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Posted in: Why do Japanese change their attitude when they communicate with foreigners? See in context

One thing people don't quite hit on the head of the that Japan isn't actually 99% Japanese. This is a myth. While most Japanese people are Japanese, there is a large minority of Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese and other Asian internationals. But, they are often considered quite invisible because they blend in instead of standing out. This has been since even before the Edo period, it's not recent that foreigners have been a larger part of Japan. The reason for a lot of this is the appearance of being Western, which I've noticed is the trend. A Japanese man approaches myself and my Chinese friend on the street and asks my Chinese friend first, not realizing that he knows little Japanese at all. I approach a clerk at the counter to buy a meal and they ask "you want fork?" when you would normally use hashi. In America and other countries, we aren't used to this behavior, because in Japan, they're used to seeing the "white" or "black" westerners and then themselves quite separately. In America, there is much less of that and it is a shock to us because we are used to this large amount of races clumped together. Many of us look wildly different and many of us look strangely similar though we seem to be of different backgrounds. It also comes back to culture. In America, there is a certain level of indecency I do know of people. "When you're in America, speak American, act American or get out!" It's condescending to think we're any better if the Japanese simply have a version of that. They don't naturally act like we should learn to speak Japanese, though some of them will. And yes they will often act condescending towards people who do not look like they are Japanese. It happens in many other countries. In Romania, the moment somebody heard me speak English (in American accent) to my friend, they spoke to me with a condescending voice. In America, I was practicing Spanish at a cafe and somebody came to ask me if I was from Spain and if I was liking it in America. These are just some things people have to remember when they go abroad. People who aren't used to something different are going to act out of character and out of place. This is because, they don't know how to react, they are not used to the situation, and they are trying to make the best of it in some way.

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Posted in: Counselor has harsh words for parents of 'hikikomori' See in context

I really think a counselor should use some tough love on parents: "I'm not a psychologist, go see a medical professional! NOW!"

It's not a behavior problem for the counselor to use "tough love" on, though some of what was said does seem the right way to handle any child. But if a child has that level of a problem, they should be seeing a specialist, a piece of advice that should have been at the TOP of the list.

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