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Posted in: 3 nuclear reactors to become 1st in Japan to operate beyond 40-year limit See in context

Carbon-neutral and dead. Earthquakes pass, but this is making me question buying a house here.

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Posted in: Boba Fett to get own 'Star Wars' spinoff TV series See in context

I have to say that the management of this IP is endlessly frustrating to me.

In a potential universe of ideas, another Mandalorian?

Here's two series ideas I came up with just off the top of my head:

Doesn't anyone want to know how Jabba the Hutt became the mafia don of Tattoine?

How about the droid-maker: a Giapetto of the future in his workshop, where he's built C-3PO and R2D2 but doesn't want them used in the military?

This re-hash of old, proven moneymakers instead of new ideas has been the problem with the latest movies also. Too many profit forecasts in the boardrooms here it seems.

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