purity" its just part of the package. Japanese Idols, specially AKB48, are just a plastic product made of affinity and less talent. Looks like management overacting on this so much. But you cant blame them when you have a bunch of compulsive fans (wotas) who buy literaly 5 to 15 CDs each, when a single is released. Managment and merchant maximus AKA Akimoto Yasushi, wont let all that sales just go away.

What should they do? Kick out Minegishi from this group, thats all. With a little of luck she could return in one or two years. No scandal no problem.

Now for me the debate here is about human rights and contract obligations. Its a contract over a human right? Can you give up your right to love or have a relationship because of a job? Any job. IF this contracts really exist... Its ethic to do this kind of contracts? Are we talking about that this contracts are covering also the FREE TIME of an employe? And not just labort time obligations? Because this incident was in the FREE TIME of this girl. Wasnt in a rehearsal, or a stage, or concert, or TV show.

Do you remember how hard women have fought for they right to stay in a job EVEN if they get pregnant? This incident recalls me this fight.

Personally I hope this contracts stipulations didnt exist. This is more like an unwrited rule, just to keep the fans interested and traped in a fantasy so they can "support" (buy CD and stuff) the idols without questioning. Because been a Wota is that ; support without questioning. And you know what happens when people loose the capacity of questioning... They become zombies of the system.

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Posted in: AKB48 scoops 8 Gold Disc awards for CD sales See in context

Its sad but its true.

AKB48 its overated. Yes they are "funny" and deserve a place in the Japanese entertaiment Industry... (whatever it is), but put them in the top of japan pop music ? Only like the 15% of all that army of teens and post-teens have some kind of talent. The rest are just a bunch of amateur backdancers. 90% of they "Live" performance are lipsinked. I know what im saying, I attend stages, concerts and events back in 2010. Its a shame that real musicians like Mr Children are a second category artist now because the cute-gravure-pushed up breast-Idol concept. Anyway, lets hope Japan can rise from this hole soon.

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Posted in: AKB48 win top award at Japan Record Awards See in context

Sales are sales after all. No matter if they sold all that CDs as trading card packs. No matter that more than the half of those CDs never will be played.

They have a sure 2013 price if they keep the compulsive Idol Otakus happy with Hand shake tickest and photos in each release.

Maybe they should recive a price from the National Association of Photographers of Japan for saling all that photos too.

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